Oh, No! The Editor is Back!

And meaner than ever!

Discovered yesterday that a freelance project I thought was due later is due sort of…now. I must get cracking, because it’s a big ‘un! Please pray for me; I cannot pull it off without God’s help!

But let me give you a few reads to keep you ravenous readers going!

First up, how about a little music?

More of a pop-Christian vibe here: Tony Rossi profiled Audrey Assad at Patheos a while back and she said God was “a relentless pursuer of my heart.” And now, her Christian album is #1 at Amazon. Not bad. But then, we should never be surprised by what happens when we consent to let God love us, as He wants to.

Washing the feet of the homeless: Maybe if we want a better world, small, humble actions like these, are a place to start, and a way to grace.

Christmas Baby: left in a baby box;

The baby box is a joint project of Einsiedeln Regional Hospital and Swiss Aid for Mother and Child (SAMC), a pro-life organisation. It was opened on May 9, 2001, as a service to women who either cannot or do not want to keep their babies – and wish to give them away anonymously.

“The baby window is there to help prevent child abandonment and infanticide. If a woman places her newborn in the hatch, she is not punishable by law. However, if she abandons the baby, she could face up to five years’ imprisonment,” . . . For the first year and a half, the box remained untouched; then the first child – a newborn boy – was deposited there in September 2002. The baby dropped off on Sunday was the second in 2010.

Integrated into the outer wall of the hospital, the hatch opens to allow a baby to be placed in a small crib. Once the baby is settled, the mother closes the window – which then locks to prevent any passers-by from removing the child.

How difficult for the mother. I believe God will bless her for saying “yes” to life, and bless parents looking for this child to love.

Congress should be subject to Obamacare: I think we need to make a stink about this. Why should lawmakers be exempt from their own laws in a Democratic Republic? Let’s all embrace this sort of thing!. Isn’t “equality of outcome” what Obama wanted?

After all: it’s for the children!

Speaking of Children: An outgoing Democrat calls his co-partiers “petulant children! Well, petulant royal children, I think is more accurate!

Obama is truly the labor president and the really, really stuck up and condescending president, who trash talks everyone, too!

Instapundit gathers links on liberals sense of betrayal

Get that man a teleprompter for his first class temperament! And then there is this.

R. R. Reno: Benedict and the Pontificate of Continuity. And more on the murder of Iraqi Catholics

Victor Davis Hanson: The Destiny of Cities

Bookworm: Reads Michael Gerson on the DREAM act and comes to her own conclusions. Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that I am with Gerson on this one. I just wish I had time to write about why that is!

Pigford: Defrauding the public coffers on a major scale?

This is surprising. Lawrence O’ Donnell is one angry dude! But this time…pretty justified.

Chris Matthews: in extra-normal land

Constitutional Landscape: the yearly issue

Elizabeth Edwards and Sarah Palin: I would never have put ‘em together but Sissy Willis Does!

We’re not number one! We’re not number one!

Francis Beckwith: Was Thomas Aquinas a Proto-Protestant?

If you have ever wondered why Advent wreaths have that pink candle, and the vestments are “rose” colored, this week, Pat Gohn has the answer

Fr. James Martin has more on the Wisconsin apparition that has been declared “worthy of belief.” More things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies, and so forth.

Montana gets its first married priest

Fr. Peter John Cameron: reading a bit of his book

Answered prayers: The Dominican Nuns discovered that no one could hear mass on the public side of their chapel, because the sound system was shot, and began a capital campaign to raise $18,000. Lookee here! Soap and hand creme sales are busy, so get your Christmas order in now! The sisters are also offering a new book called 16 Sisters, 16 Journeys that looks interesting!

Don’t forget the Jingle Bell Java!

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  • http://www.lisagraas.com Lisa Graas

    Oh, my! That reminds me, I promise you something I haven’t written yet, either!

    And…I have three books to read and review. ugh.

  • http://www.lisagraas.com Lisa Graas

    Correction: FOUR books to read and review!

  • Joe C

    Your in my prayers Elizabeth. I read your blog first thing every morning. It sets a better tone for my mood than going right for the “Hard News”.


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  • CathyB

    You can do it, Anchoress. Will pray.

    Cathy Barber

  • dry valleys

    Naturally, America won’t be the world’s top economy forever. If you ask me, the whole western world is not as wealthy or as entitled to eminence as it thinks it is. The neoliberals have created a fake prosperity (banks, property, not much else) which is being popped with the sort of dire consequences that can be seen throughout Europe.

    Best now to start palling around with people in Brazil, India, or maybe countries further behind them but getting there such as Turkey, Indonesia, Columbia, etc.

    I would say China but I don’t think they need the help. Did you hear all this about how they are trying to intimidate other countries into not celebrating Liu Xiaobo’s award of the Nobel Peace Prize, which I’d say was a firly huge event. You can read the roll calls of all the regimes that didn’t send representatives, all very unpleasant places. Happily India has withstood the pressure, whih must have been great.

    Lots of things. But as is usual for a December, I have been working too much. That is the good thing about Christmas, that it marks my fully clocking off from that sort of thing. Being back with my parents, I don’t even have to do the usual domestic jobs :)

    So I can’t say I’ve fully kept on board with the news but there was this about Palin’s erstwhile followers turning against her because she isn’t what she claims to be. How’s that cynical embrace of identity politics workin’ out for ya?

  • Old Fan

    GREAT Links, thank you.

    I understand deadlines, and I am sorry. It always seem so important, and the work usually gets done. Of course, sometimes the deadlines get us rolling. Hopefully, if you enjoy it, the stress is worth it.

    However, I am having some trouble, even if I am a huge fan – big fan and friend of one of the most amazing bloggers, I don’t get the obsession with Mrs. Palin. Seems it is becoming any subject which is referenced, some are placing Mrs. Palin in the thick of it. And this only further weakens the Palin Existence – for you can eventually water down anything, even a fine martini.

    The over inflation has already bubbled, peaked, and fizzed unfortunately. Such is life.

    But we see it so often with fashion, hype always flops in the end.

  • timon

    “The right to a secret ballot.” Good grief.

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Not to worry, Valleys, the West does seem to be on a downward spiral, economically and in other ways; whether you’ll actually like it when the West is on the same level as, say, Brazil,and all those other Third World countries the Left idealizes.

    (Um, you do realize that Turkey is turning into an Islamist state, and that Columbia has been wracked by drug wars? What, exactly, are we supposed to learn from them, by “palling around” with them?)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    One of the big reasons for the Palin obsession thing is that the Left hates her, for not being their sort of female, and has really gone overboard on the bile and hatred! It’s kinda like watching them go ballistic over Nixon, or Reagan, or “Deja Voux, all over again!” Palin supporters react, and even overreact, but this just causes the Left to go even crazier. Now she’s being accused of murdering Bambi. So it goes.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Heh! In my @10 above, should have said “. . . and all those other Third World countries the Left idealizes, is another thing altogether!”

    The perils of posting with insufficient caffeine!

  • Mooga

    “Discovered yesterday that a freelance project I thought was due later is due sort of…now. I must get cracking, because it’s a big ‘un! Please pray for me; I cannot pull it off without God’s help!”

    Bless your heart, Anchoress. The last thing any writer should complain about is having too MUCH to do.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    God bless you, Anchoress, you’ll be in my prayers.

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