Bad moments in broadcasting don’t get much worse…

Yeah…it’s that bad.

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  • disqus_NAVsMmJ24g

    As the wife of an audio technician for television…no body ever notices audio until there is something wrong with it. :) And the guy’s head should be on a platter for listening to that stuff at work when he knows it could go out on the air.

  • Adam Frey

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! …I hope the poor guy who did that still has a job.

  • Manny

    Oh no. LOL. Big time fail.
    Nice to be able to comment again. What’s the point of comments off for Lent? I honored it even when you forgot to turn them off, but there was a time or two I had a really good thought to share.

  • Clare Krishan
  • Clare Krishan

    A reminiscence for Mrs Flamer from our local public radio station

  • ME

    She sure seemed sincere in her apology as she had that huge grin on her face and looked like she was trying hard not to laugh…

  • katealva

    Oh my….laughing so hard. So innapropriate.