Top Reasons to Admire Jennifer Fulwiler

By now you’ve likely seen the book trailer wherein 32 authors and one banana take turns reading from Jennifer Fulwiler’s long-awaited book, Something Other than God.

I was flattered to be asked to blurb the book (which I read in one sitting, from a pdf, on my iphone, which is really all you need to know about how good it is!) and I wrote:

This book could have been called Indiana Fulwiler and the Quest for Truth. This personal conversion story reads like an adventure novel one cannot put down. It’s intellectually satisfying, spiritually affirming and populated with peripheral characters that make you wish you knew them. An authentic and authentically entertaining must-read!”

Today, Patheos is celebrating its 5th Anniversary online and it asked it’s writers to create videos sharing their favorite moments on the site. Mine went up late, because first I had to figure out how to create a video. Now that I know how, though, I’ve made my own goofy little video on Jen’s book:

YouTube Preview Image

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