Ladies: Irish Voted “Sexiest Accent”

The Irish Brogue has replaced French as the sexiest accent, at least according to 5,000 British women!

French accents never did it for me. But a brogue or a Scots burr or an Italian cooing “cara mia” — yeah, I can go there!

“Men with an Emerald Isle brogue, as promoted by stars like Colin Farrell and James Nesbitt, came top in a poll of 5,000 women worldwide. . . The Italian accent was deemed to be second most sexy followed by Scottish. The French only managed to limp into fourth place, just ahead of Australian. English was sixth.”

As long as we’re talking Irish, it seems the character of Zorro was inspired by an Irishman

“Records of Irish people brought before the Spanish inquisition have been discovered in Madrid, including data on the Irishman who was the inspiration behind Zoro . . . The most famous Irishman brought before the Spanish Inquisition was Wexford man William Lamport. He was arrested in Mexico in 1659 for an alleged plot against the Spanish colonizers and was burnt at the stake. Due to his rebellious nature and life as a martyr, locals dubbed him El Zorro.”

This seems like a role Colin Farrell (of the beautiful eyebrows, see above) might have been born to play!

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  • Nikita

    I must say that I have always went for accents of a Scot or Irish man. It must be something about those kilts they wear. :D No, really it is just deepness of their voices and just seems so manly. I cannot describe it at all.

    Zorro was inspired by Irishman! Now that is cool another thing that the Irish can lay claim to!

    God Bless,

  • Freckled “colleen”

    Blech! I grew up with the Irish. And dated an Italian. Give me an American man with sincerity, education and no alcoholism any day and you can keep those fantasies.

    (shiver!) Gross!

    No accent? Bring it on!

  • jkm

    Colin Farrell’s swashbuckling eyebrows appear to prove the story that the “black Irish” are descended from sailors of the defeated Spanish Armada washed up on Erin’s shores. He’d make a terrific O’Zorro.

    I’ll still take an Italian accent over the Irish. When I was in Rome it was difficult not to fall in love with every driver, tour guide, waiter, etc.

  • daisy

    I love sound of a Scotsman but Irish is good too. Colin, just isnt’t sexy to me because of his role in Alexander. I snicker everytime I see him.

  • SFX

    If only Colin Farrell could complete a sentence without the F-word, he might take on a certain charm.

  • Kris, in New England

    Why stop at Mr. Farrell’s eyebrows? He is scrummy.

    For me, it’s the Scots accent. Though I confess to being a total Anglophile so any of the U.K. accents would be okey-dokey.

    But the Scots – something about that accent that brings to mind men in kilts (of course), weilding broadswords and keeping their loved ones safe.

  • Anglican Peggy

    Ohhhhhh! You will get no arguments from me! I lived in Ireland for a year and I was in heaven!

  • Manny

    And here I was trying to seduce women with a fake Saudian Arabian accent. Who knew? :-P

  • Anglican Peggy

    P.S. I just wanted to say that I love Colin Ferrell’s accent in particular. His is a classic as authentic as it gets Dublin accent which I have always thought of as Irish equivalent of the New Yawk accent replete with a similar tough guy attitude. So whenever I hear him talk, I am back in Dublin where I spent my year in IE. I could just listen to him talk all day since it brings back such good memories. Had the time of my life there.

    BTW, if he were to moderate or cut out the F-word, he might as well stop talking altogether. In some quarters of Dublin, the F-bomb is as common as brown bread. I think no people in the world use it with as much gusto as a Northsider speaking in street Dublin-ese.

    Its music to me ears it is, sad as I am to admit it heh heh although I don’t use the word much myself. The alternative for me if I do feel an expletive coming on (and who hasnt from time to time), is the cleaned up version so popular with the culchies (ie country folk) which substitutes an “e” for the offending vowel as if that somehow made a real difference. Everyone just pretends that it does. See Father Ted for what I mean. :-)

    Here endeth you-ur Oirish lesson far the day.

  • Anne B.

    “He was arrested in Mexico in 1659 for an alleged plot against the Spanish colonizers and was burnt at the stake. ”

    Burnt at the stake for a political offense? I thought it was only for heretics.

  • Mark

    Talk all you want about sexy voices. to me there is nothing sexier than a southern belle.

  • Betsy

    Sorry, jkm, but those of us who are “Black Irish” are more probably the descendants of Roman soldiers. Dark hair is far too common for it to have been introduced to the population so (relatively) recently by the few surviving Spaniards. Besides, as one historian wrote, “Any Spaniards who washed up on the shores were probably murdered by the friendly Irish.” Sad but plausible.

  • honeybee

    Colin Farrell, Irish Accents = PHOAR!!

  • cathyf

    Consider the singular accomplishment of combining, in one grammatically-correct sentence, all of the following: the f-bomb used as the correct part of speech, the noun “shitehawk”, and the noun “wanker”. To do this with great precision, where all three obscenities have important semantic tasks in the sentence and none is gratuitous, is called an “Irish Hat Trick”.

    …and, yeah, it sure sounds great when an Irishman does it!