Hot Toddy Inspired Predictions for 2011 -UPDATED

Bear with me, because I’m really sick over here and on many drugs; I am making horrible hawking noises from all up in the nasal, and my chestal area sounds like a fife-and-drum band that has crossed paths and done bloody battle with the Hibernian Bagpipers; nothing good can come of that, but you’ll understand why I am writing under the influence of hot toddies.

This disgusting illness has me randomly thinking of words like “sputum,” which is one of the most repulsive words in either English or Latin (I think I heard a rumor a few years back, that Katie Couric slapped one of her producers for using the word “sputum.” But maybe it was Geraldo).

There are of course, beautiful English words, and here are 100 of them, courtesy of The Jim Geraghty Daily, which if you aren’t subscribing to it, you should, along with the DigitalNun Daily. Geraghty gives good newsy news and the nun gives Good News plus a broad sampling of culture, science, technology and history.

Alright I am prattling because I am sick; let’s look at Frank Fleming’s predictions for half of 2011; he only made it through half the year either because the new baby distracted him or he just has a short attention span:

April: North Korea and Iran will form an Axis of Countries That Are Inches from Snapping and Taking Millions with Them. First order of business for them will be to create nuclear power plants and a new rocket program, which they promise are unrelated. As evidence of Obama’s increasing disinterest in presidential matters, Obama’s only action will be to send Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a single text message of “plz stop. kthx.” They will declare it an act of a war.

Because of the instability, the U.S.’s economy will continue to collapse, and unemployment will exceed 12%. Obama’s demoralized staff will declare that it would be even worse if they hadn’t saved or created eleventy billion jobs. Paul Krugman will back them up on this claim.

Seems spot-on to me. But when it comes to Krugman, that prediction is like fish in a barrel, right? Or coals to Newcastle? I don’t know; I don’t feel good.

I say: everything Frank Fleming said plus:

***Oprah Winfrey will create her OWN Waterloo. Her “new way to watch TV” network will be a spectacular failure. It’s not that the network programming will be especially bad, it’s just that people are going to respond to it with “enough’s enough.” You know how President Obama says “at some point, you’ve made enough money,” Oprah is about to learn that at some point, you’ve outplayed yourself.

***Speaking of “at some point you’ve made enough money,”
this year President Obama will–at some point, probably during a mandate battle–go off-teleprompter and pronounce, “at some point, you’ve had enough healthcare.” In truth, there are actually deep and important discussions that need to take place on end-of-life issue–on moral, ethical, theological and philosophical grounds–but instead of serious discussion we’ll get the usual: justified wariness from the right, and angry accusations (mostly too-emotionally crafted and then reframed-unto-incoherence by the mainstream press) and unserious eyerolling and sneers from those on the left who have already committed themselves to the animal farm, and have made peace with some lives being more life-ier than others.

***Either way, expect life-issues, and in particular euthanasia in the case of the “sick” elderly and the “imperfect” young to be of growing consequence in the coming decade.

***Prompted by this headline from Instapundit: Young Ezra Klein with henceforth and forever be referred to by right-of-center bloggers as Young Ezra Klein

***After the Royal Wedding, at which she will represent the United States, Hillary Clinton will resign her position as Secretary of State in order to take on a philanthropic endeavor focusing on Haiti. I don’t really think that, but I do wish someone with some sort of global access to powermongers and assets would get in there and help that nation out, so I am going to project it on to Clinton and suggest that she does so well in that position that even I will be forced to consider joining the “Draft Hillary” movement that will be necessary for her to, with plausible deniability, run against Obama.

***Richard Fernandez will be proved correct: anarchists will rise and fail.

***The internet will come under siege from governments who will finally be able to agree on one thing: they don’t like freedom of information as much as they say they do.

***”Transparency” will be re-defined to mean one-way windows; we’ll see only fun-house mirrors but others will see us. If the popularity of “reality” tv shows is any indicator, we’re already in the funhouse, and hey, hey we’re the monkeys, too.

***”Freedom of Religion” will, like “transparency” come to mean something different than what we have understood, and some religious persecutions will be on the rise, most notably the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. In Western countries Christians and Orthodox Jews will find themselves persistently challenged in matters touching on everything from their own ritual observance to whether they may serve their surrounding communities in accordance to their own beliefs. In particular, Catholic hospitals and adoption agencies will face mounting pressure to conform to the age or close up their shops.

***Democrats and Mainstream Media will dub Mike Huckabee “the new moderate maverick” and pretend they like and respect him enough to get centrists and independents on board. Huckabee, lacking even John McCain’s charisma, will not entice those folk to play along.

***Unemployment numbers will head downward
as businesses exhale and loosen their shoulders a little bit, but this will only happen if business gets a sense that congress has its back. Otherwise, no dice.

***Barack Obama will issue his first veto, this year. It won’t be his last. He will continue to appoint unvetted, dubiously-appropriate people to positions of power without the advise or consent of the congress. The Mainstream Media will not care much, because this president has a D after his name. They didn’t care about this, either.

***As long as the Tea Party can keep its focus on the constitution and on fiscal matters, it will continue to be a reckoning force. If, however, economic improvements and spending cuts begin to appear, some tensions may appear within the movement, between social conservatives and fiscally-minded libertarians.

***The Anglican Ordinariate will proceed apace.

***30 Rock will end with Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy getting together and parenting Jack-and-Avery’s baby. Kenneth Ellen Parcell will take over NBC and Meat-Cat will become an actual product spokesperson for a trendy-but-fatal new snack.

UPDATE: Where your book begins…

Seems the “Young Ezra Klein” prediction is already coming true, though I don’t know if Althouse would call herself “right-of-center”.

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That’s all, folks

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  • Cedric Klein

    Re the “30 Rock” prediction- I thought the cartoon character was “Meat-Cat”?

    [Thanks for the heads up - typing while impared! -admin]

  • Simon

    Obama can’t issue his first veto in 2011: he’s already used two.

    [Well, there you go. Like I said. Under the influence. :-) -admin]

  • NanB

    Happy New Year Anchoress! The bright side-ONE year left of Obamanomics!!!

  • Mutnodjmet

    Happy New Year, Anchoress! Like yourself — I am recovering from an illness (a massive ear infection that perforated the ear drums and deafened me for 2 days. My hearing is coming back — thank heavens bloggers don’t need hearing to opine!). My prayers go to you, so you have a speedy recovery and that you and your family remain in good health and prosper in 2011.

    As a Tea Party activist, I take note of your one regarding us. I think there will be less tension than you imagine, should we see economic improvement. I work with a team of bloggers that include an atheist libertarian and a “Randian objectivist”. During 2010, as we worked together, we have learned to respect eachothers differences. Any tensions that occur will be because self-designated “Tea Party Leaders” will try and use their influence to push their own agenda. That just won’t play at the grassroots level.

    Here’s to hoping, anyway! God Bless you!

  • Iris Celeste

    Bouillon with hot sauce, that’s the influence I’m under! And every time I think, “I need to be doing such and such,” it whines back, “but I’m siiiiick!” My poor house; my poor unending list of things I should be doing; but I’m siiiiiick! An upper respiratory infection that has lasted a week as of today (and wasting time on the internet is allowed under such conditions. Oh look, I could go searching for those after the Holidays sales …)

    May You and Yours Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

    Iris Celeste

  • dry valleys

    I predict that it won’t happen with regard to Hillary. People have been wanting her to kick off for years because they hope it will undermine Obama. In fact she is job which she enjoys because it is significant & she is in fact pretty damn good at (as anyone from David Milifail to William Vague or anyone else she has encountered will happily confirm), which if she stops doing, it will because she works a lot harder for America than those pols whose sole “contribution” is to berate Obama in the hope that he fails, which can get very tiring for even the strongest-willed person.

    here aren’t many who can put up with the demands of such a job at all, let alone for 8 years.

    If anything does happen it will be in somewhere like Ivory Coast, or another place which never gets reported because there’s no angle from which to attack Obama over it.

  • dry valleys

    In Britain, the coalition will steadily backtrack from its “policies” of slashing the state. You’ll be able to watch that happen. David Camoron would endorse any approach so long as he sits in the big chair. Nick Cleggover is happy to do a few things, genuine achievements, though only minor ones because his centrist ideology prevents him from ever challenging the neoliberal economics which, after all, he solidly believes in as much as any right-winger.

    Emerging markets will continue to, erm, emerge. No one in Brazil is complaining about a recession because there isn’t one for them. Obama will try to cultivate ties to newly substantial countries, for which I predict he will be widely condemned.

  • Sharon Graham

    Sorry you are sick.Yuck.I have been taking hand sanitizer to mass and cleaning my hands after the touching and hugging.So far so good.

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  • Elaine S.

    “The bright side — ONE year left of Obamanomics”

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are actually TWO full years left… all of 2011 AND all of 2012; the next presidential term (whomever the POTUS may be) doesn’t begin until Jan. 20, 2013.

  • jeron

    so i’m curious what hot toddy recipe you’re using. i’ll share mine; always works for me: 2-1/2 oz. bushmill’s. 2 teaspoons of honey. 1 slice of lemon (squeeze the juice first). fill with hot water. stir with a cinnamon stick. you may not get better, but after a couple of those, you really don’t care.

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  • J

    Whatever is in the picture….I want the recipe. There is a really bad respiratory infection going around, husband had it before Christmas. Rest (I really don’t think you do that), indulge in steamy baths/showers (loosens up the phlegm – like that word better?)lots of hot, spicy soup (makes the nose run)and remember….this, too, shall pass.
    Love your site, please feel better.

  • sue ellen

    re: haiti
    the billy/franklin graham people have been boots on the ground in haiti since day one. go to their site and see what they are doing–it is magnificent! and they are in the lead with real solutions. some others went to haiti to help, but got angry when they found that christian missionaries had created such a sound and efficient network that they couldn’t grab much glory for themselves, i.e., bill clinton.
    re: hillary and bill
    the only thing hillary knows about compassion and selflessness is how to spell them.i’m sorry for those who insist on falling for their manipulations. bill and hillary know them as their fools. through their amorality, the clintons have utterly dishonored and disgraced the office of the presidency and shame on us if we put them back in the white house.hillary vs. obama? out of the frying pan and into the fire, pulling their fools and the rest of us in with them.
    in the mean time, go see what samaritan’s purse is doing in haiti–and other parts of the world–and be blessed. better yet, become a part of it. it’s these people of character and faith we should be looking to and encouraging. or aren’t bill and hillary rich enough…

  • Old Fan

    Happy New Year!

    Fun list, yet please…

    Do not wish that mess on Haiti.

    Remember what a mess Hillary made of Whitewater, the Travel Office, the VRWC, her marriage, Hillarycare, stealing furniture from the White House, Olympics coming to NYC, today’s State Department, the horrid ‘smart power’, etc.

    She would make Haiti’s situation far worse, and rob the people of Haiti even further.

    Sorry, but we simply do not want to push further disasters upon others. And Hillary has a terrible pattern for making everything far, far, far worse.

    The Wiki Leak fiasco certainly has only confirmed our worst concerns. The obsession with Israel building on their own land, while ignoring the rising threats with Iran, North Korea, etc., is simply a nightmare.

    What one can hope for, is a fine election in 2012, with another great President like GW Bush or Ronald Reagan. Someone who not only rolls back the disastrous Democratic Party, but helps like Reagan did with the oppressed behind the Iron Curtain, or GW did with the suffering AIDS epidemic in Africa.

    But then again, it looks like some on the Conservative side – my side – think another Delaware gift to the Democrats is the way to go in a Presidential contest.

    Sometimes, it makes one wonder how we came so far in the first place, but then again, I am sure it will all work out.

    I still have faith.

  • newton

    Happy New Year, Woman! And the same for everyone else here!

    I’ve been sick all of this week. I had a whole bunch of the symptoms of the classical food poisoning when, with a horrendously sour stomach, I went to the hospital and asked for help. They re-hydrated me and inserted an anti-nausea medicine intravenously – and told me that it was not food poisoning, but a virus. I’ve been feeling weak since, and my stomach feels a little… strange… even though I’ve been surviving on soup, crackers and Sprite.

    So, that’s how I started this year. Hope it’s not any worse…

    [seems like 70% of the ppl I know spent this week sick. not an auspicious beginning! -admin]

  • Kell Brigan

    “…some lives being more life-ier than others.”

    Ah, bliss. Even if it does turn out They are coming to get Me (too old, too fat, too disabled, too obedient to the Church, too disobedient to the Culture, too smart for my own good…) I shall nevertheless go to my grave (or, the carefully managed managed-care-end-of-life gimp dispatchment center, or the off-planet holding station and work farm for fat people, or the Catholic reeducation center just outside Las Vegas) happy in the knowledge that, at one point at least, this phrase existed.

  • Jeff

    Can’t agree with Sue Ellen more. It’s a sign of how shaky things were getting when everyone breathed a sigh of relief to see Clinton at the podium instead of Obama.

    Clinton only saw the inside of the White House because of Ross Perot. He was the only reason.

  • Craig Payne

    “Young Ezra Klein”–from henceforth, YEK.

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