Will Lame Ducks Turn?

Back in September, I wrote:

. . .what makes Reid and Pelosi so certain that the returning lame ducks will be so eager to line up? What if they come back to Congress and the Senate and say to themselves:

“. . . you know what, I never believed in any of this; I did what I was told because Pelosi strongarmed me and I was afraid of her; I did it because Reid promised me the moon. Now, I got nothing. It’s over for me, and they still want me to just fall-in-line and vote for this garbage they’re serving up, why? For them? For Obama? Just to spite Bush? I’ve kinda gotten over hating Bush! Why should I take revenge against the citizenry, when I’m going to be a private citizen in January? Why would I vote against my own interests? Screw Pelosi; screw Reid. I’m done with the lockstep. I’ll make my last votes ones I can be proud of.”

Wouldn’t that just be the perfect (and deserved) ending to the remarkable story of Election 2010?

Now, Ed Morrissey writes: Since dozens of its members will have to look for work in the private sector, perhaps they should focus on pro-growth policies and curtailing the regulatory encroachment they themselves imposed. That’s the message from Heritage for America in their latest video . . .

Heh. Great minds, and all that!

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    We consistently see many often underestimate the true folly of the Democratic Party.

    Even after the stunning election of Brown in MA, some of the finest on the right side of History got it wrong. Even Krauthammer said the Democratic Partisan disaster known as Obamacare was dead. But these unethical Democratic Partisans, revealed they will do anything, no matter how corrupt or destructive.

    One must not underestimate how misguided the Democratic Party truly is today. All of those who ran in 2006 on a ‘reduce spending’ mantra, were being totally dishonest.

    Today we see many Democrats who survived sadly, Reid, Boxer, Murray, etc., and the foolish enabling of Coons in Delaware, will make a number of the more left leaning Democratic Partisans in the Country think they can do as they will once again.

    Obama has already shown no sign of changing his arrogant partisan folly.

    We should be thankful for those Republicans in Washington. They will go to great lengths to block all they can in those two months. They did well in opposing the Stimulus, Obamacare, Cap and Trade, etc. One must remember Democrats wanted a public option immediately, and Republicans crushed that idea.

    We shall see, but no one can trust anything the Democratic Partisans offer anymore.

    Remember when Obama promised no earmarks, signing statements, taxation, executive orders, lobbyists? He (as well as Pelosi and Reid) promised transparency, fiscal responsibility, a non-partisan environment, C-SPAN broadcasts of deliberations, to close GITMO, leave Iraq, end the GWOT, etc.

    Obama and the Democrats are dishonest, and this loss of credibility has created sincere cynicism about this new trip to Asia, including the massive expenditures. Ironically, GW Bush already signed one of the most historic alliances with India during his Presidency. Sadly, the Obama Administration has made a mess of foreign policy, as well as the domestic.

    Change is a flop, a complete failure.

    Rather sad.

  • Teresa

    Pelosi is running for minority leader and she will still be Speaker in the lame duck session. When the losers get back, I wonder how far they will follow her again. One would think that after following her off the cliff, they might not be in the mood to follow. That’s how normal people might react, but, then again, we are not dealing with normal people in most cases.

  • Barbara

    Those that go home to red states should see the wisdom of breaking with Pelosi. Maybe she has a plan to “reward” them to stay in line. That wouldn’t surprise me.

  • tim maguire

    Johnson is right except for one thing–the jobs these people dream of falling into aren’t manufacturing or retail or technology. They want lobbying jobs. And the way to stimulate lobbyist hiring is to point the government in the direction of big new initiatives.

    Pelosi is exactly the kind of person they need to guarantee their future employment.

  • Mike

    There are several factors in this equation, one of them being the Senate. Many of the surviving Senate Democrats and those up for re-election in 2 years know that they have targets painted on them just because they are Democrats. I think this will make them reject any more left-wing stuff from the current House. Not sure what will actually happen. My guess is a lot of “sound and fury, signifying nothing”. If the Democratic leadership was smart they would pass enough centrist legislation, like extending the Bush tax cuts, to cool things down a bit. But if they were smart, they would never have gotten into this mess. The tax commission’s report is due in December. I think it likely to be DOA. If the Democrats were smart (that word again!) they would have a small, family only funeral for it and then get on with life. Nostradamus was never this interesting!

  • Miriam

    Too funny when you consider that this is Ron Howard’s little brother. Wonder what those conversations are like at family get togethers.

    This is a new Hitler parody.

    Parody, Hitler reacts to the 2010 elections


  • Eric Larison

    The congressman looks and sounds just like Ron Howard’s brother. Interesting.

  • http://www.actsoftheapostasy.blogspot.com LarryD

    Watching the video, I was reminded of Jesus’ parable of the unjust steward (Lk 16:1-13).

    Although I’m not confident that many, if any, of the lame duck Congresscritters will take that into consideration…