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So, the GOP has a clever idea — or they’ve stolen an idea the Dems had during the Bush years, I am getting old and can’t remember — but you can send Obama Vacation Postcards to your pals.

I chose this one because it’s a twofer; it jeers at Obama, and the Boston Red Sox, so it’s kind of irresistible.

And before my friends on the left take umbrage and being wagging fickle fingers of righteousness and calling me out for being “mean” or making fun or whatever — please spare me. You don’t really want me to go digging through my harddrive and my archives to bring forth all the “lighten-up-it’s-just-good-fun” and “dissent-is-the-highest-form-of-patriotism” pictures of Bush-as-chimp, or Bush-as-Hitler, or Bush-as- Saturn Eating his Son, do you?

I will if I must, but really, I am a bit busy. Lighten up. We’re supposed to be able to laugh at our presidents. It’s the highest form of patriotism and stuff.

And because — Mookie! Mookie!

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  • Virago

    Well, if we can’t laugh with our candidates and politicians we gotta laugh t them, liberals, conservatives, progressives and tea-partiers (of which I am one).

    But the liberal-progressives are very thin skinned AND based on past behavior I look for the charge of racism to lobbed frequently during this campaign.

    We all need to grow and learn to take a joke (paraphrasing Herman Cain)

    Thank God for Jon Stewart, Saturday
    Night Live, and especially Greg Gutfield.

    Thanks for allowing me to comment.


  • Richard Johnson

    You know, the postcard is fairly relevant. Buckner is remembered for that error in the ’86 World Series. What is forgotten is the terrible pitching of Hurst and Schiraldi, and that Buckner went 2-4 and scored one of the Red Sox runs that game. Yes, he booted the grounder, but only after the pitching staff gave up 6 runs in the 7th inning.

    So…shall we call the GOP the Hurst/Schiraldi team?

  • Virago

    I did’t get Bill Buckner reference and I do not follow baseball, the verbage/vocabulary meant nothing to me and neither did the youtube clip.

    What I said I feel and I didn’t mean to offend anyone; I am not sure why me comment took so long to moderate; maybe the Anchoress is a little touchy also.

    I believe in free speech; however, this is her website and she has the right to moderate it as she sees fit.

    I just am nonplussed about the scrutiny to my relatively bland comment.

    Thank you

    [Not sure what you're talking about. I don't think anyone criticized your comment, and I don't think it took very long to moderate, either. I do not spend my days just sitting around waiting for comments to moderate -- I actually have a lot of work to do -- so I look at them every half-hour or so, and release what I find there, usually without any sort of edit. Nothing "touchy" about it. Yet. Btw, I'm going out to dinner, now, so if something is laying in moderation...that's where it is. -admin]

  • JDC

    I am not sure how anyone who identifies with left-wing politics could possibly be upset about someone criticizing Obama.

  • Virago

    Duly noted, Anchoress.


    I agree, his base seems to be abandoning him. They will come back next year, though.

    I rather feel sorry for him sometimes; then I consider his policies and I don’t feel so sorry.

    By any measure of a man he is a success; a good provider, a loving husband and a doting, attentive father. And seemingly, a likable guy.

    [The left has no choice but to get behind Obama. He will not be primaried, b/c a) it would tear up the party and b) he'd be primaried from the left, and the nation is not in the mood for more of that. This election is going to come down to the fact that the next president will likely name 3 or possibly 4 SCOTUS justices. For that, the left will swallow all their disappointment and vote for Obama. And the right will fight like hell to prevent a win. It's going to be an ugly, ugly election cycle. -admin]

    However, as a politician he is an abysmal failure.


  • Greta

    I will have to look and see if they have one for wrong way corrigan. He is wrong on every issue and everything he does is leading to a country that is far worse than what he inherited.

    I just got an email asking what I know about Obama compared to almost any other modern president. He is almost a blank slate because the media failed to do their job of vetting this guy. One group contacted over 400 students of Columbia when he was supposed to be there and none knew him, even those with the exact same majors that he claims. While not even interested in the birther group, it is amazing that no one has come out who went to school with him or knew him, dated him, or knew others that did in any way. In a 24 hour news mentality, how is it we know so little about this guy not from his PR book which many question he wrote.

    I thought Carter was the worst president of my lifetime of voting going back to Truman, but Obama is far worse than Carter.