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Headline and Heartgrabber: Girl cured of chronic pain while watching Newman Beatification in UK

Heartgrabber: Return Tapper to This Week!

Headline: Record numbers embrace Islam in UK; Christianity is not talking about the Liturgy of the Hours, or praying multi-times a day. People are attracted to it, though.

Heartgrabber: Dealing with parents who bring their kids to “religion classes” but never to church. That’s a really nice piece.

Headline: Bishop to Flock: ‘I Feel Deeply Ashamed’ – it is indeed quite a statement.

Heartgrabber: Because these chaplains won the Medal of Honor

Headline: Los Angeles Attorney Declares Rampant Fraud,
Many Abuse Claims Against Catholic Priests are ‘Entirely False’

Heartgrabber: Abortion, adoption; supply and demand

The Unexpected Return of Duck and Cover

Heartgrabber: The Crushing Depth of Debt

Headline: Back to the Middle Ages

Heartgrabber: Fathers of the Church

Headline: Who’s really got clout?

Heartgrabber: The Constant Threat of the Miraculous

Headline: When is Daily Mass like the US Mail?

Heartgrabber: “Your Vocation is the Padded Cell!”

Headline: “Kennedy Catholicism” and Palin

John Paul II possibly beatified this year?

Headline: Dominicans are at it again!

Headlines barely seen: Underreported stories of 2010

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  • Maureen

    Whatever posting system Why I Am Catholic uses, I can’t get on. But they’re not right about the old field Masses not being celebrated on altars with relics in ‘em. Somewhere under or behind the little crucifix is a little altarstone with relics in it, if I’m not mistaken. They sewed it inside a cloth to keep it clean and consecrated and stuff, and then they said Mass on it, with the rest of the table surface just for convenience. The stone was the altar, basically. And obviously, everything for Mass was set out with care and thought for beauty. There’s no cutting corners here.

    You don’t have to spend a million dollars on church, but you do what you can. If you can manage it in the army in the middle of nowhere in Vietnam, you can move your butt to do it in a suburban parish church on Sunday morning.

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  • http://zachriel.blogspot.com/2005/07/liberal-v-conservative.html Zachriel

    Heartgrabber: The Crushing Depth of Debt: In fact, this Congress borrowed more money than all 110 previous Congresses combined.

    That is incorrect. It was $10 trillion at the end of the 110th Congress, and is at $14 trillion now. In addition, much of the additional spending was due to the effects of the financial crisis left by the previous administration, along with temporary stimulus spending.

    As for the overall point about debt, it is a quite soluble problem. It was only a decade ago that the U.S. was running a surplus, and if the Americans had stayed the course, would have made a substantial dent in the debt. That would have provided much security against the worst effects of any financial crisis, and along with prudent regulation, may have tempered the bubble sufficiently to avert the crisis entirely.

  • dry valleys

    I don’t think this Islam’s for me, somehow…

    Did you hear about this Salman Taseer bing assassinated in Pakistan, by one of his own bodyguards? I fear this will have masive reprecussions. All of them bad. If anything even more dispiriting than the economic gloom.

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  • http://zachriel.blogspot.com/2005/07/liberal-v-conservative.html Zachriel

    Headlines barely seen: Underreported stories of 2010: Black Panthers are caught on tape standing outside a Philadelphia polling place during the 2008 presidential election, swinging billy clubs and cursing at those trying to get inside to vote. They said they were there to ensure voter integrity and had dismissed the notion that cursing out people and swinging billy clubs at them as they tried to enter a polling location was voter intimidation.

    That is incorrect. If they were swinging billy clubs at people, they could have been arrested by local law enforcement for assault. They weren’t. As for possible federal enforcement, the New Panthers believed they were ‘protecting’ the polling place, and there was not a single witness complaining that they had been intimidated.

    Headlines barely seen: Underreported stories of 2010: Global warming alarmists are now alarmed because they cannot account for the cooling trend that has been evident since the late 1990s in contradiction to their climate models.

    NASA: We conclude that global temperature continued to rise rapidly in the past decade, despite large year-to-year fluctuations associated with the El Niño-La Niña cycle of tropical ocean temperature. Record high global temperature during the period with instrumental data was reached in 2010.

    The rest of the stories have similar problems.

  • Jennifer

    What I love is how the “previous administration” has been to blame for the last 20 years of my political awareness. That’s all I’ve ever heard from the supporters of whatever administration is currently in charge – that it’s the previous administration’s fault.


  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    Heartgrabber: Abortion, adoption; supply and demand

    As someone who has recently adopted a little boy from outside the US (Kazakhstan), I can tell you first hand Megan McArdle is right on. Where does Andrew Sullivan get his information, Planned Parenthood? It took three years and what amounts to half my annual pay to adopt. There aere so many people looking to adopt a young child it’s a struggle to get in line. Andrew Sullivan is either under some serious delusion (as most Liberals usually are) or is being deceptive.

  • http://westernchauvinist.blogspot.com Western Chauvinist

    Here’s one I just made up…

    Heartgrabber: Boehner Opens Speakership Talking About Receiving Ashes at the Start of Lent.

    I had the radio on in the background and that really caught my attention. Witness.

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