Can we Separate Tebow from his anti-Catholic father? – UPDATE

As regular readers know, I am into baseball more than football, but outside of watching games and reading boxscores I pay almost no attention to the private lives of sports figures. I only very recently found out, for instance, that Derek Jeter is no longer engaged, or that Nick Swisher and his wife spent their honeymoon meeting with troops.

Of Tim Tebow, I know almost nothing beyond this: he’s a committed Christian that a lot of people don’t like, either because he’s a committed Christian or because he is a quarterback who too often needs to come from behind. Or something.

Then, earlier this week, I saw this picture:

(Photo: Rich Barnes/US Presswire)

My first thought was “I AM SPARTA!”

My second: “Michelangelo would have sculpted him.”

My third: “Auntie Lillie would call that image ‘a fine specimen of the rampant male.’” and “Is he Scots-Irish? If he is, then she’d call him ‘a magnificent broadside of Celtic manflesh.’”

It’s not nice to objectify, but beauty is beauty and that is really a fine snapshot. But I did wonder why he took his shirt off in the rain. Reminds me a little of John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s exhibitionist habit of whipping off his shirt as he walked out of Central Park.

Apparently his teammates are wondering why he did it, too. Tebow says the rain made the shirt heavy. Heavens, the shorts must have weighed a ton, then.

So, that’s the question of the day: did Tebow intend to make American women swoon and American men growl at him.

But there is a bigger question, brought up by blogger David L. Gray: Is Tebow as Anti-Catholic as his father?

Tim Tebow is just one of those guys you have to like – he’s a winner, and you may not respect the unorthodox way he goes about winning, but you have to respect the fact that the kid get’s it done. Dave Hartline’s recent article Why The Secular Left Dislikes Tim Tebow adds even more reason why Christians love the guy.

That being said, Tim is a son Bob Tebow, as well as a faithful volunteer and financial contributor of BTEA which has, since 1985, been spreading false teachings throughout the Philippines to deceivingly lure Catholics out of the Catholic Church and into Protestant confusiondom. That is, out of the only Church that Jesus Christ started through His Apostles and into unBiblical denominations.

Even though over 80% of the population of the Philippines is Catholic, the BTEA says this on their website:

The Philippines, a country comprised of over 7,100 islands, has historically been an area of abuse and conquest. Of the 86 million Filipinos, we estimate that over 65 million have never once heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well that was disappointing to read. I really thought we’d moved beyond the old Jack Chick “Catholics aren’t really Christians” crap.

The picture is nice, though. It reminds me of this:

Someone has created a mash-up and called it “Tebow Derek”. Heh. No good can come of this.

YouTube Preview Image

Reader Dave D writes:

I’ve always been aware that the Tebows missionary zeal in heavily Catholic areas
had an element of anti-Catholicism. What I can say is that Pam Tebow (Tim’s mom) spoke at a women’s health clinic fundraising dinner here in Des Moines this year and spoke glowingly about the Knights of Columbus
and the great works they do. She was a very gracious woman.

So, there is that. Also, in answer to Rick Rice’s question: no, I’m not. I did gasp the first time I saw the picture, but I also gasped when I saw that sculpture in Rome. It’s not lust. It’s appreciating art.

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