The Breitbart Sherrod Tape – UPDATE

Glenn Reynolds linked to this piece at Hot Air where Ed Morrissey writes:Andrew Breitbart announced that he would publish at least one video of the NAACP itself cheering racism. Breitbart delivers on that promise today at Big Government, showing USDA official Shirley Sherrod explain to an appreciative NAACP audience in July 2009 how she deliberately withheld information from a white farmer in Georgia trying to save his land and his business:The Breitbart piece is here, and yes, the … [Read more...]

The Radical Religion of Abortion

Source: NewsweekWe hear a lot, particularly from the "new" atheists and their supporters, about the danger of religion, which--we are told--too often encourages a murderous fundamentalism. Such "tolerant" great thinkers as Rosie O' Donnell have suggested that "radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam.”I am inclined to think that radical anything, by its very narrowness, must give one pause and that zealotry can too often stumble into something unthinking, and therefore o … [Read more...]

Airbrushing/Rewriting History – UPDATE

As the Obama Replaces McChrystal with Petraeus story broke, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds noted that had quickly removed its long-standing "General Betray-Us" ad, and snarked:Have you noticed how these people are always airbrushing? It’s kind of an admission that their stuff won’t sell if they tell the truth. . . .They are very busy bees. Over at Ann Althouse's site, one comment began the arduous work of re-writing history on the internet with this forehead-slapper:The same guy who … [Read more...]

Dynamic Speaker and 2 Great Books! – UPDATED

I had the opportunity to attend a writer's conference held at the beautiful Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, this weekend, where it was my pleasure to meet a number of Long Island-based Catholic writers whose work I had admired. I had previously recommended Josephine Nobisso's splendid children's book The Weight of a Mass (my nieces have loved it!) to Anchoress readers, but to hear Nobisso describe the difficulties of getting faithful, non-ironic Catholic work published, and how she began … [Read more...]

Etheridge & feeling ambushed -UPDATED

There is a right way and a wrong way to handle it, when a stranger comes up to you with a flip camera and asks you a question you don't want to answer. Democrat Congressman Bod Etheridge demonstrates the wrong way.Cameras are ubiquitous to the culture, and elected officials who (at least in theory) "serve" at the pleasure of the citizenry need to deal with that fact. If a citizen steps in the way and asks a question, and the elected official hasn't the time or the inclination to parley, he … [Read more...]

The Privileged Call for Limited Dictatorships

When I read last week that Woody Allen likes the idea of letting President Obama be a dictator for a "few years" I was repelled; but then I've found Allen to be a repellent individual for decades--since Manhattan, at least--so I just shrugged it off as the foghorn bleat of an over-privileged mediocrity looking for some attention.But then the equally mediocre Tom born-wealthy-high-carbon-footprint-lover-of-Chinese-Communist-Capitalism-I've-got-mine-you-should-not-have-yours Friedman let fly … [Read more...]

A "Good" Catholic Hymn

It pains me to admit it but as much as I love my church, I hate most modern Catholic music.But I like, no love, "Holy is His Name," John Michael Talbot's interpretation of Our Lady's splendid Magnificat.This is a rather good version of it.So it's nice to see Talbot showing up at Deacon Greg's establishment and in a two-part interview on Currents, the nightly news show produced by NET-TV, in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Part two will be broadcast (and livestreamed here) tonight at 7:30.And … [Read more...]

Was Jones' Joke Anti-Semitic? UPDATE

President Obama's National Security Advisor, retired General James Jones, with an ice-breaker:Is it offensive?Why, yes. In our easily-offended society, you might say this joke wins the Triple Crown or the Insult Trifecta:Some feel Jones has used a denigrating stereotype of Jewish people "greedy merchants" for a cheap laugh, and has therefore insulted the Jews.Some free-market capitalists note that Jones describes the Taliban member as a "warrior" instead of a guerrilla, and seems to … [Read more...]

Mighty Obama Tempts Nature! – UPDATES

SourceFrom an email:Recall what Obama's said after healthcare in response to his critics: that the earth had not opened up and that nothing was falling from the sky. That is precisely what happened within days of his mocking pronouncement: the volcano and the Midwest fireball.Oh, do we want to go there, and give Obama that much power? That his adolescent sneers at his opposition carry such weight that even Nature must respond?I mean, it is sort of a funny coincidence, and Obama did … [Read more...]

Giftedness and Othersight

"Ephphatha" by the wonderful artist, Nathan-BrownLinking you to two sites because you need to go see them yourself, rather than getting excerpts. Both of them reinforce a point I tried but failed to make a while back, about the use of art, and why it must be nurtured, valued and supported. Artists see things the rest of us do not. By "othersight" I don't mean anything occultic. I simply mean the view of the inmost being -which I suspect brings us into a kind of commonality- brought forward … [Read more...]