Guess the Royal Baby Name, Maybe Win my Book! UPDATE

Lots of pooh-poohing around the internets because somehow Americans aren’t supposed to care about the royal baby born today.

Of course, as Frank Weathers points out, we’re all kind of Royal, but you know, a baby is happy news. Why not be amused and interested by it? Even Allahpundit seems to be.

I admit it, I am a sucker for guessing baby names. It’s unlikely the newborn will be named John — the English have long memories — or James, even though I really love the name James. Likely one of his middle names will be Charles and another will be Philip.

So, what’s your best guess? We can guess, right? Let’s name this kid!

I’m going to guess — even though I have zero chance of being right: James Henry Charles Philip George.

Make a guess in the comments section — at least four names! If he ends up being given five names, we’ll go by the first four. Earliest guess that ends up being right will win a copy of my book, just for fun!

Unplanned and purely by co-incidence
, Lisa Hendey is also doing a book-giveaway and her book is on actual baby names! Check it out!

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  • Lacedub

    Oh fun! I say Philip William Henry Charles. Too short?

  • Fiestamom

    Thomas Jefferson Cambridge.

    (This name will be announced after Will and Kate announce they are becoming Americans and they always agreed with Thomas Jefferson about the tyrant, King George)

  • Christine~Soccer Mom

    Here is my official guess: Andrew. With a whole slew of middle names that won’t be nearly as awesome as my saintly grandfather’s name. Unless it’s James, because that’s what I’d pick.

  • crosspatch

    George or Edward. Albert or Ernest are also possibilities but George and Edward are the two most likely historical names that are not currently in use by the House of Widsor if they are going with a traditional family name.

  • James Moriarty

    Pius John Paul Benedict.

  • Rick Rice

    King Richard… Naturally… :)

  • Barb S

    David Andrew Arthur Philip George

  • MeanLizzie

    Catholic much? That sounds like a lot of wishful thinking or an enormously Rome-centric pov. :-)

  • MeanLizzie

    Isn’t one of Charles’ brothers Edward? The Earl of Wessex?

  • CT Catholic Corner

    Albert – little “Prince Bertie” :)

  • MeanLizzie

    You need three more names. :-)

  • Michelle

    George Francis William Charles. (I’m guessing Arthur and Philip might be in there for the kingly and grandfatherly ties, but I think the sentiment for Princess Diana, whose middle name was Frances, will win out over tradition.)

  • charleybrown

    More interested in winning your book than baby’s actual name, let’s see… how about George Charles Michael Philip?

  • Sister Lynn

    Prince Phillip James Charles Spencer Windsor

  • BadMF

    George Phillip Edward Spencer!

  • Steven Tucker

    Phillip Charles George William Henry

  • Ron Turner

    Moocher Parasite Useless Milquetoast

  • Win Nelson

    Andrew is his uncle.

  • Delle Sherer

    Charles Alexander

  • Line

    His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Charles Michael of Cambridge

  • Win Nelson

    Here is my guess: Arthur William Philip Louis

  • DenverGregg

    Victor Philip Arthur George

  • Peg

    Nigel Lancelot Lee Wayne.

  • The Texas Eagle


  • Billiamo

    Aethelwulf Piers Supertwit Sump Flange

  • crosspatch

    Certainly is! Then most likely George.

  • Paul Snatchko

    My guess: George William Philip Peter. (Peter was the name of the duchess’ grandfather.)

  • Tom

    Dwayne Phil Larry Geoff Mitch

  • Joe

    John Paul George Ringo

  • DeirdreMundy

    Henry Richard Philip Stuart

  • Susan D

    Okay–Philip Henry Arthur George

  • Christy Isinger

    George Albert William Charles

  • carrdexter3

    Charles William II

  • NancyH

    Louis Charles Michael Spencer

  • Kathy K

    James William Arthur George

  • Adam Frey

    Oh, gee whiz. I’m not good at these, so let’s just go all Shakespearean: John Henry Richard…Lear.

  • Mike

    Francis Benedict John Paul :)

  • vox borealis

    Muhammed Macintosh Jacob Dylan

  • Manny

    I’m pretty sure it won’t be Trayvon. :-P So I’l guess Edward. Do you want middle names too? Ok, name will be Edward Richard. The lasT Henry wasn’t very good to his wives. ;)

  • Kym

    George William Charles Phillip Michael

  • Nan

    Philip Edward George Andrew

  • John B.

    Duke Duke Duke Duke of Earl.

  • Karen

    George Philip William James

  • SB

    James Louis Alexander Spencer

  • Aquila

    Alfred? Big shoes to fill, I know, but we can dream …

  • Gloria Laudes

    Michael Charles Louis John

  • Cindy

    Richard Henry Michael Charles

  • Christine~Soccer Mom

    *sigh* Okay…

    Andrew Edward Michael Phillip.

    (And I might be cheating because I saw a gossip article that said one of the above was the planned name if the baby was a boy.)

    Michael for her father. Andrew because it’s manly. (Get it!?) Phillip for William’s grandfather. Edward is another old family name. Not sure about George, but it would be lovely, as St. George is still patron of England.

    I always root for Andrew, to live vicariously.

  • Catherine

    George Charles Louis Philip

  • Liz H.

    Peter Henry Michael Charles William