"You mean radio…" -UPDATED

Performer Liz Lemon in HighDef My husband is lounging about watching old episodes of 30 Rock, and he's hit on the Dealbreakers Talk Show episode, where Liz Lemon is prepping to debut as a talk-show host, and she's excited: Jack Donaghy: "Yes well, it's really happening for you Lemon. Between TGS and this, you're like a swarthy, big-hipped Kelly Ripa!" I've been listening in the background and identifying in a bit way with Liz Lemon who, upon telling people she is prepping a show keeps hearing … [Read more...]

"Auld Lang Syne"

Peggy Noonan has a nice piece up for the new year celebration: You know exactly when you'll hear it, and you probably won't hear it again for a year. The big clock will hit 11:59:50, the countdown will begin—10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4—and the sounds will rise: the party horns, fireworks and shouts of "Happy New Year!" And then they'll play that song: "Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and days of auld lang syne?" I know everyone … [Read more...]

Post-Christmas Veg-Out – UPDATED

Source Tired? Christmas is exhilarating, but tiring. We're tired over here, too. And my poor Mother-in-Law is sick because she tries to do too much, can never do enough. If you could whisper up a prayer for her, I'm sure it would turn a good effect. Too tired to write anything--I have a splendid rant inside me about irreverence at mass, from the sanctuary to the pews, but ranting takes energy. I do have some nifty videos for you: From Vanderleun, this one is pretty adorable: <embed … [Read more...]

Behold! The Bridegroom Comes!

Anthony Esolen: Putting the Christmas back in Christ Today at a local diner I saw a small child, a handsome blond boy of about six years old, playing a funny game with his grandfather and grandmother, wide-eyed and smiling. And I thought, "Jesus was once like that." But as soon as we see that -- as soon as we put the Christmas back in Christ, and see all children as made blessed by Christ's having become a little child -- it seems incomprehensible, even criminal, what we do to these children. … [Read more...]

Behold! We have always been "radical" -updated!

I very much like this piece by Pat Gohn: "Behold!" is one of my favorite words from the Bible. The wordsmith in me adores words that tickle my ears, words that are uncommon yet descriptive. Behold sounds somewhat archaic yet it still shows up in modern usage. Behold makes me perk up and pay attention. Simply defined, behold means to see, to gaze upon, to observe, to have vision. Whenever I find it in the New Testament, I always watch what happens next. Behold is like the sound of the drum roll … [Read more...]

"Christians Lost Christmas War…" UPDATED

Source Fr. James Martin has been declaring Christmas "lost" for the last few years, and he does so again here on Fox News. I take his point about the over-commercialization of the season, and am very sympathetic toward the idea of "reclaiming" Christmas" for oneself - the season of Advent beautifully gives us the opportunity to do precisely that. This year we did very little shopping--only the kids are getting gifts--and we only started listening to a little Christmas music as of this … [Read more...]

How to Love a Snowflake!

Snowflake Photos from SnowCrystals.com In this frigid weather, it's hard, I know. But there is a way to totally change how you feel about snowflakes, particularly in this last week of Advent. Here's how. … [Read more...]

O Sapientia! (O Wisdom!)

As Pat Gohn's column so rightly pointed out yesterday, our Advent is like a pregnancy, and we are nearing our culmination. Finally, we come to the last week of Advent, and the gorgeous O Antiphons which precede the Magnificat at Vespers. They lead us into a quieter mindset, so that we can concentrate more fully on what is about to overtake us. As with every birth, everything will change; we will be changed, if we allow ourselves to be, by the coming of Christ, who makes all things new! I … [Read more...]

In the bleak midwinter…

Evensong for a cold evening approaching on red and pink clouds.... … [Read more...]

Revelation of the Magi; What We Have Always Known

Advent Magi

In recommending Brent Landau's Revelation of the Magi (excerpted here and currently only $3.79 on Kindle) to others, I have called it "a fast read that makes the heart soar," and the book is certainly that; the illustrations are fascinating and enlightening, and the prose-voice praising God is not just lyrical, it is hypnotically joyful. It is joyful in the language of ancient prophecy, joyful at a depth even the New Testament only glimpses; it is the sort of skin-tingling joyfulness one … [Read more...]

For Him: Make a Straight Path to Your Heart

When we remove all obstacles to his presence he will come, at any hour and moment, to dwell spiritually in our hearts. --St. Charles Borromeo All obstacles; what can they be? Ask the question and people's first answers will always be: "my sinfulness, my stubbornness..." But the obstacles we place before His Majesty don't always have to be what we would consider our negatives. Other obstacles to his presence might be the pride we take in our housekeeping, or our work; our beloved "principles" … [Read more...]

Oh, No! The Editor is Back!

And meaner than ever! Discovered yesterday that a freelance project I thought was due later is due sort of...now. I must get cracking, because it's a big 'un! Please pray for me; I cannot pull it off without God's help! But let me give you a few reads to keep you ravenous readers going! First up, how about a little music? See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. More of a pop-Christian vibe here: Tony Rossi profiled Audrey Assad at Patheos a while back and she said God … [Read more...]

"Eve" by Madeleine L’Engle


Eve and Mary* by Sr. Grace Remington, O.C.S.O "Eve" When we left the garden we knew that it would be forever. The new world we entered was dark and strange. Nights were cold. We lay together for warmth, and because we were afraid of the unnamed animals, and of the others; we had never known about the giants, and angels gone wild. We had not been told of dwarves and elves; they teased us; we hid whenever they played. Adam held me. When my belly grew taut and began to swell I … [Read more...]

Cancun, Rationing, Blustery Day Linkfest!

It is so incredibly blustery out there, today! But I like rain and wind! Dew and rain, bless the Lord. Frost and chill, bless the Lord. Ice and snow, bless the Lord. Nights and days, bless the Lord. Light and darkness, bless the Lord. Lightnings and clouds, bless the Lord. – Daniel 3: 68-73 Hum, dum, dum...let's linkaround! Remember yesterday I wrote about the Cancun Climate and their dumb ideas about rationing? Allahpundit picks up the story, and provides video. As my husband noted … [Read more...]