Prayers for Norway – UPDATED


A day of terrible stories out of Norway:

20.46 Oslo’s mayor Fabian Stang said that the capital was struggling to come to terms with the idea that it had joined the list of cities targeted by bombers.
“Today we think about those people living in New York and London who have experienced this kind of thing,” he told Sky News. Living without any sympathy for other people, for me, it’s impossible to understand. “I do not think it is possible for us to understand what has happened today but hopefully we will be able to go on and that tomorrow Oslo will be a peaceful city again.”

And then

A gunman has opened fire at Norway Labour Party’s youth camp on the island of Utoya, fifty miles south of Oslo, shooting several people.

An eyewitness told Norwegian broadcaster NRK he saw more than 20 bodies after the camp shooting, on the shore and in the water. It is understood panicked teenagers had tried to flee the island by swimming as the gunman opened fire.

Up to 700 people are believed to be on the island, mostly teenagers aged between 14 to 18.

In each case, the death tolls are rising by the hour.

This is very tragic.

I wonder what Norway is thinking about this. Or rather, what they will think, when they’ve passed this first shock. Oslo — which bends over backwards to be accommodating, is “tolerant to a fault” to some (but not all) ideas, and admitted to giving Jimmy Carter a Peace Prize as “a kick in the leg” to the warmonger George W. Bush — probably believed that her placid neutrality would render her immune to this sort of senseless evil.

But that’s sort of the whole point of senseless and cowardly evil. Because it is senseless, there is no safe place; there is no safe position or ideology that will shield anyone from a force of evil, and a means of “movement,” that is willing to lash out in any direction, at any moment. And because it is cowardly, it targets children and the everyday unarmed.

This must be shaking Norway to its foundations. And perhaps it needs to. There is no immunity in ideology. Evil doesn’t care about it, except as it may exploit it.

I pray for the injured, and all of the families of the dead
, and for parents of children at camp — and for all of us. This attack will only serve to make so put people — already dealing with uncertainty and economic strife — that much more on edge. And will probably lead to more restrictions upon the rights and freedoms of those very same everyday unarmed, who are just trying to live their lives amid a leadership vacuum that is apparent from nation-to-nation.

A miserable day just got worse.

Don Surber: :Last week, a Norwegian prosecutor
filed terror charges against an Iraqi-born cleric for threatening Norwegian politicians with death if he is deported from the Scandinavian country. The indictment centered on statements that Mullah Krekar — the founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam — made to various news media, including American network NBC.”

Yes, and in another article I read that these terrorists are listing “unspecified insults against Muhammed.”

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  • kvinne

    Thank you for remembering us in prayer.
    It looks like this is the act of one crazy person. A 32 year old Norwegian man, with no connection to terrorist organizations.
    As a people we are shocked, sad and angry. I hope and pray that we will be able to stand together and care for each other as we have done in the past.
    Again thank you for your prayers!

  • rcareaga

    So the “Helpers of Global Jihad” have claimed responsibility, eh? As we know, vicarious crazies crawl out of the woodwork on such occasions. I’m surprised that more groups have not made similar boasts. If the perp turns out to be a homegrown “Timothy McVeighsson, this will be far from the only blog to have intimated that the Scandinavians have been just too darned easy on, you know, them—but that premise has been advanced here very gingerly (others have been less prudent), and credit for caution is accordingly assigned.