No. iBand Die!

No. That’s all, just no.

Yes, it’s cute, especially Feliz Navidad (doesn’t the singer resemble a younger Bono?) but this is altogether too much like Star Trek Living for me!

Pianogirl sent this along. I know everyone else in the world is probably loving it, but I am determined to resist its charms.

I say no. No. My musician sons better not come into my house with iPads instead of saxophones, guitars, ukes, flutes, violins and pie-annas, or I’ll throw their asses out!

I have my limits, and this is it. No. I’ll put up with people using ereaders like Capt. Picard, but this comes perilously close to being a band mock-up with from the 25th century; all it needs is Warf, Deanna Troi, and a couple of Borg. Resistance may be futile, but resist I shall! I am not having any.

But by all means, enjoy, if you don’t mind our lives coming closer and closer to Federation takeover!

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  • Piano Girl88

    Oops….I found it amusing, but this video is all I’d want to hear of such “instruments”. I am profoundly thankful that I play the piano and am so disinclined with technology that I’ve not figured out how to work my new sewing machine! :~)

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    My husband and children will tell you I also say “no” to sewing machines. I want to love them, but I just can’t.

  • gradchica

    Even on Star Trek they realize the value of actual instruments…at least they have chamber music concerts with Data on the violin, jazz with Riker, and random mini-concerts with Picard playing some sort of flute.

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  • kelleyb

    Cool…..I love the bells.

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  • closetfuss

    … “this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…”

  • closetfuss

    Please disregard my first comment (which should be simple since it has not yet been posted).

    Any idea where I can buy flute music?? I’m particularly interested in ANYTHING by The 5th Dimension… “this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…”

  • closetfuss

    Oh! I almost forgot! I stumbled upon your blog while catching up on some much needed Catholic-living reading and to be honest with you, I’ve never been a big “blogger” fan until now! I’m HOOKED!

  • tim maguire

    Like early 80′s synthesizers, this seems like no more than a novelty, but may develop into something real in a few years.

    That said, it will never replace real instruments because real instruments help people get laid. No synth player has ever been a sex symbol.

  • Jim Hicks

    I loved the moog back in its day (Remember Switched On Bach?). But this video is just annoying. And as Tim Maguire pointed out, a synth player is not going to attract the ladies.

  • CV

    Beats Manheim Steamroller (IMHO :-)

  • Piano Girl88

    closetfuss ~ try and look at what they have for flute.

    CV ~ Oh, I love MS Christmas music! Must go post some on FB for my students to see. :~)

  • AML

    Well, this isn’t really all that different from an electric key board, which is essentially a small scale synthesizer.

    But I am with you in that real instruments are certainly better.

  • Jennifer

    The guy working the bells on his ipad is going to give himself a repetitive stress injury hitting it so hard….

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  • Kristen

    I’m with you–NO, no way, no how.

    When the power goes out, you can pick up an instrument and play. You can share it with a curious child, friend or relative. You can pass down the instrument and the knowledge. This gives me a huge cold ball in my stomach.

    Just another annoying noise I will probably have to endure while out in public, as if the cell phones and hand held games were not enough.

    Of course, we’re from the stone age, we still buy books!

  • Steve Colby

    First there was “Guitar hero”. Now we have “Handbell Hero”? To get the full effect, isn’t he supposed to wear white gloves when he plays that?

    And that was the high point of the video. All downhill from there. Elizabeth’s sewing machine would have sounded better.

  • cathyf

    A True Confession: I am a geek. I program computers. I manage 100 computers in my jobs. I’ve been posting comments on the Internet since 1989. I have implemented vast quantities of technology, hardware and software, over 25 years.

    I have a sewing machine. I am not the greatest seamstress, but I have a whole pile of simple little projects and repairs.

    Which I can’t do.

    Because even after 15 years of trying to learn, I can’t load the bobbin. I have loaded the machine into the car and driven the 20 miles to the big town in the next county on multiple occasions (nearest sewing machine store), and they have shown me how to load the bobbin over and over, and I have proven completely ineducable.

    [This is EXACTLY my problem! The damn bobbin! If they would just sell thread with two pre-loaded bobbins, I might be a sewer today...or, you know a SEW-er, not a sewer! -admin]