The Bullying Mob; Everything Tea Partiers Were Not

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It’s a long video, but keep watching, and if you can’t abide hearing the “F-word” then cover your ears toward the 2:40 mark, when these overgrown adolescents resort to their magic word of power — the word they spelled out en masse at Woodstock, because it was so cool, man, and such a daringly articulate denunciation of like…the establishment and the bourgeois, two-car, vacation-taking middle class, and like…hardhats and unions and stuff…man.

Watch the leftover hippies and their well-indoctrinated progeny as they surround, follow, bully and try to intimidate Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman (that would be the small, grey-haired man, trying to make his way into the capital building). Seduced by their own mob-ism and the sympathetic responses from the president and the press, their brains benumbed by their numberless, mindless chants, this rabid pack surrounds the senator and eventually corners him. Were Grothman not finally rescued by Democrat representative Brett Hulsey — not a cop, mind you, not a security officer but an “acceptable” sort of politician — who knows what might have happened to this man?

And note, it is only when Rep. Hulsey appears that some of the agitators realize that wait – maybe we should put up our peace signs –time to shout “peace-ful! Peace-ful! Peace-ful!”

Because that’s what we are, man, we’re like…the peaceful people! We were just antagonized for a second there, and lost our heads, because of this poor-people-hating Republican who dared to think he could like, aggressively swagger through our territory and you know, be all in our faces and stuff. We’re peaceful man! Peace! Peace and love!”

Grothman is a human being. The mob is utterly unable to see a man’s humanity; they’re too busy chanting and huffing; too enthralled by their own energy, their sense of purpose, to in love with the empowering thrust of their hate, which feels like love, perverted.

I can’t help but think back to a Tea Party demonstration in Washington, wherein then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, carrying her clown-gavel, Steny Hoyer, John Lewis, Jim Clyburn and a few other Congressmen inexplicably decided they would walk through the crowd. Her head defiantly thrown back in laughter, Pelosi seemed almost to be daring the crowd to lose its self-restraint. The Congressmen carried video-cameras, hoping apparently, to get on tape, something shameful from the crowd. When they didn’t get it, they said they did, anyway. One congressman accused someone in the crowd of spitting on him, and another said, “I heard the N-word! I heard it!”

And the press dutifully ran with those stories: those racist, violent Tea Partiers – they spat on a congressman; they used the ‘n-word!’ No, we don’t have any tape on it; we don’t have any proof, but they did it! Because they’re violent racists, all of ‘em! Oh, and the congressman says that maybe the guy was just yelling at him and it might have been an unintentional expectoration, but it doesn’t matter! Spitting and N-words, that’s the story and we’re sticking to it!

I wonder how many in the unintentionally expectorating mainstream media
(I’m looking at you, Mr. Matthews) are going to air this tape on their programs and talk about the malevolent violence of this aggressive mob? I wonder if they will excuse their gang-menacing of a single, unprotected grey-haired man as an regrettable, but understandable moment of “passion.”

“Shame!” cries the crowd, who are (for the most part) doing all of this in order to hold on to collective bargaining for the perkiest parts of their pensions. “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

I cry “Shame” at the at the plausible-deniability-loving press, who somehow never saw 8 years of “Kill-Chimpy-Bush-is-Hitler” signage but were (appropriately) appalled when stupid people put mustaches on images of President Obama. Now, they apparently cannot see a mob-mentality devolving into something genuinely aggressive, genuinely full-of-hate.

The press cried their big crocodile tears when Tim Russert died, and wailed about the fate of journalism without his presence. You’d think one of them — just one of the Andrea Mitchells or Diane Sawyers or Terry Morans — would look into the camera and say, “wait; this is a story; this gets covered. This is everything we ever declared the Tea Party to be!”

But that would take some self-awareness, I guess, and some genuine leadership, and fealty to a fact-gathering ideal that has long-since fled their coop.

Shame on the president, too, for throwing his weight behind these folks, with nary a word in support of the taxpayers who fund all of his lofty endeavors; I wonder how long it will take him or his mouthpiece to utter a weak “everyone needs to calm down, even though these Republicans are behaving stupidly and trying to destroy America”

When the mob in Wisconsin loses its collective head, and someone gets hurt, I wonder how the press manage to blame Republicans for it? Because clearly, it will be the fault of Scott Walker or Chris Christie. Or Sarah Palin.

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  • New Class Traitor

    We have seen the masks come off now. Not just of the reactionary left so-called “progressives”, but of the Deemocratic [sic] Party that only respects democracy when they like the outcome, and of the MSM that has shamelessly let itself be turned into a Propagandaabteilung.

  • Dad of Six

    Was it only six weeks ago that we were all told that we had to be ‘civil’ in our discourse?

  • Anonymous

    When I was an undergraduate in Minnesota in the 1960s, a big concern was the hate, violence, and irrationality of the right, and the John Birch Society was the favorite target of that concern. No one was worried about hate groups on the Left. Some of the campus Democrats were proud that they destroyed a JBS highway sign and few thought that was a bad thing. Then I went to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and saw that hate, violence, and irrationality were everywhere on the Left. Now as then, the hate on the Right is mostly fantasy but the hate on the Left is mostly reality. What you are seeing in Madison is the result of decent people, who are useful idiots, getting bored with the demonstrations, leaving the field to the hard-core left. And that hard core is not much different from what is was 40 years ago–nothing much has changed.

    Obama’s position is no surprise. If he were not in office and worried about the next election, he would be part of the hard core still at the capitol building. That is what community organizers do.

  • Joseph Marshall

    I was in a couple of genuine riots 40 years ago and all I can do is give you one large bronx cheer. If there has been tear gas, knee knockers, rock throwing, or any serious reason for the police to disperse this crowd I’ve not heard of it. I doubt you have either. Merely being loud, even with vulgar language, is NOT a serious reason for it.

    These people believe that their livelihood is at risk. And from the vantage point of the person getting the salary and paying the co-pays for the health insurance, they’re right. You can get up on your high horse and pontificate all you want about how they are not “paying their fair share”, but you aren’t trying to put food on their table, you aren’t trying to afford the cost of their day care, you aren’t trying to take care of their health, you aren’t filling their gasoline tank or heating and cooling their home, and you aren’t paying their mortgage. So they holler loudly because their future capacity to do these things is at risk. So what? If your family was faced with what their families will be facing shortly you would holler, too. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t. And so would all the fine people who comment on this blog.

    Now as far as “hate” is concerned, anyone in the world beyond our very safe and secure little American padded crib would laugh at you out loud. No one has been killed in the street, no one has been seriously injured, no one has been kidnapped and executed, and there hasn’t even been a riot for the police to confront. All that has happened to anyone is that they have been yelled at and maybe called a nasty name or two. Nothing like what we’ve been watching in Tunisia, like we’ve been watching in Egypt, like we’ve been watching in Lybia, like we can watch every day if we follow world news closely enough, has taken place.

    I remember an America where such things did happen. Lots of them. And I’ve taken the trouble to read about the America I don’t remember, and even more of such things happened then. Apparently you don’t and haven’t. You’re old enough that I think you could remember it if you tried, but that is neither here nor there. I remember it, and I’m ready to laugh out loud, too. Or I would be if I were not so vexed at the utter lack of plain common sense about why these people are angry, whether or not you agree with their point of view.

    Or maybe it’s not a lack of common sense and that’s what scares me the most. Most of us are meat eaters [including me] but how many of us give a second thought to the fact that every neatly wrapped up and blood corralled package in the refrigerator case is the result of an untimely, painful, and violent death? Not many.

    Why don’t we? Because cattle, pigs, sheep, and chickens are not “us”. Therefore we can abide their slaughter without a second thought.

    For nearly a hundred years in this country a very large majority of people could abide racial lynchings, lots of them, even if they weren’t part of the mobs doing them. Lynching was merely part of the news. Why? Because people with the wrong color of skin were not “us”. If those people had been “us”, we’d have stopped it long before.

    So I would much prefer to think of the lack of understanding that the people in these crowds are mad as a wet hen for real human reasons, the type of reasons, even if not the exact reasons, that we might be mad as a wet hen about, is merely a lapse of common sense.

    I would much prefer not to think of the alternative.

  • TerryeC51

    Oh come on. These people are acting like spoiled nasty children..and their livelihoods are not at stake, not even close. If they took the deal Walker offered, they would still be paying less for their pensions and their health insurance than federal employees do…and federal employees do not have collective bargaining for wages either unlike these people.

    It is not as if they are going to starve and here they are screaming obscenities and mobbing some old man because they did not get their way for a change. Never mind that for years they have been paying off the same politicians who wrote the legislation that paid their wages…never mind that the people who live and work in that state in the private sector did not get the same, these poor lambs screaming Shame and acting like idiots are the victims..poor lambs.

    And what has that tirade about lynching got to do with this anyway?

  • Politicalhonesty

    Joseph Marshall, I lived in Berkeley when the students and delinquents rioted after Nixon mined Haiphong Harbor, and saw first-hand their violent provocations of law enforcement and their vandalism of private property; so if that kind of experience is supposed to validate an opinion, I have you in check.

    Now to your silly comments:

    You’ve taken the classic, pro forma left-wing approach of attacking a straw man. This blog wasn’t comparing the Wisconsin protest to, say, Tiananmen Square or Czechoslovakia in 1956 or lynchings in the South. She isn’t suggesting that the mob behavior is comparable to kidnappings and executions – for you to go there is simply a form of lying.

    You’re obviously incapable of exercising the tiniest amount of intellectual honesty to admit that she’s just making a valid comparison between the behavior at the widely-mocked and reviled Tea Party protests and the behavior of this union mob.

    You’re obviously incapable of the elementary practice of switching your point of reference. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the outrage and condemnation that would sweep the blogosphere and evening news if Tea Party protesters would do any of the things this group of drum-banging juveniles has done.

    You’ve earned a Bronx cheer and a contemptuous dismissal from anyone with a brain. Grow up.

  • Will

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep collective bargaining. There are always extremists on both sides. Why always the references to the kumbaya hippies of the 1960s?

  • Rev.Mr. G

    The Tea Party draws its inspiration and name from an act of criminal vandalism in which “patriots” pretended to be the most visible minority of the time. To deny the right to bargain collectively denies the role of organized labor as supported by Pope Leo XIII in Rerum Novarum. Perhaps they have all had the opportunities for sympathetic or just bosses. Perhaps they should come here to Cape Cod where 40% of our people live below the poverty level because most of our jobs here are subsistence/minimum wage jobs. My multiple degrees were useless here and getting a teachin job here took 4 years and 87 job applications, after which I accepted a positon at $31,000. I had retired at $89,000 in 2006. That’s the reality of a lack of collective bargaining. I have yet to see any Tea Party-ers volunteer to be part of a real solution rather than just complaining as is the conservative custom. Certainly, there needs to be some house-cleaning of top-heavy school systems, but to put it on the backs of teachers who generally do a lob that many are not able to do or would not want is not ethical or morally sound. Most people pay their trash collectors more.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Probably because of stunts such as protestors (many of them bussed in college students), occupying the state capital, sleeping there, playing drums, refusing to leave, etc. That’s very Berkley California, circa 1960′s. Also, their hostility, and threats bellowed at those they oppose. There’s nothing wrong with collective bargaining, per se; there’s a lot wrong, as Terry points out, with hounding an elderly man, and shouting obscenities at people. (Again, very much Berkley, in the kumbaya 60′s.)

    Also, the unrealistic hippie demands; Wisconsin is going broke. If there’s no money, well—there’s no money.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Joseph, you seem to think the protestors are the only ones worried about their jobs, keeping food on the table, etc. at the moment; the rest of us, are, I guess, allegedly counting our ill-gotten gains and laughing happily as we grind in the faces of the poor.

    The fact is, the entire country’s suffering an economic meltdown. People have lost jobs, homes, everything. We all have “real human reasons” for being mad at the moment; among them, the fact, that, even though many of us are jobless, and homeless, we’re going to taxed ever further to support public employees, who are protesting by walking away from their jobs, shouting, screaming, harassing people and the like.

    No, they aren’t going to win many friends this way. As Terrye points out, had they taken Walker’s deal, they’d still be paying less for pensions and health insurance than federal employees—not to mention those of us in the private sector, who have to go out and get such things on our own!

    Public unions work for the public. That’s us. If the public is running out of the money, then the unions, have to make adjustments.

    (Like Terrye, I’m also puzzled by the lynching references.)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yes, it was! (Sings) “What a difference six weeks makes!” (Or the fact that the Left believes in civility only for its critics, not itself.)

  • Joseph Marshall

    I was going to reply to some of these below, but there is really very little point. I will simply congratulate the Anchoress on the victory of her political views on this matter. For, in fact, those views have already won in my state and they will win in Wisconsin and wherever else they are proposed.

    So, congratulations.

    And congratulations in advance, as well, on any future victories of your political point of view. If the results of them are evil may you be protected from that evil, if the results are good, may you harvest all the prosperity and comfort that such good brings. Having thus made a genuinely good wish there is little reason for me to clumsily contaminate it.

  • Deanfamily2

    Joseph Marshall “I would much prefer not to think of the alternative”. I think you would much prefer not to think at all. The mob in Wisconsin are bussed in by the thug unions led by none other than richard Trumka. Read a little history about that guy. He should have gone to jail, Instead he is one of our current President’s best friends.

  • kendallpeak

    Joseph Marshall, did I read you right? Is someone from the left implying people are overreacting to a threat? Lets see, a cross on public land, a school prayer, or “under God” in the pledge are a threat to religious freedom, according to the left. Mentioning that abortion may be murder is an attack on freedoms. Not wanting children to equate homosexuality to hetrosexuality is “homophobic hate”. Teaching your children morals is “not inclusive”. Reasonable disciplining of a child is “child abuse”. “stranger danger”, A whiff of cigarette smoke in a public location is instant death, losing one’s temper means anger management, rambunctious boys require ritalin…. You left wingers have made a career of overreaction.

  • Esurio

    “you aren’t trying to put food on their table, you aren’t trying to afford the cost of their day care, you aren’t trying to take care of their health, you aren’t filling their gasoline tank or heating and cooling their home, and you aren’t paying their mortgage.”

    Everyone is hurting!! Prior to the election Obama publicly proclaimed he planned to redistribute wealth. If his supporters where foolish enough to think it didn’t apply to them, well cry me a river! I’m angry too.

    “No one has been killed in the street, no one has been seriously injured, no one has been kidnapped and executed, and there hasn’t even been a riot for the police to confront. ”

    Oh, well then, that makes it alright. Until we become a third world anarchy we can threaten people, obstruct democracy, trash public property, disrupt student’s education (paid for by the taxpayers), and spew hate (as long as your not a teabagger or Sarah Palin) it’s all ok – gotcha.

  • Jocelyn

    I thought Catholic groups were in support of the demonstrations?

  • Linus

    Yes, quite a double standard. The media is condemned by its silence. Does anyone doubt that the media is a fifth column in our midst. America better wake up.

    Isn’t civility wonderful.

  • Concerned in Carolina

    I think that before casting judgment, we, as disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ should act toward our fellow human beings with love and compassion. Try to understand the frustration they might be feeling. That doesn’t mean we have to agree with each other. Try to put ourselves in the position of the ones not being heard, being called names, locked out of our government buildings. I’m not saying that ‘angry mob mentality’ is the best, most thoughtful way of behaving. It’s not. In order to understand each other we must have empathy. Let’s try that on for size and see if we can calm ourselves down a bit.

  • doc

    Union goons have, in fact inflicted violence on citizen-journalists on multiple recent occasions, but moral cripples like the corporate media and Joseph Marshall choose to ignore it because they only care about pushing an agenda (one that keeps Democrats in power).

  • David La May

    I don’t see anything here which is all that extreme. They’re very noisy and obviously angry. One lady close to the camera chants the F bomb. But no one got hurt and no one “curb stomped” anyone. The Tea partiers’ complaints have always been more ideological than personal. For these people, its personal. Everything considered, its not that bad.

  • Teejay8232

    I am a first time reader of your column. I came in on March 2nd and read your “The Bullying Mob”. I even watched the video you recommended – all twelve minutes and twelve seconds – it was pure overkill – all heat and no light. It appeared that the video operator lingered on the scene hoping for a physical altercation which did not occur.
    Sen. Grothman at age fifty-five is not a “little old man” and after seventeen years in local offices he knows that politics is not beanbag. Your reference to Woodstock is completely over the top. I am old enough to recall that era and I did not see any blue smoke coming from this crowd. Moreover, unlike at some Tea Party rallies, there were no Guns!
    Lastly, while it is a minor detail, the Pelosi photo you used was obviously “photoshopped” – the oversize gavel she carried in the original photo was nowhere near the size that you showed.
    All in all, after reviewing your impressive archives, I was disappointed with the sarcasm dripping from your prose.
    As a positive contribution, you and your readers might digest N.Y. Times article 3/3/11
    “Teachers wonder, why the heapings of scorn?” For full disclosure, my wife was a dedicated teacher in Catholic education – high school and college level – for many productive and rewarding years.

  • Politicalhonesty

    Well, here’s Teejay8232 demonstrating once again the liberal tactic of attacking a straw man. It must be so deeply ingrained they’re not even aware they’re doing it!

    “It appeared that the video operator lingered on the scene hoping for a physical altercation which did not occur.” How do you know what the video operator’s motives were, Teejay8232? Let’s apply your logic to the videos taken of Tea Party rallies from the past couple of years: What physical altercations (other than union thugs pushing people out of a townhall meeting) and blue smoke did you see in those videos? Yet the media and left-wing blogosphere pretended that the protesters were unhinged and irrational lunatics threatening democracy. And how do you know there were no guns? They found live hollow-point ammunition, didn’t they?

    You’re upset about some dripping sarcasm on one little blog post??? Maybe that’ll open your eyes just a tiny bit — conservatives have been subjected to “dripping sarcasm” from high and low media for generations. One little shot from one little blogger has you collapsing with the vapors. Good god, man, grow a pair!