As I’ve said before, I have a sickness for beautiful fabrics. I don’t care to own them, and I’m sure I would betray great discomfort in wearing them, but ohhhh…I do so love to look at them!

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  • Annette Holston Heidmann

    Solution: Wall hangings! Indian fabrics *are* absolutely gorgeous… ((sigh))

  • Jessica

    That’s the way I feel about bunnies and other cute animals. I just am happy to know they exist, I don’t need to own them.

    That is a gorgeous dress!

  • Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Oh the many things we do share in common, I love fabric too. This is gorgeous, truly.

  • Jeanne

    Sari fabric shopping can be addicting…now for one more…
    Welcome to the world of Jamawar wool shawls!!!!!!


  • Jeanne

    Interesting. I tried the link above and it changed the posted name to mine. For the record, I did NOT post the link to ebay.

  • fiestamom

    You wonder how they make such a beautiful fabric and how long it takes. Did you see this picture of Oprah in India? Her sari is gorge.ous.

  • Jeanne

    Hi Jeanne…this is the “other” Jeanne…I’ll post another link here:

    These shawls are BEAUTIFUL!!! I started collecting them when I lived in the Middle East….they make a great “coat” for warmer climates and “cold” houses!!!

  • Jen

    Lovely. Just looking at it makes me feel happy. This is the outward expression of what a woman was meant to be: a beautiful flower.

  • Alexandra

    That lovely photo brings back one of the best memories of my younger years. I sang recitals, and needed long dresses for those occasions. My grandmother loved to sew. One of her creations was something like that, only a deep teal blue. Sigh. Thank you for sharing.

  • Margaret

    Drool… SO unfair that white women cannot plausibly wear these in the US unless they’ve “married in” or are attending an Indian function. Anchoress, you would love being at First Holy Communion at our local parish– the traditional Indian and Vietnamese fancy garb some of the mommies and aunties and grannies show up in are to die for. Lovely, elegant and feminine. Not fair! :)

  • Alana

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful sari. And beleive it or not they are really comfortable to wear. I have had the pleasure several times….oh to go Sari shoping…