For Him: Make a Straight Path to Your Heart

When we remove all obstacles to his presence he will come, at any hour and moment, to dwell spiritually in our hearts. --St. Charles BorromeoAll obstacles; what can they be?Ask the question and people's first answers will always be: "my sinfulness, my stubbornness..."But the obstacles we place before His Majesty don't always have to be what we would consider our negatives. Other obstacles to his presence might be the pride we take in our housekeeping, or our work; our beloved "principles" … [Read more...]

Oh, No! The Editor is Back!

And meaner than ever!Discovered yesterday that a freelance project I thought was due later is due sort I must get cracking, because it's a big 'un! Please pray for me; I cannot pull it off without God's help!But let me give you a few reads to keep you ravenous readers going!First up, how about a little music?See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.More of a pop-Christian vibe here: Tony Rossi profiled Audrey Assad at Patheos a while back and she said God … [Read more...]

"Eve" by Madeleine L’Engle


Eve and Mary* by Sr. Grace Remington, O.C.S.O"Eve" When we left the garden we knew that it would be forever. The new world we entered was dark and strange. Nights were cold. We lay together for warmth, and because we were afraid of the unnamed animals, and of the others; we had never known about the giants, and angels gone wild. We had not been told of dwarves and elves; they teased us; we hid whenever they played.Adam held me. When my belly grew taut and began to swell I … [Read more...]

Cancun, Rationing, Blustery Day Linkfest!

It is so incredibly blustery out there, today! But I like rain and wind!Dew and rain, bless the Lord. Frost and chill, bless the Lord. Ice and snow, bless the Lord. Nights and days, bless the Lord. Light and darkness, bless the Lord. Lightnings and clouds, bless the Lord. – Daniel 3: 68-73Hum, dum, dum...let's linkaround!Remember yesterday I wrote about the Cancun Climate and their dumb ideas about rationing? Allahpundit picks up the story, and provides video.As my husband noted last … [Read more...]

Buster, Gratitude, Hillbilly Thomism UPDATED

When Buster was pretty small, perhaps three or four years old, a priest asked a rhetorical question during his homily--I don't remember the question; it might have been "why are we here, today" or something like that--but the boy was determined to answer it, and his hand shot up and remained there, like one long skinny flagpole wavering, while the priest tried to ignore him.After a while, Fr. Patient--who had baptized Buster and knew him well--sighed and said, "okay, Buster, what's your … [Read more...]

Advent Silence & Our Poor Goblets

"You too left Egypt when, at baptism, you renounced that world which is at enmity with God." -- St. AugustineThe Benedictine Nuns at Oxfordshire had a silencing snow to bring a profound stillness to the start of Advent:The mantle of snow lying over much of Britain this morning will not be welcomed by all but it is the perfect gift for the beginning of Advent. Snow is mysterious, beautiful, silent. It both conceals and reveals. It draws us away from the ordinariness of life to its … [Read more...]

Communion; Hand or Mouth?

Yesterday at Mass, my husband noticed that on the floor of our pew, by our feet, was a quarter of an unconsumed Host. He picked it up and consumed it.Discussing it on the way home, my husband chose to think the best, not the worst. "Maybe [at a previous Mass] the wedge was part of Consecration Host, and it somehow got picked up with another one and missed, or dropped onto a sweater, or something."My husband is always quick to think the best, especially when a matter is too troubling to … [Read more...]

Happy Friday Reading!

Another week speeds by, and I have a tabbar full of stuff I meant to share with you, opine on, or whatever. Is it just me or does it seem like time is speeding up? I am so not ready for Christmas, but Advent will slow us down a little, and help us to get into focus.Today, let's focus on what's new:You know Ed Morrissey? Nice guy from Hot Air, with the radio show, the great interviews and so forth? Well, he's not the only writer in the family anymore! His wife, Marcia, recently answered … [Read more...]

Recommended Advent Reading – UPDATED

Advent will very quickly be upon us, and with it all of the worldly distractions, commitments and tight schedules that have helped make Christmas itself feel--for some--like an ordeal to be gotten through, instead of a season of dawning light and enduring, mysterious love. Particularly in difficult times such as we are facing, we need to be sure we've made some time to consider that light, and that Incarnational mystery, which we will never fully comprehend whereupon, as the great Anglican … [Read more...]