ISIS Sells Them, Female Kurds Fighting UPDATE

women being sold in Mosul

UPDATE: This picture is flying around Twitter right now, and purports to be an televised image of ISIS selling their female captives into slavery. In fact, via Google Translate, and a Twitter friend, we discover it is something else, entirely:

Witnessed a march of supporters of President Mohamed Morsi, isolated in Abu silos in Beheira, students do Antmyat Brotherhood to wear white clothes, and put themselves in the form of an iron cage, was mounted on one of the cars during the march, carrying banners inscribed with the slogan Yellow fourth. The march began from the mosque, Sheikh Khalid Biboualemtamir, chanting slogans to condemn the arrest of seven girls waxing, and tried to imprisonment for 11 years.

We do know that women have been kidnapped by ISIS and given to their men as “wives”, so — to our Western sensibilities — the image is a still good prompt to pray for all of the women being victimized in Iraq and Syria. But it does not appear to be what people were thinking; just a student protest.

Female Kurd Warrior via Reuters Stringer

Female Kurd Warrior via Reuters Stringer

So, let’s take a look at this story about the Kurdish women who are training to kill the sort of men who do capture and sell women:

Hundreds of mothers, sisters and daughters have taken up arms and devoted their lives to protecting Iraq’s Kurdish population against the threat of the Islamic State.

Known as the women peshmerga of the 2nd Battalion, the group is made up of 550 female fighters led by Col. Nahida Ahmad Rashid, Barcroft reports.

The soldiers have not yet faced the Islamic State since the terrorists seized control of towns in Kurdistan, but the group has carried out in-depth exercises in the scorching heat of Sulaymaniyah to prepare themselves for battle.

Iraq is facing it’s last chance to be free (and that link is a must-read). This report out of McClatchy says Americans are being missed:

They see the U.S. wading in to protect a favored ally in Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government, but leaving the rest of Iraq to fend for itself since militants in the Islamic State displaced hundreds of thousands of Shiite Arabs when they seized the city of Mosul in June.

“From the beginning, the Iraqi government has asked America to step in to a dangerous situation for the Shiites,” said Farid al Ibrahimi, a Shiite lawmaker. “When (the Islamic State) tried to attack the Kurdistan region, the movement by the Americans was so, so, so fast.”

And, too, the Christians! People still don’t seem to want to talk about the Christians who have been purged and exiled from Iraq.

It’s okay. Obama is going to preside over a UN Security Council meeting — because he’s a special president…I guess?…so he gets to do that?

According to administration officials, who revealed Obama’s plan to chair a UNSC meeting exclusively to the liberal news outlet Think Progress, the nature of the threat and a counterterrorism strategy designed to address it will be on the agenda.

“Specifically the meeting will cover the phenomenon of foreign fighters travelling to conflict zones and joining terrorist organizations, as seen in the surge in foreigners joining ranks with such groups as Jahbat al-Nusra in Syria,” Think Progress reported.

TP does not, however, mention the terror threat posed by the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria, where a July estimate suggested over 10,000 Western fighters are training for and executing attacks.

Meanwhile, the video at this link was taped July 20, and we are viewing it too late — the Christians are all gone from Mosul and the surrounding areas — but this video is beautiful and sad, and I wish we had seen it earlier.

“Our country is like a rose, and its petals are the Christians, the Arabs, the Kurds, the Sabians, the Shabak people…these are all our countrymen.” . . .Another panelist agrees: “The Christians have done nothing wrong. They haven’t hurt a soul. On the contrary, they are peaceful people, who love all sects. They are honorable people, with high moral values.”

So, did the pope call for a military solution? Well, despite the stupid “News from 1096 AD” headline from Vox, which I won’t link to, because why encourage them, here is the full translated text of the Pope’s remarks:

I am only in the agreement in the fact that when there is an unjust aggressor he is to be stopped.

Yes, I am willing [to go there]. But I think I can say this, when we heard with my collaborators about the killings of the religious minorities, the problem at that moment in Kurdistan was that they could not receive so many people. It’s a problem that one can understand. What can be done? We thought about many things. First of all a communique was issued by Fr Lombardi in my name. Afterwards that communique was sent to all the nunciatures so that it be communicated to governments. Then we wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Many things …. And at the end we decided to send our personal envoy—Cardinal Filoni, and I said if it were necessary when we return from Korea we can go there. It was one of the possibilities. This is my answer. I am willing [to go there]. At the moment it is not the best thing to do, but I am ready for this.

I think he’s saying all that can reasonably be said for the moment, but I agree with the fellow on Twitter who said, “A rational person would look at the Pope’s statement as evidence of how extreme the Iraq situation has become.”

Rational people. An increasingly odd concept in our crazy times, yes?

Despite the way President Obama made it sound
all tidy last week, while leaving thousands of “the elderly, the very young and the sick” atop Mount Sinjar the Yazidis are saying no, the crisis is not over.

rushing help as it can

And good thing we’re sanctioning some people while we’re airstriking to defend the Mosul dam

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    (((Rational people. An increasingly odd concept in our crazy times, yes?)))

    Come Anchoress! Why can’t YA let US (usual sinners) “I” mean us gods help YA puppets, “I” mean these human animals who really don’t know what they are doing. For example these silly people still believe that Victor’s so called seven per sent age Jesus Cells can help most good people but truth be known, he’s out of bees wax, “I” mean this guy is crazy. We gods know that the Devil has never lived backword, “I” mean backward. Look if YA’ll all just give him and his alien angel species a chance, he can bring peace to this world.

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  • Lori Pieper

    I can’t think of any more humiliating — or apt — poetic justice than for those ISIS misogynists to be beaten by a bunch of girls. So I hope they succeed.

  • Gordis85

    I agree! Brave women and hopefully, soon to be victorious warriors. I hope the many refugee women would volunteer, well, at least those who can, and take up arms to defend their people and their homeland.