Just in Time? Just in Case

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds has written a thoughtful piece about inventories and happenstance, for the Washington Examiner:Japan's earthquake was in some ways a triumph of preparedness: Thanks to strict building codes, not a single building in Tokyo collapsed. But the earthquake, and the tsunami it produced, have had impacts that go well beyond the immediate.In particular, the damage is exposing the extent to which modern supply-chain management has produced a system that is so lean it … [Read more...]

Apparently National Buildings Are Warm

I was grousing below about--among other things--being cold in my house as we try to keep the energy bills down.Then I saw this picture of our First Lady, Michelle Obama, wearing a killer vintage dress she got at a thrift shop for a couple grand:Now, I don't begrudge anyone who wants to wear one of those classic, elegant, full-skirted, Grace Kellyesque creations from the 1950's, and it looks wonderful on Mrs. O. But as I sit here wearing heavy socks, long sleeves and a shawl, I can't help … [Read more...]

"The Big Cover" of Government Solutions UPDATED

Winter is promising to be a home-heating oil budget-buster and so my husband and I have taken to turning down the thermostat and wearing bulky sweaters all day. I never feel completely warm, though, and last night, as we tried to watch a movie, he had to listen to the Greek Chorus of the Winter of my Discontent:"Brrr; I'm cold," I said.He tossed an afghan my way.A little later: "Why is it so cold in here?"Another afghan."Brrr..."Finally, feeling chilled to the bone, I announced that … [Read more...]

Wondering about Ameridolotry, Krugman, Absorption…

My plan to work, work, work, today is being interrupted by a family situation that needs attending-to (nothing awful, but important, nonetheless) so here's some interesting stuff I meant to respond to or comment on. Now, you'll have to do it! :-)I've wondered several times over the past five years whether some Americans are allowing their ideologies to become their idols. I've never quite had the answer, but thought it was an important question, nonetheless. Today Mr. Dalrymple asks the … [Read more...]

Must Reads Roundup

Haven't cleared the tabbar in a while - here are some things you should try not to miss:dotcommonweal: Beautiful Bodies; Rotted Hearts, a remarkable piece of writing, and a look at the underbelly of free market capitalism that makes so many of the churches uneasy, even as they oppose the alternatives. Don't miss it.OSV: Their Catholic Internet Readers Guide. Yours truly gives a few of her own suggestions, although no one surveyed mentioned this blog! Whaa.Speaking of Surveys: First … [Read more...]

Hitchens and the Subversive Liberty of Prayer

Over at Hot Air, yesterday's quotes of the day were all about the oddly controversial issue of whether or not Christians, or any people of faith, have any business praying for Christopher Hitchens as he battles cancer.The topic has generated a great deal of surprising commentary, even here on this blog; at Hot Air, they are highlighting quotes from Fr. Robert Barron, whose Word on Fire videos i sometimes post here, and from this really excellent exchange between Hitchens and Hugh Hewitt.They … [Read more...]

The New Celibates

How ironic that in a year where religious, and especially priestly, celibacy has been put under a microscope, debated and often excoriated, the secular hipsters in New York City are discovering the power that comes with celibacy:“I had man whiplash,” [Julia Allison] says. “I needed to put my neck in a brace.”She issued a proclamation, writing on her Web site last week, “I decided to codify my unofficial gut reaction of ‘I really don’t feel like dating’ into an official ‘No Dating, No Sex’ sta … [Read more...]

Cardinal Levada Responds to NY Times -UPDATE

H/TA week into the whirlwind sown by a NY Times article that traveled around the world before accuracy, fairness or balance could get their pants on, Cardinal William J. Levada, the pope's successor as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has written a long and rather stunning reply to the Times, in which he writes very personally.Rocco Palma, who reproduces the entire piece at his site, writes that in all the coverage and defense of the Pope you may have read, "you've … [Read more...]

Congress of Lucy and Charlie Brown

I had a conversation today, with a young adult in my family, a sweet-natured, gentle and very moral person with a highly functioning brain, who still favors free markets and a strong military, but has adopted some socialist leanings, nonetheless.We have many interesting and loud discussions about health care and global warming. Neither of us has ever managed to convince the other of anything, but we do argue respectfully, and we know when not to engage the other.This person wandered over … [Read more...]

Why is Obama still going to Copenhagen?

Honestly, for a brief moment, I entertained the notion that maybe, just maybe, Obama was going to spend the time and money necessary to go over the Carbonhagen - oops, - Copenhagen in order to surprise us and do something dramatic, like denounce the bastardization of scientific method in order to advance a political agenda.Think of it. The "whole world" of true believers, who are completely in denial -almost "Orwellian" denial- about how badly their "settled science" has been wounded, gather … [Read more...]