Talking Benedict, Sede Vacante and Conclave on the Radio

If you’re able to listen, either on the radio or streaming on your computer, there will be what Mark Shea calls a “gaggle” of Patheos bloggers participating in a “roundtable” discussion of the day, from the Pope’s final words to his empty seat to the conclave and our thoughts on it, such as they are.

We’ll be together on A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas at from 6-7 PM Eastern as she hosts Shea, Father Michael Duffy (yes, I know, he needs to write more) Kathy Schiffer, Tom McDonald and…I think that’s all, for this week.

And me, I’ll be there, too! Previous Patheos Roundtable shows have involved Kathryn Lopez, Joseph Susanka, Tony Rossi and Father Dwight Longenecker, and we always have fun with Sheila, who really knows how to keep things moving! Hmmm we need to get Frank Weathers and some more girls on there!

Check it out if you can!

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  • Kensington

    I love Relevant Radio. It fills the void left open when I stopped listening to so much talk radio.

  • Mike

    The enormity of these past few weeks and in particular the past few days are hitting me very hard tonight. I know The Lord is with us, but I already terribly miss my Papa. :(