GOP Smiths go to Washington – UPDATING

"Shame! Shame! Capital Hill police working under strict orders to shut Capital down at 430 pm today. Speaker Pelosi wants this shut down" - is both hilarious and heartening! Dynamic Democracy!Yesterday, the Democrats admitted, they don't care if gasoline goes to ten bucks a gallon.Today, the GOP asked for continued debate on oil drilling; the Democrats voted instead to adjourn.Accordingly, the Pelosi turned off the lights, turned off the microphones … [Read more...]

Dems on Gas Prices: Content to do nothing

Go read Ed MorrisseyBy all means, let us work on alternative energies, but they're not going to be practical, afforable or wide-ranging for a while. In the meantime stop lying to us about the "ten years to drill" nonsense and get busy decreasing our dependence upon foreign oils. Even better: Don't do THIS to America.Hey, about leading and serving? Oh, wait...the Pelosi is "trying to save the planet..."Krauthammer:The United States has the highest technology to ensure … [Read more...]

But wouldn't this kill the trees?

Serious question, here - I am just wondering.Seems scientists have found a way to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and dispose of it.Which I guess could mean the "climate change" problem has a tentative "solution."But...if you pull out too much carbon, won't you affect the trees and plants? Don't they take in carbon and release oxygen?And should we be screwing with the atmosphere for the sake of a very unsettled "science" that no one can prove?Dude, Where's my Sunspots. … [Read more...]

Volcanoes and algea…nature.

Two interesting science stories that make you go "hmmmmm...."First from Instapundit: Much of Earth's oil reserves can be traced to a single volcanic eruption, scientists say.Second - and if this is real - it is both fascinating and and ethanol idea I can really get behind: a video about making fuel, even jet fuel from algea.Like I said, if it's real...cooooooool.I still reject the "climate change" hysteria; but alternative energy ideas are always worth exploring. … [Read more...]