Obama’s Malaise Speech – UPDATE

I have long-wondered whether President Obama actually understands anything about this country or the people who elected him. In 2009 I wrote:

One senses that the nation is not alone in wondering — that perhaps President Obama himself has no clue who he is, not as an American man, and not as The American President. For decades Obama has gotten by on elegance, a retiring demeanor and the ability to make people see their reflections in him. The first two are gifts; that last is a symptom of a vast emptiness, for a mirror may have width, but not depth.

If Barack Obama, who has made a great secret of his past, truly understood who he is, and who The American President is on the world stage, he would never have journeyed to Copenhagen to have his hat handed to him…Obama is an American President who is not particularly American in character or disposition. He seems not to really understand Americans, or their way -which is a way peculiar to the rest of the word, at once shallow and heroic, capable of great materialism and breathtaking self-sacrifice.

There is nothing wrong with thinking a call to prayer a beautiful thing, but someone thought Obama had revealed too much of himself in that remark, and so it has been stricken from the public record, like so much of Obama’s past. And a man without a past, like an amnesiac, is a man who knows nothing about himself, or the world in which he moves.

Even earlier than that, in a post that seems to have been lost in all of my moves, I had wondered if Obama’s presidency was going to be a “Jimmy Carter Redux, complete with malaise speech.”

Seems he is.
I am not the first or the only one to see this and think “malaise” — Jonah Goldberg thought it, too.

Barack Obama does not know his country. He knows his ideology, and that is all.

A president who understands his nation, and the people who elected him — or who understands them to be more than chumps who will fall for spin and illusion — would never say this: (Courtesy of Creative Minority Report:)

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I disagree with folks responding “Obama is the soft one!” Trust me. Obama is not soft. He’s hard as they come in terms of his ideology and what he’ll do to further it. I remember how the left (in quite paranoid fashion) demonstrated how little they really understood about George W. Bush when they started declaring that he would “declare martial law and suspend elections” (google it). If they understood Bush they’d have known that the constitutionally defined peaceful transfer of power was something Bush was sentimental about.

Obama is not sentimental about the constitution, or the peaceful transfer of power. He can’t be, because he is not sentimental about America or its past. All he sees is the future — and he only sees it one way.

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll explores how Obama has come by his understanding of our softness.

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