The $13 a week stimulus – UPDATED

Hey, $13 dollars is $13, I guess. In January that falls to $8.Here is our 800 billion dollar stimulus mostly-spending bill we must see passed, and we must gratefully accept as the only possible solution to our "catastrophic" problems and our growing malaise. The ONLY solution.This other one, over here, brought up by another Democrat? Ignored. Just ignored.I just have one thing to ask:What does Michelle Obama suggest we do - how we will stimulate the economy with our $13?As I … [Read more...]

Obama: Drop AlQaeda charges & stop drilling Utah – UPDATED

Okay, I think I'm done. No one can say I was not exceedingly fair to President Obama over the last week or so - and even this morning about the Exec Salary Caps for bailout beneficiaries. I don't like the precedent - and I believe now that it's been done for one group, we're going to see the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Frank government move to cap other salaries, but I got the politics of it.But now, I think I've seen enough.Item:U.S. President Barack Obama will likely order a military commission … [Read more...]

Wednesday Linkfest!

Personally a difficult day over here for some family members who are crucible-stepping. If you could keep J and P in your prayers, I would really appreciate it.Meanwhile, there's plenty to read!Big Doings: for the launch of Big Hollywood. I like the Steyn quote highlighted by Ed Driscoll he's right!. And Driscoll is correct that editor John Nolte will keep the site provocative, smart and funny. I like the site a lot - it's quickly going to become yet another of my daily "must reads" and a … [Read more...]

Linking Around

I wanted to write a little about the joys of CAT scans today - they're not so bad, really, except for the disgusting drink - and also wanted to think a little more about the idea of Falling into Community and why Catholicism suits me, but I'm kind of wiped out, today, and so I'm hitting interesting links you may or may not have seen - and sharing emails of gift discoveries from readers:GUESS WHO SAID IT: Zoe Romanowsky tickles the brains on a topical topic:"I believe that banking … [Read more...]

Obama, Coal & looming disaster

How does this lady think Obama is going to pay for her gasoline and her mortgage, and whatever else, when he is planning to bankrupt industries and make energy costs "skyrocket," thus burdening business and consumers, raising unemployment and - necessarily - lowering tax revenues?No, we can't talk enough about how destructive Barack Obama's energy plans will be for the country.Neo-neocon looks at Obama's lump of coal and sounds an alarm:Another blast from the Obama past has been dropped, … [Read more...]

Hung up on an Internet Poll

I'm way behind schedule and trying to plow through email; I'm amused to see about 7 people sending me a link to this PBS poll and urging me to participate. It's an internet poll. It's meaningless. But people are seemingly invested in it.And funnily enough Pianogirl forwarded me an email from a liberal friend of hers urging her liberal friends to take part in though this actually matters. I'm just surprised.Clearly, people are really, really invested in having their opinions … [Read more...]

Election '08 re-defines everything

My latest piece for Pajamas Media is up. It's entitled, Obama, Palin and the Meaning of "Change", and I hope you'll go read it; I had a lot of fun exploring how this election is chewing up and reconfiguring what certain words mean.For instance, the words “provincial“ and “small-town“ have been disdainfully sniffed into the air by many writers, most recently by the film critic Roger Ebert, who wrote, “How can you be her age and never have gone to Europe? … Sarah Palin’s travel record is that of … [Read more...]

Linking around…

A 9 minute video is usually not my speed, but this one's clever and fast-moving.The light sabers and "Kentucky Fried Analogy" cracked me up. (H/T Bookworm, who features another - succinct and entertaining - vid by one of the players, here.) I don't know who this guy is, but he's smart, charismatic as hell, and has beautiful eyes and a great smile.Bookworm is also calling olly-olly-oxen-free to "secret conservatives" in Marin County and elsewhere.It's a sad thing, isn't it, when … [Read more...]

What? Obama "may support" drilling?

Oh, this is just a day of riches!The Headline: "Obama Shifts, says he may back offshore drilling".A better headline, perhaps, in light of today's festivities in Congress might be, "Under the Bus Goes the Pelosi"Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Friday he would be willing to support limited additional offshore oil drilling if that's what it takes to enact a comprehensive policy to foster fuel-efficient autos and develop alternate energy sources.Shifting from his … [Read more...]

CSPAN: Don't blame us! – UPDATED

The Crypt has a statement from CSPAN - who are apparently getting angry phone calls over the cameras being closed during the Mr. Smith Republicans revolt. A number of media organizations have incorrectly referred to 'C-SPAN cameras' being turned off and not providing televised coverage of the GOP House members' post-adjournment protest on energy policy being held on the House floor on Friday afternoon. Please note that cameras in the House chamber are under the control of the Speaker of the … [Read more...]