Washington Meant What He Said – UPDATED

UPDATE: Bender gives us this in the comments; George Washington being told what to do by the "idiotic cerebral meritocracy":This piece by Larry Getlen, at the NY Post is a must-read for the day:Washington’s plan was to conquer the Hessians on Dec. 26 by sending troops across the Delaware in three sections — under cover of darkness — the night before.Colonels John Cadwalader and Daniel Hitchcock would lead 1,800 men to block potential Hessian reinforcements from arriving from Burlington, N … [Read more...]

Dynamic Speaker and 2 Great Books! – UPDATED

I had the opportunity to attend a writer's conference held at the beautiful Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, this weekend, where it was my pleasure to meet a number of Long Island-based Catholic writers whose work I had admired. I had previously recommended Josephine Nobisso's splendid children's book The Weight of a Mass (my nieces have loved it!) to Anchoress readers, but to hear Nobisso describe the difficulties of getting faithful, non-ironic Catholic work published, and how she began … [Read more...]

Do these earbuds work?

I noticed that someone purchased these noise-canceling earbuds through the site (thanks, btw!), and am just wondering: do they work?I have a neighbor who is enamored of his leaf-blower. His leaf blower is his morning and evening prayer; his lauds and vespers. His leaf blower means morning and after-supper coffee cannot be enjoyed outside.Given his attachment to the thing, I don't know how he has any hearing left, but these earbuds may save my already-damaged hearing, and give me a blessed … [Read more...]

Thomas Kinkade's DUI Snuffs Light

Cottage By the SeaI've never been a fan of Thomas Kinkade's work. His idealistic fantasy cottages please many--my niece has them all over her house--but they've always left me feeling cold, and I think it's because they are so idealistic as to be completely unattainable except in imagination. Kinkade's heavily-marketed themes of light and snug sentimentalism create a longing for something that never was.Fantasy is all well-and-good, but the "painter of light's" saccharine little cottages … [Read more...]

Obama Knew Spill Scope from Day 1

AP Photo/Charlie RiedelWait, what?Critics have bashed President Obama for being slow to seize the political initiative in combating the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast, now widely believed to be the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. The White House has battled back, releasing a timeline of events showing that Obama was briefed—and deploying the Coast Guard—within 24 hours of the Deepwater Horizon blowout.What has not been previously disclosed: The president was not only briefed o … [Read more...]

Witnessing the heart as it cracks – UPDATED

It is not possible to remain unmoved as Rep. Charles Melancon (D-LA) finds the break point."Everything that I know and love is at risk."Watch it all. Melancon's sincere pain is a rebuke to the incessant political posturing we see out of Washington, and all the artless media outrage to which we have become so accustomed.In all seriousness--because this is a very serious situation--it seems that Chris Matthews' heart is breaking, too:Allahpundit writes of Matthews:But now that I’ve w … [Read more...]

The Privileged Call for Limited Dictatorships

When I read last week that Woody Allen likes the idea of letting President Obama be a dictator for a "few years" I was repelled; but then I've found Allen to be a repellent individual for decades--since Manhattan, at least--so I just shrugged it off as the foghorn bleat of an over-privileged mediocrity looking for some attention.But then the equally mediocre Tom born-wealthy-high-carbon-footprint-lover-of-Chinese-Communist-Capitalism-I've-got-mine-you-should-not-have-yours Friedman let fly … [Read more...]

The Wussification of the Workplace- UPDATES

:::WARNING: The very funny and insightful essay and link I am about to present to you contains a variation of the "S" word and several renderings of the "F" word. If you cannot handle the "F" word in any context, please do not follow this link. Go write me a letter about how scandalized you are that any Catholic site would dare to suggest that you read something that contains the "F" word, and then, rather than tempting yourself away from charity, tear it up and pray for me, instead. You are … [Read more...]

Rima Fakih is Gorgeous; That is All – UPDATED

The Miss America Pageant, and a few others, like to say that they are all about showcasing talent and poise for the purpose of awarding scholarships. Fine. Preserving polite fiction is part of what makes society run.The Miss USA Pageant has never voiced a pretension to higher thought--it is a celebration of the superficial--so it is a bit odd that for the second year in a row, a pageant judge has asked a rather deep question with an apparent expectation of a deep response.The new Miss USA … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin is Alive! – UPDATED

Longtime readers know that, while there is much that I admire about Sarah Palin, I am still on the fence about any notion that she should run for president.My reservations stem in part from some of Palin's own moves, but it may be her base that really sours me on her; not even mild and constructive criticism, rendered with a dollop of sympathy can be endured by some members of Palin's over-protective base.I understand why they are overprotective; no politician in my memory has ever been … [Read more...]