Putz, Putsch? – UPDATED

The King is a Fink by Parker & HartAs Harriet the Spy's father would say: "what a finking thing to do!"What a finking way to treat a visiting head of state who has always been a staunch ally.Disgraceful.ArrogantUnstatesmanlikeBreathtakingly rude, willfully insultingContemptibleBookworm asks: Has their ever been a more ungracious man in the White House?Nope.What an appalling Putz.Sounds like putsch, a little, doesn't it.There, I've broken my own rule about referring to … [Read more...]

Obamacare & the Aging Population UPDATES

Since the Democrats last night offered anecdote-after-anecdote in order to justify the passage of Obamacare, I guess anecdotes are now completely fair entries into the debate. Let me offer two of them.A friend of mine listened to the healthcare vote while driving home from a hospital, where he'd spent the day with his 80 year-old father.His father is a robust man, fully in his wits, who only retired "for good" about six months ago. He had retired from his job as a line man and became bored … [Read more...]

I think I am in love with Oatmeal

Not the kind you eat (although I am unusually fond of the porridge, particularly with a bit brown sugar) but the website.Pianogirl sent me this link of the Oatmeal's 15 things you need to know about coffee, and I read it while drinking a cup of Liquid Crack, and thought it was pretty charming, and informative, as well.Next, I am going to learn how to tell if your cat wants to kill you and 8 ways to tell if my family is planning to eat me. … [Read more...]

Accents and Recording Booths

Our friend Fr. James Martin has been recently imprisoned in a stuffy, soundproof booth, recording his modern classic My Life With the Saints. Over at America, he has a delightful post up about his adventures in enunciation and I am so happy to know that I am not the only person who really has no idea how to pronounce Mother Teresa's birth name:I didn’t know how to pronounce everything. The team had to clue me in on the most accurate pronunciation of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, aka Mother Teresa. … [Read more...]

SOTU Speech Reaction

My Elder Son was on his way home from school and listening to the speech as he drove. He came in and said, "this speech is reminding me of Chesterton's dictum that'The reformer is always right about what is wrong. He is generally wrong about what is right.'"I ended up surprising myself by live-blogging much of the speech, so you can read what I thought, there.Mostly I thought Obama was less fluent that he had been on the campaign trail, and less dynamic or energetic. I also thought his … [Read more...]

Obamaporta-prompta; Symptom of Distress?

A Shrinking Presidential PerspectiveNecessity being the mother of invention, it appears that Barack Obama has needed, and thus invented, the Portable President Kit, consisting of two teleprompters with accompanying equipment and a traveling Don't-You-Know-Who-I-Am-I-Am-The-President-That's-Who Podium With Presidential Seal, which Barack Obama takes with him, everywhere he goes.That means he brings it to an elementary school, for use in addressing the press (something past-and-moronic … [Read more...]

Random Must-Reads

Collected in my tab-bar since I started feeling cruddy - might as well share with you all the things I have either read or "been meaning to get to reading..." All submitted mostly without comment, because I'm still not 100%."We are at war...":The president went on to say that while America will strengthen its defenses, "we will not succumb to a siege mentality that sacrifices the open society and liberties and values that we cherish as Americans, because great and proud nations don't … [Read more...]

A Coupla Catholic Guys…

...sittin' around, talkin' about faith and society:William Buckley and Malcolm Muggeridge on Sharing the Christian Faith - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.Went looking for this after reading Peter Wehner's thoughts on Brit Hume's remarks on Tiger Woods.Also, Bill O' Reilly touches base with Hume over what he meant by his initial remarks.To those who wonder if I am as uncomfortable with Hume discussing religion in this clip, as I was earlier, the answer is no; in fact I think … [Read more...]

Neoneocon; Hitler's Germany & US

Neoneocon rouses me from my couch that I may link to her fascinating post, one that seems relevant to our day. She offers a quote from a book (written by an American "man of the left") recounting the attitudes of his interviewees regarding a certain moment in the history of Germany:National Socialism was a repulsion of my friends against parliamentary politics, parliamentary debate, parliamentary government—against all the higgling and the haggling of the parties and the splinter parties, t … [Read more...]

New Idea for the New Year -Updated

This is an idea I love, out of the blogosphere, via Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, who writes:KILLING THE D.C. SCHOOL VOUCHER PROGRAM: Because protecting bureaucrats’ rice bowls is more important than, you know, actually educating. UPDATE: “Democrats Resegregate DC School System.”We discussed this here a few months ago:Pay attention to the former Headmaster of Sidwell Friends School (where Chelsea Clinton, went, and Malia and Sasha Obama currently attend), who seems utterly baffled as to w … [Read more...]