Don’t forget new LOTH Guidebooks

I’ve been praying the Divine Office for over a decade, and I am still lost without the guidebooks.

Amazon has the guidebook for the 4-Volume Liturgy of the Hours and the guidebook for the Christian Prayer Breviary.

Of course, if you’re praying the hours online, you can’t do better than this site and its apps.

And if you’re only able to manage some abbreviated prayer into your day (along with the daily lectionary and most wonderful readings and meditations) this is the thing you want.

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  • Holly in Nebraska

    I prefer to buy my books from one of 3 local Catholic bookstores instead of Amazon. I might suggest to your readers to buy locally if they can. My local stores are always happy to order things for me they don’t have in stock. One of them has massive home schooling resources as well. I like to help keep them in business.

    [Sadly, there are NO MORE Catholic bookstores around here by which I may purchase anything locally. I had someone ask me recently where she might buy a rosary. None to be had, no stores; she had to go online -admin]

  • Andy

    Thank you for the link – I have been searching for one to provide me guidance when I am in my office between students in the morning.

  • peg

    Have you seen the new daily prayer book, Give Us This Day? It is another alternative to Magnificat. I have been using it and find it to be wonderful…Just another way..

  • Barbara

    As a Secular Franciscan, I use the Roman Franciscan Christian Prayer and with the Four Volume set The Proper Offices of Franciscan Saints and Blesseds. The Ordos or Guides for these are availabe from st. Anthony Messenger Press. Franciscan Resources sent me to them. As Elizabeth pointed out, after years of doing this, I still need the ordos.
    Peace and all good.

  • Mike K

    As a layperson, you can always use one of the online resources (eBreviary, Universalis,, since you are not bound to the Breviary for your diocese. In all three cases, the texts mirror the “official” ones (with minor exceptions; for example, Universalis uses a translation of the collects that matches neither the old or the new, but fall somewhere in between).

    (I believe) All three have some way to download the texts to a PDA. So if money’s tight and you want to pray the church’s daily prayer, online downloads are an option until (or if) you can afford the books.

  • Antonius

    I have been praying Vespers for three years.
    I mainly pray with an app for my iPod Touch: iBrevery.

    When I need to pray with my one volume book I look up the dates at the St. Thomas More House of Prayer:
    You can look up/download/print a one page (pdf format) list for Morning and Evening prayers.