A & Q: Bad:Economy, Liturgy, Bush but not BIG O!

Q: Do you really patronize the people you advertise?A: Those I have any control over (in the right-hand sidebar) yes, I do. I'm about to purchase the excellent-looking C.S. Lewis & Narnia for Dummies from the ad at the top. I have written ad nauseam about the incredibly smooth, rich and completely addictive coffee by the Mystic Monks. I try to take ads on things I am personally interested in or have used and liked, although that is not always, 100% possible. The good news is, I've … [Read more...]

A & Q: Connected in the Muck & Magma

Q: First off, I have to ask, what is it with the Sarah Jessica Parker worship? What is it that fascinates?A: You're asking the wrong girl. I don't get it. She's moderately attractive, sometimes wears interesting things...I don't know why week after week after week she is everywhere I look, and has been for several years, now. But then, I've never seen that show, Sex and the City. I don't know who any of those women are. And I'm sure they're all broken up about it, too.Q: Yesterday we … [Read more...]

Answers, Questions, Religion & Politics

A Salesian Priest with a new blog sends me this link - I thought it was a terrific video, but I couldn't shake the notion that this young priest looks (and sounds) like a young, fluffy-beared Tom Cruise:Q: So, any truth to the rumor that Pope Benedict's trip to the US may result in more priestly and religious vocations?A: Maybe. In the Midwest and South, the Catholic church is showing good numbers in both areas, but the coasts are suffering from a dearth of applicants. God certainly … [Read more...]

Answers & Questions Again

I started doing this back in April, and for some reason people like this Q&A format and keep asking for more, and more, so...here's more.Q: Anchoress, you wrote a frivolous piece about your soul and coffee; does that mean you're feeling better?A: Praise God, yes, I am finally emerging from my exhausted fog and my numbers this morning were markedly better. Thanks for your kind notes and prayers (which always leave me touched and humbled.) If this is the worst thing going on in my life, … [Read more...]

Questions in the Blogosphere III

Q: Anchoress, if someone tells you that you cannot be credibly pro-life until you adopt a sick baby, and then you go out and adopt a sick baby (and then a second) and that person - who promised to become "pro-life" if you did it - never kept his end of the bargain, what does that mean?A: It means you can't form a conscience in fits and starts. You cannot become "pro-life" because of what someone else does, unless you are really willing to let their actions open up within you what you have … [Read more...]

More Questions in the Blogosphere

see more crazy cat picsThe other day - for reasons I don't understand - I tripped through the blogosphere Q & A style, and people seemed to like that.So, here are some more:Q: What is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's motto for this session of Congress?A: Well, I am not privvy to the great-woman's thoughts, but it would appear to be, "Mr. President, tear down any economic advantages you might be pursuing for us, and while you're at it, please make us as vulnerable to the … [Read more...]

Questions in the blogosphere

I'm kinda pooped from all the Benedict blogging of late. Meanwhile, a quick lookaround:From the Dept. of Silly Quesitons:Q: Did Laura Bush wear white to host the pope at the White House because she believes she is a monarch's wife or because she is signaling an assent to the rampant rumors that President Bush will become a Catholic when he leaves office?A: Cueing the Twilight Zone music, I'm going to hazard a guess: Mrs. Bush and Jenna Bush both wore black skirts to meet Benedict … [Read more...]