Back! Not dead but wounded, Sirrah!

As George Costanza would say, “I’m back, baby, I’m back!” but not quite operating at 100%, yet. Pneumonia has been instructive; I had no idea it was so fatiguing, and it gives me a new appreciation for what a trooper my son Buster was, dealing with it and midterms at the same time, and passing them. All I want to do is sleep!

So, I am “back” but at half-speed. I actually arose today in the wee small hours and began clearing email, editing, writing, and as I have basically put in about 9+ hours of work, I am looking forward to a little nap, just as soon as I give you all these links, which I think you will find fascinating.

Before I begin, a shout of thanks to Max Lindenman, who guest-blogged so enthusiastically and prolifically while I was away. The boy has a lot of words in him, and I really appreciated the energy and provocative content he brought to the site. I gave him the keys and he kept the roadster in great shape (one tiny ding, already smoothed over) as I knew he would. Look for him to debut of blog of his own, soon, at Patheos — there is no holding him back — but you will see him for a few days more, here at The Anchoress, as he generously helps me out until I’m caught up with work and, you know, breathing. Thank you, Maximus! His latest column is here

And now, let’s do a fast link-around with some Religious and Secular stuff and fun stuff that I wanted to share with you, in no particular order:

First off, Crisis Magazine is also back!. I am glad to see it. Someone told me recently that they thought of all the Catholic magazines, “for all its gravitas, First Things is the only religious publication I know of where you can be cute and clever.” I wrote back, “Crisis Magazine, too, under Brian Saint-Paul!”

So, Crisis Magazine Opens at Noon, EST, today

Speaking of First Things, two good reads over there, David Mills writes that Europe is Concerned, Worried and Doubting and David Bentley Hart has thoughts on A Person You Flee at Parties

Tim Muldoon: Centesimus Annus at 20

Young blogger, Hilary White, whom I met at the Vatican/Blogger Meet in Rome is dealing with cancer. Please keep her in your prayers.

Speaking of that Meet: will a guild develop?. Philomena Ewing has a part one and a part two on the doings. And there is more here. Also check out the title!

Some stunning pictures: of the crowds at the beatification. If you haven’t seen it yet, do read Pope Benedict’s homily on that occasion, which was very well done.

Joseph Susanka: Saints are people, too!

Pat Gohn: on being a mother. Do read.

Austen Bay: On American Persistence

Osama bin Laden, savvy capitalist

Bookworm: Didn’t think much of Obama on 60 Minutes

John Harwood on why Obama Can’t depend on the polls.

I don’t know, I’m getting the impression that he rather likes this “wartime president” thing. Relegates stories about the economy, jobs, strange maneuvers, stealth budgets, expanding and “gangster” government, fakery and so forth to the back pages, and increases the poll numbers, and he doesn’t even have to acknowledge that he’s doing everything he said Bush should never have done.

John Kerry: Obama’s not Bush so shut up with your questions

The challenges facing Christians in the Middle East

Bible’s Truth: Found in its totality

Rod Dreher on the Death of Osama

There Be Dragons: didn’t much like it. According to her facebook feed, neither did Barbara Nicolosi, who is always forthright and interesting. More here from Tim Drake!

Speaking in Tongues?

The Spiritual Needs of the Mentally Ill Patient

Something fun: Make a paper iPhone

Archaeologists Explore grounds of English Church dating back to the Anglo-Saxon era

A “discovery” about the Birth of Christ?

What the what, now? Times, two actually, when you consider the disclaimer attached to this piece by Doug Kmeic:

(Recently offered to resign as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Malta; these views are Kmiec’s personally and do not necessarily represent the Department of State).

Yeah, he sort of makes that very clear, in his article.

My own addition to that opinion round-up

Archbishop Gomez says no thanks to Mayday Rally

WSJ: Does the left “need” racism?

Nunspeak: Three Reasons for Mary

The Transformation of Homosexual Liebestod in Sagas Translated from Latin. Interesting.

Tripping the Light Fantastic with Obama and Lady Gaga

Finally, Fr. Robert Barron speaks on the death of Osama bin Laden. I happened to be next to Barron at the airport, but was too shy to say hello! I am a useless networker! (H/T Deacon Greg)

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  • Max Lindenman

    You’re more than welcome, Cap’n. And thank you ever so much for entrusting me with this bully pulpit.

    Re: Maximus. I have to jam on this one for a minute. The release of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator marks the moment I actually started liking my name. Before that, I was the only Max I knew without four legs and hip dysplasia. When I’d introduce myself to a girl and hear, “I have a dog named ‘Max,’ I’d feel thrown completely off balance. When you think about it, it’s a weirdly mixed message.

    Well, thanks to Scott and Russell Crowe, that changed, if only for a brief, shining moment. Throughout the summer of ’99, when I told new acquaintance my name, I could picture them thinking, “As in Maximus, hammer of the Suebi, protege of Aurelius and saviour of Rome? Cool!”

    Unfotunately, at just about that time, those girls I tried unsuccessfully to chat up started having kids. A surprising number of them named them after their dogs. Now, when I introduce myself, I get, “I have a son named Max.” Trust me, that’s no improvement.

  • Carl H.

    I’ve had a few bouts of pneumonia. The tiredness is no joke. Recommend catnaps in a ‘recliner’ for a recharge (look away, non-victims) it also lets gravity help w/the plegm that wants to pool at the back of your lungs if you’re laying flat in bed. I’ve put the headboard on top of a 2×4 to give the bed a slight incline – it helps more than you’d expect. Take your meds (I include OTC Guaifenesin), drink plenty of fluids. I’m seldom hungry when fighting this stuff, so here’s my ‘pnemonia fighting soup’. Saute’ a clove of garlic in olive oil. Add some thyme and plenty of crushed red pepper, a can or two of broth (I like beef broth for this) and bring to a boil. Add a beaten egg, stir well, turn off heat. Pour in a teaspoon or so of dry sherry. Drink as hot as you can stand it.
    Be well

  • http://BlueEyedEnnis Phil Ewing

    Good grief Liz -pneumonia is serious business. I am amazed you can blog at all. I would be prostrate !

    Take it easy. Thanks for the plug for my posts too !- much appreciated.

  • GladYou’reHomeSadYou’reIll

    So does this make you a Phlegm-Bot?

    Pneumonia is also going around here on the left coast.

    Carl’s evil soup above sounds very therapeutic. Get one of your strapping males to whip some up for you and make sure you act extra tired and have trouble lifting the soup spoon so they’ll take even better care of you. ;D

    And stop blogging so blessed much, woman! Dang! That was one long friggin list of links. To bed– and hie thee hence!!! Anon! Schnell! Step away from the keyboard, Anchoress, and no one gets hurt! Let’s go!!! Move it!! Move it!! MOVE IT! (you can tell I was a very strict nanny at one time, non?)

    Look. We need you. You’re like an i.v. of hope, reason and humor. Rest up. That is one disease that will repeatedly bite you in the behind if you don’t take it seriously.

  • zmama

    Wow Anchoress-when I had pneumonia way back when I was 25 I would never have had the energy to read all those pieces you linked to. I said it last week-back then my dr told me the fatigue will last long after the pneumonia is over-so take it easy-you deserve it.

  • Ellen

    I’ve never had pneumonia, but I’ve had bronchitis a time or two. It wears you out.

    And you were next to Father Barron?! I would have been squeeing like the veriest fangirl. I can’t wait for his Catholicism Project DVDs.