Happy Catholic has Installed a Bookshelf!

Julie Davis — the Happy Catholic whose blog is such a great mix of books, art, devotionals and more — has decided that she needs more room!

She’s already packed her primary blog, and knocked down a wall to add Forgotten Classics and then built a dormer for A Good Story is Hard to Find, and then of course, redid the kitchen for the foodies; she’s brought out her secret Sci-Fi Stash (such a geek, she is!) and now she needs a place to display things, and keep them handy. You know how it is — you have collections scattered throughout the house; you want company to see them…you need a bookcase!

And so, ta-da! Julie has now raised Happy Catholic’s Bookshelf!, the place where you will find a little bit of all the rest, most of it new, some of it dusted off and made shiny, all tidily at your disposal in one convenient spot!

For someone like me, who is interested in all of Julie’s passions, this is a gift! A one-stop boutique of Catholicism, Books, Kitsch and some great recipes. Please pop by, say hi, munch on whatever she’s left out and hang out for a bit! I think you’ll begin to find Happy Catholic’s Bookshelf to be one of those relaxing places where you can just power-down and find refreshment as you meander!

I am excited! This is like having the funnest kid in the class decide to come sit at your table in the lunchroom! Welcome, Julie!

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  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    That’s great. Julie’s blog is a must stop for me. If I ever have time for my own blog with no politics, it would be something like hers.