Labor Day Look at Obama on Jobs – UPDATE

Inconguity, incongruity. Incongruity on its face!

“OBAMA’S ENRON”: the Solyndra failure has Rich Lowry wondering: Bush was flayed for Enron. Where does that put Obama and his green-energy pet?

A gentle reminder: “Bush’s Enron” was, in reality, much more “Clinton’s Enron.” Ken Lay golf-partnered with Bill Clinton and Lay, along with a number of Enron execs, traveled to India with Clinton and eventually profiting from the trip. And I mostly shrug about that. But I think it’s worth remembering that Clinton “dealt” with Ken Lay.

Bush frog-marched him. And somehow, yes, still got flayed for it.

CONGRESS AND INCONGRUITY: First Obama’s “jobs” speech was going to be major and (as usual) historic, and now, maybe it’s not so major; maybe it’s just a kickoff to more talking. My thought, on reading this, was the same as Allahpundit’s: there is something addle-brained and frankly incongruous about requiring the nations biggest venue in order to deliver a less-than-definitive policy speech on a less than definitive policy.

NO DRAMA OBAMA: I miss that model. Although, in fairness, it was the MSM and other Democrat Operatives who brought the “insult to the Office” drama.

WITH JOB GROWTH IN AUGUST ringing empty, like a penny dropped into an empty copper vat, we’re not supposed to ask about this, (or this) but let’s be bad: Why, when the president and his party had control of both houses, did their obsessions and energies rest on the job-wacking Obamacare, Obamacare, Obamacare (which he now admits will not lower costs), and destroying, among other things, jobs in the service/hospitality industries (he almost single-handedly depressed Las Vegas) jobs in auto sales, jobs in oil drilling and exploration, jobs in coal mining, jobs in construction, and jobs in guitar manufacturing? And now…the banks?

Up to 30,000 jobs lost?

We bailed them out to sue them? Was the bailout a big money-laundering scheme?

Some are asking if all of this is mere incompetence or a calculated and deliberate destruction? If its the former, and the president is simply in over his head, he should consider not running for re-election — you know, put country before ego. If it’s the latter, he will do anything and say anything to hold on to his office.

And maybe no one who wants the office that badly should have it.

It seems incongruous, to me, to expect a man who has demonstrated a profoundly anti-business mindset to get serious about actual, long-term job creation and growth.

And that’s a shame. Because — as the New York Times admitted, back in 2006 — when everyone is working, we “unexpectedly” enjoy record-setting tax revenues which pay down the deficit.

MAYBE HE IS WAKING UP: But I tend to think this move is about political expediency, and that alone. No one is going to be re-elected in a miserable economy, with no jobs and rolling blackouts, to boot.

Anyone who believes that re-electing Obama won’t simply encourage him to dig in and try to finish this “fundamental transformation of America” that he promised us needs to wake up, too.

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Apparently only “haters” and “racists” were listening, and respectfully taking the man at his word.


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  • MaxedOutMama

    You have to wonder whether he knows that he hasn’t got a clue or whether he still feels competent.

    No, his agenda isn’t really to wreck the country – he’s just quite clueless as to economics and what will work. It’s sort of like watching a Disney movie in which an idealistic but wool-gathering professor suddenly switches bodies with the president of the US, and two hours and fifteen minutes of hilarity ensue as we watch the professor trying to fake it as president, and the president trying to fake it as the professor.

    The movie would probably be quite enjoyable, but the reality show is not. I think the economic base of the country is getting too eroded for safety; another year of this and what will be left?

  • Dad od Six

    Should we be surprised at this charlie fox situation? President Obama has not run anything in his life. He has been a student, a community organizer, a professor and a legislator. Of what little we do know about him (no transcripts…remember?), nothing points to any leadership ability.

    I did not support Senator Obama for the presidency because was so blatently anti-life. But even if he had been a charter member of American Life League, his lack of any executive experience would have been a drawback. That’s why I’m a backer of Herman Cain.

  • Mary

    I am a pro-life feminist, a compassionate conservative, and a passionate Catholic Christian who wants our elected president (both current and future) to succeed in improving the economy, education, the infrastructure, etc…I love most of your posts, Ms. Scalia, but I’m having trouble understanding why this is an appropriate post for Patheos…It doesn’t seem spiritual…It’s very obviously political (and angry?)

  • Nerina

    Mary, may I respectfully recommend Archbishop Chaput’s boook “Render Unto Caesar” to understand why such a post as this one is not out of place at Patheos? Hint: the subtitle of +Chaput’s book is “Serving the Nation by Living our Catholic Beliefs in Political Life.

  • Nerina

    Also, are we never allowed to be angry?

  • Andrew B

    The jobs picture is horrifying. I work for a small non-profit yet, in a month with zero national job growth, my tiny division managed to add three new positions, with two more on line for September. It is ghastly to think that we out-performed the rest of the USA.

    I mourn for our nation.

  • Mary

    Check out the latest Raised Right blog on Patheos…her message resonates with me far better than this one (No offense, Anchoress)

  • Lawrence S. cunningham

    I am with Mary – some of the recent posts sound like (to borrow a conceit) the GOP at prayer.

  • Manny

    I have never in my life felt like I was living in a third world country as i do now. I can’t believe how bad things are. Obama has taken a recession and transformed it into a depression. He’s made a bad situation worse – way worse. He flushed a trillion dollars down the drain in a stimulous plan that didn’t stimulate but paid off Liberal interest groups. On top of that, he’s strangling the economy with his radical green regulations and his Obamacare. In fact the economy was picking up until Obamacare passed. Personally I have never seen a presidency so terrible. He’s a disaster. The zero jobs report this month was a perfect emblem for his administration. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    The “GOP at prayer?” Um. . . what the heck?

    What do GOP prayers sound like, and are you are mind reader, that you know how Republicans, or anybody else, prays?

    Oh, yeah, I forgot the first rule—-Obama must never, ever, be criticized, ever! You may now all return to Democrats at prayer.

  • Greta

    Mary, anyone who supports someone like Barack Obama cannot call themselves pro life. He is by any measure, the most pro abortion president in history. It is obvious you have settled into the Democratic party of death and find it more comfortable in their support of legislating from the bench finding words like “privacy” and “separation of church and state” and using them to legalize the holocaust of 54 million babies and the destruction of the family while removing God from the country that has always been one nation Under God.

    The simple fact that you attack someone like The Anchoress who is far from being a radical right wing republican. She often has issues with those she sees as right wing extreme or who voice anger in their comments she sees as harsh.

    You need to take some time to examine your conscience and try to find in your heart and soul how you can be attached in any way to a party of death and how you can reconcile that with the holocaust of all those babies. The Bishops before Obama’s election advised that to vote for him you had to find some reason equal to the halocaust of the 54 million babies. I have yet to hear anyone offer anything close to a reasonable excuse. The personally opposed but voting to support line is worn out and since those who call themselves pro life and vote pro death started using that line, 54 million babies have died. Is there some limit to how many have to die before one stops voting for their continued killing?

  • LisaB

    Anchoress, great post! Thank you for doing all of the hard work and tying the pieces together.

    The GOP at prayer. Pshaw! What are the Democrats praying for, a continuation of this disaster?!

    I have always believed that Obama’s agenda was a “calculated and deliberate destruction” of America. At first a lot of people thought he was incompetent like Jimmy Carter, but incompetence is not systematic nor conniving. And incompetence can get lucky sometimes; Obama brings “bad luck” to everything he touches.

    August was the deadliest month for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Here that? MSM/Democrat/anti-war protester crickets chirping.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Greta, in regards to the abortion question. . . I really agree with a poster on another thread, who stated, a few days back, that she believed a national day of penance on this issue might be the only thing that could bring the nation back to its senses.

    The fact is, given the prevalence of abortion, and its widespread acceptance, America has a lot of guilt to deal with at the moment; I see a lot of the Left’s support of Obama springing from this very issue; he supports abortion, which the Left is determined to clng to, rather than repent of, and reject.

    And, Lisa, yes, I’m starting to think it’s deliberate; if it were just incompetence, he’d’ve gotten lucky, as you say, and done at least a few things right.

  • dry valleys
  • Mary

    Anchoress, do you feel I was attacking you? If so, I appologize, it was not my intent. One of the things you wrote (and I’m paraphrasing here) is that you allow your sons to voice any opinion as long as they can also also state the opinion of those who believe the opposite…I do try very hard to look at both sides of all issues.
    I find abortion barbaric. I also find it disturbing that the Republican Party is becoming so closely identified with the Libertarians– Republicans who are not so much pro-life as they are determined not to pay for anything that will not directly benefit them. How would you respond to someone who states that it won’t bother him if women and children are dying in the streets…(a fellow Republican said that to me!) Life begins at conception but it doesn’t end at birth. Where is the compassion, people?!?

    [No, I didn't feel attacked. I just thought labor day would be an appropriate time to pay attention to the fact that this president, who started campaigning when unemployment was cresting 7%, and took office when it was at 8%, is only just now -- for the sake of election -- looking at job creation, and also to consider how he's contributed to job losses while in office. I figure no one is going to start hiring until business feels like they can trust him. And I'm not sure how he can win their trust while also playing to his business-hating base. And I am not a Republican, so I have no particular allegiance to the party. Rick Perry makes me think of a game show host. No one currently running is ringing my bell. I liked TPaw but also knew he'd never survive, for a number of reasons -admin]

  • Mary

    Gentle Nerina, thank you for the book suggestion…I have read excerpts attributed to Archbishop Chaput but do not have the book. And yes, anger can be good if it motivates us to do “the good” that we need to do (but what if it becomes a stumbling block to someone else’s doing the same?)

  • Mary

    Dear Dry Valleys, my daughter works in a neonatal intensive care unit in Texas…Perry’s “economic miracle” has not been extended to the smallest and sickest in Texas either (or those who work to help them or their families) Great link to chew on fellow Republicans…

  • michelle e.

    Summer job shedding en-masse also to include Merck pharmaceuticals, 13,000 jobs poof-evaporated and to go abroad.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I haven’t noticed this great alliance between Republicans and Libertarians, myself; in fact, they seem to be drawing away from each other, in my experience; the Libertarians dislike Republicans because too many conservative Republicans don’t support abortion, or many of the other (sometimes strange things) Libertarians support (they dismiss them as “So-cons”, social conservatives.)

    Vice versa, many conservative Republicans don’t support Libertarians, because—well, they support abortion and many other strange things conservative Republicans don’t support.

    As far as strange alliances go, I find the one between Democrats/Leftists quite disturbing. And, sadly, it is the Democratic party that markets itself as the one that favors abortion, making it hard for many Catholics, and social conservatives, to go along with it.

    (By the way, is Perry now the great Antichristical Republican bad guy, instead of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh?)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    More and more, I’m beginning to think a Project Rachel/day of repentance for abortion is the only thing that will help us, at the moment. . .