Guess the Royal Baby Name, Maybe Win my Book! UPDATE

Lots of pooh-poohing around the internets because somehow Americans aren’t supposed to care about the royal baby born today.

Of course, as Frank Weathers points out, we’re all kind of Royal, but you know, a baby is happy news. Why not be amused and interested by it? Even Allahpundit seems to be.

I admit it, I am a sucker for guessing baby names. It’s unlikely the newborn will be named John — the English have long memories — or James, even though I really love the name James. Likely one of his middle names will be Charles and another will be Philip.

So, what’s your best guess? We can guess, right? Let’s name this kid!

I’m going to guess — even though I have zero chance of being right: James Henry Charles Philip George.

Make a guess in the comments section — at least four names! If he ends up being given five names, we’ll go by the first four. Earliest guess that ends up being right will win a copy of my book, just for fun!

Unplanned and purely by co-incidence
, Lisa Hendey is also doing a book-giveaway and her book is on actual baby names! Check it out!

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  • rsmckenna

    George William Charles Francis

  • Anne

    Philip Charles Henry David Spencer

  • Kathie

    Albert George Philip Charles

  • Julie

    Phillip Francis William George

  • scott

    George Albert Peter Philip

  • LisaB

    Edward David Charles Spencer – with a tip of the hat to Diana


    Edward David Charles Michael – with a tip of the hat to Kate’s father

  • Nikki

    George Phillip Henry James Spencer

  • Corey Robinson

    Crown Royal :)

  • DHenry

    Alexander James Spencer Phillip

  • LaineyGP

    Alexander James William Francis

  • Victor

    George, Phillip, Charles, William, Peter Victor!

  • Daniel Glanz

    The Royal baby name will be Peter. Kate’s Grandfather was Peter and he was a very special man. He flew in the air force and used his airplane to divert missiles from hitting london. Will was an airman so it just makes sense. Kate also waited to announce her engagement to Will until after her grandfather Peter passed away.

  • Bridget W.

    Richard Albert William George Michael

  • Twyla

    Edward Charles Arthur Philip George

  • milkchocolate

    george william charles francis

  • Cindy

    Henry Louis Augustus Charles

  • 19tracy91

    Andrew william phillip george

  • BigDog

    Daniel William

  • Kassondra Taylor

    Edward Charles Philip Robert

  • RaeLynn

    Prince Frances, Duke of Cambridge

  • Rebecca

    Alexander Peter Spencer Phillip

  • sam

    George Alexander

  • Clare Krishan

    Jorge it is!

  • MeanLizzie

    :::BUZZER::: Disqualified. Answered after the news broke! Sneaky! :-)

  • crosspatch

    Yay, it is George! I guessed it! Did NOT expect the Alexander or Louis though. Those are going back far into previous Royal Houses.