Nun Soap: “You don’t look 53!”

Had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and the intake nurse was surprised to learn I am 53. “You don’t look it,” she said.

Well, that’s nice, and flattering, of course, but I don’t take it too seriously: I’m fat, and so my face wrinkles are filled out. As I go up and down the scale, the furrows deepen and widen. If the hips go down, the face makes a frown, and vice-versa.

Currently, my face looks more cheerful than I’d like, but this doctor is thinking maybe my thyroid has been overlooked. We’ll see. Would explain my constant state of befuddlement.

But, having said that? I do think this soap has something to do with the compliments.

These cleansing facial soaps made by the Dominican Nuns of Our Lady of the Rosary Monastery have done a great deal to rid my face of the Irish blotches; it’s made with oatmeal and clay and it makes a sweet lather that I really love.

And it lasts forever.

Speaking of our nun friends, Fox News visited them recently, to talk about their soaps and lotions and about a miraculous relic they are currently displaying in their chapel. Go take a peak! They’re such a centered, joyful gang of women! And they have new products — including bug spray!

Hey, and before we head into the seriousness of the next few days, let’s visit the Nun News Network!

Passionist Nuns in Kentucky are showing off their outdoor Stations of the Cross, and hosting two aspirants

Benedictines of Mary have welcomed two new postulants (pdf page 6)

Sisters of Life: They have a new motherhouse for formation.

So do the Sisters of Mary

Pink Saris! Sisters of Grace

Byzantine Carmelites: have a new novice.

Visitation Nuns of Toledo: solemn vows and clothings; very happy looking gang.

From Army Nurse to Nun: a really lovely tribute (pdf)
Carmelite Sisters of the Sacred Heart: two clothings

Happy Easter!

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