Bang, Zoom! And other questions

Mark Shea, utterly disgusted with the press, and offended by the rank "truthiness" by which they and the government prefer to run, unleashes the dogs of hell:One thing you can give our media Chattering Classes: They are utterly consistent. After Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on a roomful of defenseless people in Fort Hood, it was absolutely assured that we would immediately be told that this outrage had nothing to do with his Islamic faith and that it was not an act of terror. Then, as … [Read more...]

"Obama is making a birther out of me…" – UPDATES

Plowing through my email this morning that comment caught my attention: "Obama is making a birther out of me."The remark came from reader D. S.,someone who emails every few months, usually send me some obscure or amusing news tidbit, or sometimes writing about something military. He's a well-educated and most sensible chap who has never mentioned the birther bunch before, but apparently Congress passing a resolution proclaiming that Obama was born in Hawaii bothered him.I never gave … [Read more...]

10 Questions WH Press Corps left unasked

From the Dept. of Everyday He Is On TV:Yesterday's O-presser was a little interesting. The White House seems to be doing what I predicted the other day; they're suggesting that the so-so Cairo speech was the impetus for the popular uprising in Iran. Funny how that worked out. When the president finally figured out what was the right side to be on, then it was the side he'd always vociferously been on, and in fact, he caused the whole thing to happen. But the Weenee diplomacy is still … [Read more...]

Some questions from the mailbag

Q: Anchoress, I notice you're writing a lot about Advent and nothing about politics.A: Well, you're very observant! I decided after the election - actually a few weeks before the election, but by then I was in the circuit and had to see it through, so to speak - that I would write about politics only where it intersects with religion. I didn't like myself writing about politics and I frankly didn't like the tones being sounded from the right in my email. Also, Advent is just always … [Read more...]

Final Thought: Brokaw hurt both men

It occurs to me that neither McCain nor Obama particularly "glittered" last night, largely because of the debate format, and I blame Brokaw for it.Senator McCain is known to be at his best in a free-for-all Townhall format. He's comfortable mixing it up, and that's why he invited Sen. Obama to do a series of ten of them over the summer.Obama is known to be at his worst in such a format and understandably refused McCain's offer.But a "Townhall" debate has become a staple of the … [Read more...]

What's Wrong With the World, II

In a very interesting post that you'll want to ponder, House of Eratosthenes recalls this old post of mine. I think it is a really good question to revisit from time to time:As before: What's Wrong With The World in 100 Words or Less About 100 years ago, a British paper invited many writers to answer the same question, What’s Wrong With the World? They extended the invitation to G. K. Chesterton who wrote back:Dear Sirs; I am. Sincerely, G.K. ChestertonI will take his a … [Read more...]

Reactions to Worst. Townhall. Ever. -UPDATED!

Good heavens that was the most boring townhall debate I've ever seen. No "moments" to it. Both the Kerry/Bush and Gore/Bush townhalls were a great deal more informative and persuasive. Brokaw needed more input from the audience and less from his gasbag self. I am told it was better on radio, but to me neither one of the candidates brought their A game, tonight. Both seemed like they needed a cup of Mystic Monk CoffeeVodkapundit says McCain won, just barely. He might be right...but I … [Read more...]

Obama/Ayers: Palin DID handle that well! – UPDATED

Ann Althouse first made the observation, and she linked to a reporter shouting a question and Palin answering. You'll want to go see it before it - like the SNL skit on the sub-prime markets/financial crisis - gets pulled. Because we live in an era where anything that doesn't fit the narrative gets pulled.And let me point out that it is not President George (the "evil nazi who is squashing our civil rights") Bush or anyone in his administration, who keeps doing all this information yanking … [Read more...]

Alas, hypocrites! Hat tips all around!

Almost everything I am linking to today is thanks to either Larwyn or Maggie's Farm. Great resources!The Doc is In links to Donald Sensing who writes excellently about the positive side of hypocrisy:The true hypocrite wants others to think better of him/her than is actually justified. Absent this deceit, there is no hypocrisy, just error or human frailty. That's what the hypocrisy-excuse people don't understand - or pretend not to understand - about church people. What may appear to be … [Read more...]

Questions & Comments from the email

From time to time I find similar questions or comments filling the email box and it seems like a cue to address them more broadly.Q: Why is your email so hard to find? A: An email asking me why my email is hard to find reminds me a little of Yogi Berra asking, "how can that guy keep striking me out, considering the stuff he's throwing?" Joking aside, the email link on the right sidebar does get more difficult to find depending on how many ads I get, and the ads help keep the site going, but I … [Read more...]