MSM Warned: Be Nice or Hillary Won’t Give Us Her Presidency!

Hillary Clinton by Sebastian Zwez wikimediacommons

Hillary Clinton by Sebastian Zwez wikimediacommons

Via Sissy Willis, who writes: “Anita Kuntz’s 1993 NYT Sunday Mag illustration of “Saint Hillary” graced what Peggy Noonan later called “the first and still definitive Hillary Clinton take-down.” Update: Airbrushed from the New York Times online during the 2007-08 primary, [“Saint Hillary”] has apparently been restored”: Read “Saint Hillary”, by the late Michael Kelly, here.[/caption]

I know, I know, I said I would write no more on politics, except where it affects the church, but this isn’t really about politics. It’s about the media. Truthfully, when I’m griping about politics, it’s almost always about the press. In this case I’m more amused than annoyed.

The source of my amusement is this politico piece, which I found during one of my increasingly rare surveys of the Drudge Report. Drudge had singled out one line of the piece as provocative:

“Look, she hates you. Period. That’s never going to change.”

That would be Hillary, hating on the press, forever and ever.

That’s not really news, though, is it? Most politicians have a love-hate relationship with the press. They need each other; they use each other; they hate each other; they intermarry and work and party with each other.

No, the takeaway from the Politico piece is this line:

“She wants to be president; she doesn’t want to run for president,” another Clinton veteran told us. “The worst part of running for president for her, clearly, is dealing with the press.

The point of the piece is to put the press on notice: yes, she still wants to be the first female President of the United States; it has been the primary objective toward which her whole life has been directed. But she apparently believes that — after working hard in 2008 only to be abandoned by the press for the disastrous Obama — she shouldn’t have to work too hard for it, this time. Because, “It’s time”!

She wants, and apparently feels entitled to receive, the “no drama, no hard questions, gloves-on” treatment that American news outlets introduced during the Obama campaign of 2008, and have perfected during his time in office, where questions don’t get more difficult than “how did you like the green tea ice cream?”

A press that has played “I love you, My Little Pony” with the first African American president is now be expected to continue the stroking (and the shielding) in order to bring Hillary! First Female President of the United States, into the corral.

It’s almost like she is, through her mouthpieces, daring the press: play hardball with Hillary and she just might withhold the long-promised treat of her Presidency. They’d better don those kid gloves or Hillary will dash their deepest hopes and just be a grandma on the hundred-thousand-bucks-a-speech-circuit. That’ll teach them!

I wonder if the press will dare her back? Since we’re apparently now electing people not for their leadership skills but simply because “it’s time” for categories of persons to be president, the press doesn’t particularly need Hillary, anymore. They can pivot toward Elizabeth Warren, who appears to be as adept at spinning and lying as any other pol, and is more overt in her “leftism” than Hillary, which makes her attractive to many progressives. As long as “someone” from the party is the first female president, it really needn’t be Hillary.

And then, there is the gay variable. Obama’s presence jettisoned Hillary’s first campaign in part because if the press had a choice between a “cool” and glamorous African American man or a “cold” and over-familiar woman, they wanted the glamorous cool. If a gay man or woman from either the political or the entertainment/letters class decided to take a shot at the White House from the Dem side (and only from the Dem side), the New York Times would throw Hillary over in a New York minute. They’ll call her “stale” and suggest she is past her “sell-by” date, and leave her hanging. If she then refused to do the right thing and step aside, the Times would actually start talking about Benghazi, and even asking questions about it. If she hasn’t take the hint by then, they might even start investigating it.

I don’t think Hillary wants that, and in truth, I don’t think the press wants it, either. If she just goes away, they’ll be very happy to crown her America’s Most Brilliant and Accomplished Grandmother Who Could Have Been President But Surrendered it for Love, and they’ll burnish her CV unto perpetuity.

The chance to elect the first openly homosexual president would be an irresistible capper to this period of gay advancement. The press would not be able to pass up the chance carry such a candidate into the White House on their shoulders. And if the candidate ware to be gay and female hey, that’s a categorical win-win!

We could have a President Twofer!

At this point, all Hillary has to offer is a long, convoluted story
that, when weighed for actual accomplishment, comes up lacking. Yalie Lawyer? They’re a dime a dozen in politics, now. She married shrewdly, but no one ever said she wasn’t shrewd. Her efforts to reform public education in Arkansas only redoubled existing mediocrity. Her Hillarycare debacle was partly doomed by her own overreach and locked-door paranoia. Her term as Senator was unremarkable as she hacked it up on committee, wrote no particularly groundbreaking legislation, never did get all those jobs to Upstate as she’d promised. Her turn as Secretary of State proved to be four years of empty; no one can point to a single accomplishment of hers in that time, and sooner or later, her whole “strong woman” persona will be juxtaposed against her yelling and tearing up before Congress, and someone will finally observe that yelling and crying is a default maneuver meant to scare men into silence — quite a shrewd one, yes — but it is not evidence of strength.

But then, that’s why I don’t want to write about politics, anymore. Because it’s all just illusory.

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