Life Hack Tips Number 1 and 2 from the Anchoress

I have decided, since it’s so easy to do and the internet can’t get enough of it, that I am going into the advice-giving business:

Life Hack tip #1:

Buy a pack of spearmint gum that you will never use because it sticks to your bridgework. Tear it open, but not all the way, so the gum stays inside the packaging, and then leave it in your handbag.

Whenever you open your purse, you will get a nice big whiff of freshness, and this is really the only good and practical use for chewing gum beyond rapidly snapping it in high school.

Life Hack tip #2

When your son comes home from work, slap $40 in his hand and say “go get Mama some whiskey. Make it Irish. Or, next best, a Single Malt!”

He will leave muttering, “I will do this, but then I’m writing a song about mother making me buy her liquor.”

Eventually, he will in fact process it all through his art, and become a star!

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