A cynical president has earned a cynical doubt – UPDATED

The Chicago Machine insults the intelligence of the whole nation with this one. After this administration has told defense contractors to not advise their employees of impending layoffs (and promised to pay the fines employers will incur for breaking the law!), they play the “we really think you’re all stupid” card: one month before the elections, and on the heels of a disastrous performance in debate, they miraculously produce the “biggest jump” in employment numbers” of the whole presidency.


What was it the press used to say, all through the Bush presidency? Oh, yeah, I remember: “I question the timing.”

Too cynical? Yeah, sorry. But this has been a very cynical presidency, protected by a press that is cynical about everything but their adored one, and it’s made me cynical in response.

The always-fair Ed Morrissey tries to give the numbers a benefit of a doubt but he’s struggling with them, too. Because, you know, the numbers don’t add up.

Instapundit has reactions and charts.

14.7% is the real number when you account for people who have dropped out of the workforce, and the underemployed. But don’t expect the mainstream media to tell you that.

Well, my son has two part-time jobs now, so I guess you could call him “fully employed.” The other one, who saw his hours reduced to just-under full time, so his employer wouldn’t have to offer insurance benefits might get his hours restored. Maybe.

Sorry, the skepticism is earned;
a cynical president creates cynical expectations and gets a cynical response.

Although, I am sure that some will buy it. Just like some will buy a “Bin Laden’s dead” film released two days before the election. And the sudden disinterest of Univision in the Fast and Furious story. And this.

Can you imagine the media hysteria that would be greeting this story were anyone but Obama president?

What’s that song from Chicago? “Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle…”

Annnd, thank you, Joe Biden. And Examiner

Interesting that Andrea Mitchell had no issue with the press being called “liberal” and found nothing worth remarking on, here except “did you really mean to call the president lazy”, and then narrowing her eyes about it. She’d be a formidable apparatchik in a re-education camp, wouldn’t she? “I’m going to give you a chance to take that back…” I know I’d be terrified.

Oh, Lord…just keep reading:
Debate Truthers: If Obama lost, Romney must have cheated
Um..no: just telling the truth

Over at Neo Neocon,
Neo takes issue with something I get “almost right” in this recent piece. She writes:

I said she gets it almost right. So what are my reservations? Winning this election will only solidify the process, but I think they already reached the point she describes quite some time ago.

Read the whole thing.

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  • http://www.solemncharge.com John

    I think all of us Catholics are a little cynical right now. Maybe cynical isn’t the right word. Maybe critical is what we are going for here – not is the sense of lobbing insults or complaining about the president (which we tend to do nowadays, no doubt), but more importantly in the sense of critiquing the truth and validity of what the president and his administration propose.

    The president made certain statements like “I will defend religious freedom” that haven’t been truthful or followed through on. As my colorful father-in-law says, “they smile while they stab you in the back”. Put another way, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  • http://www.theythinkyouarestupid.com/ Robin Juhl

    You can’t be too cynical; no matter how cynical you are, you’re not nearly cynical enough!

  • Mary Jane Habza

    Catholics should not be charmed or confused by the Emperor in his New Clothes. The suit is disintergrating as we speak. He is the president that orders that babies that survive abortions be left on the shelf and not helped. He is the one that said he would not punish his daughter with a Baby. ( What a way to talk about your own grandchild.)

    Catholics and Christians and Jews don’t need the Government to take care of the poor in our midst. We have been doing it for years. Cradle to grave government meddling does not help anyone. Self-reliance and strength should be encouraged not handouts.

    Vote for full employment, safety for the unborn, a strong military and a reduction in debt that is strangling our nation and pushing us over to a cliff. We cannot even defend ourselves any more. This is not about peace and justice. It is about lies, wasting of taxpayers’ money, runaway spending, and running out on our alies. It’s about spend, spend and tax, tax with no limits and EPA stranglehold on our energy dependence.
    Catholics wake up. You are being played for fools.

  • Manny

    This is something that has been rummaging through my head now for a while, and never quite put it together so comprehensively as when your “cynical president” in your title made everything fall into place. Absolutely this is a cynical president alongside his cynical team. It pertains to the innovative approach they have brought to the national election process, and to go even deeper, to his governing process. Obama and his team have brought a city-wide style of governing, that is isolating demographic groups and pitting their natural oppositions as crude antagonists so that issues of national consciousness—economics, foreign policy—become minor to his supporters and the issues of divisiveness become major. Obama isolates rich people (the 1%) as screwing the middle class, isolates men as patriarchally holding back women, isolates religious people as shoving their morals down secular society, isolates white society as exclusionary to blacks and Hispanics, heterosexuals as denying civil rights to homosexuals, and even married women as having some special privilege over single women. That’s old style city politics but now taken to a national level. This is the politics of division and tribalism to build a coalition at the expense of others. Coalition building is always important in politics. Coalition building to bring similar causes together is honorable. Coalition building pitting groups against each other is cynical. It divides the nation, not unites it. It is repulsive and corrosive. Instead of a chicken in every pot, it’s a social grievance issue in every pot. After all, he’s got no chickens left after he’s flushed it away to the green industry and the unions. Will it work? It seems to be.

  • Ellen

    I know several small business owners who would love to hire more people, but with all the rules, regulations and hoops to jump through, they simply are not doing it.

  • lester

    Did they actually call millions of people to discover 873,000 American that “said they got a job”. How in one month do you make that many calls????

    Is this another statistical model with hair all over it?

  • FW Ken

    Cynical? Nah! Just because he criticizes Congress for requiring the Stafford match money in New Orleans 10 days after it was waived – over his negative vote – why would that be cynicism?

    Sarcasm aside: the real cynics are those who promote the lies, call his opponent a liar, and vote for a known liar. Now, my mouth got the soap treatment twice when I was a child, once for calling my sister a liar (she did lie), so its a word I don’t use easily. But at this point, its the only word.

  • Patricia

    Well, if so many Americans are now back to work, why is welfare and food stamp use increasing? Can’t have it both ways Mr. President!

  • http://www.bede.org Stefanie

    Only one of my able-bodied children has a full-time job. That is 1 out of 3. The college-grad (age 25) has a part-time job with dubious hours and scheduling. The middle kid (age 23) got his first full-time job in May — after working four years for minimum part-time wage at Target. He takes two college classes a year, so a college degree will be in the quite distance future. Youngest child (age 20) works for the church on weekends (sacristan just above min-wage, 5 hours a week if she’s lucky) and is in her second year of community college where California just iced out student transfers to the Cal universities due to budget problems. So she’ll be stuck in limbo for awhile, awaiting a transfer opportunity.
    But, hey, a job’s a job, right? All three are employed, right? All three are unable to pay rent on an apartment on their own. My son and his new wife live with brother-in-law and sister-in-law. My daughters still live at home.
    All are registered voters — most are independent or undeclared. I absolutely am not sure how they will vote.

  • http://Pathos WIld Bill

    I am a 59 year old WHITE Male who has been waiting for Many Many years for something to trickle down to me that is good. I have become extremly cynical over the years. Now I don’t belive a word ANYONE running for political office is telling me. I wait to see if they are actually going to make a half decent effort to what they say. Rarely am I disapointed when they don’t make any sort of an effort or only have a TON of usually very lame excuses! However I still vote. I do belive in miracles and once in a great while one occurs on the political scene.

  • M. Report

    If Obama converted to Catholicism, I expect his first confession would take a looong time. :)

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