Diary of a Wimpy Catholic – UPDATEDs

It seems like it’s been a long time coming, right? Late in April, he was guest-blogging for me, and then Max Lindenman disappeared, except for his columns!

Have you missed him?

Well, he’s back and he has his own blog, where I am sure he will be alternately enraging some and making others do spit-takes at their computer screens (with, I believe, his very next post), but he will always keep you interested and challenged and guessing — and that’s the whole point of reading other voices, isn’t it?

Ladies and Germs, I give you — Max Lindenman; Blogger — spruced up and slicked back, and his Diary of a Wimpy Catholic:

UPDATE: Annnnd, there it is; the first Lindenman post that will raise your eyebrows to your hairline — jumping off of our discussion of the other day, Max serves up “The Circumcision Flap”

It’s funny; it’s smart. It will probably enrage a few. It will definitely give you a few new words to puzzle through!

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