Wall Street Woes, Media Meltdown & More – UPDATED

:::Scroll Down for some very cranky updates:::Reducing everything down to base politics: it's what we do! James Pethokoukis, at US News and World Report wonders who Wall Street's woes helps and hurts. I say hurts McCain. Obama is "blaming the government" which is vague and easy for him to do, and also vague and easy for everyone to believe. It's not the smart answer, but it's the savvy one, especially if you've been in DC for only 4 years and have managed to acquire $126,000 from Fan & … [Read more...]

Yes, Obama tried to block troop withdrawal UPDATED

That question seems anti-intuitive, doesn't it? Barack Obama has been consistent about nothing, if not his call to "bring the troops home," for the past two years.And yet, this piece by Amir Taheri accuses Obama of trying - during his "Now I Have Foreign Policy Experience World Tour" in July - to get in the way of troop withdrawals, to hold them off until after the November elections.WHILE campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in … [Read more...]

Obama Sex Ed: McCain right, Behar wrong?

A couple of days ago, John McCain appeared on the always-execrable morning program, The View. During his visit he had to endure Whoopi Goldberg asking him if she - under a McCain presidency - would have to "worry about being a slave again?", he also had to deal with Joy Behar declaring that McCain was "lying" in campaign ads that suggested Barack Obama voted in favor of legislation to approve sex ed in Kindergarten.Behar didn't ask him, in mannerly fashion, if he had a basis for making that … [Read more...]

Charles Gibson channels Al Gore – UPDATED

(via, and via)This is a good video - Palin answering Gibson's question, in one of those Gawd-awful profile shots, on whether or not she is "ready" to lead (and whether or not she shows hubris to dare think so) and then Obama discussing why he is not ready to lead, back when he seemed a lot more authentic.What interests me the most in the tape, though, is the demeanor of Charles Gibson. He condescends, he shifts uncomfortably in his chair like a man who is itching to get away. Look at his … [Read more...]

Oops! An inadvertant deletion! UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::While running through my spam filter this evening I accidentally hit 'delete' instead of 'not spam' and wiped out all the spam and a few legit comments as well. Sorry, folks. If you do not see your comment up right now (I've just released all in moderation) it may have been lost in the Great Spam Filter Deletion Debacle of September 13. My apologies.It was an honest error, as I'm a little distracted; we're painting another room over here. But you can find some … [Read more...]

Palin/Gibson/Obama/McCain; let's party!

Okay, I'm just having too much fun, even though I also feel sick and the insomnia's kicking me in the head. Let's just link around at and watch the fun. I'll keep a running commentary, newest stuff on top!Since we've been talking about the pros and cons of my chanting podcasts, thought you'd like this. H/T Piano Girl who had us howling with The Perfect Fifth (stay with it):Liveblogging Hurricane Ike: Hey, if Dan Rather could stand in the storm into his 70's this young'n can try it from … [Read more...]

Side-by-side Gibson questions & more…

It is indisputably a good thing to ask a possible future Vice President tough and substantive questions. What is bothering many (my email is bulging) is the seeming unwillingness of the press to subject a possible future President to the same rigorous examination.Bill from Ahwatukee Musings passed this along to me, from a Hillary Clinton forum, of all places. I don't know anything about the writer, Nancy Kallitechnis, but she makes some interesting observations about the difference between … [Read more...]

More reax to Palin/ABC (running updates)

Picking from where I left off last night...this is kind of refreshing: Palin "governed from the center" and went after big oil. I understand she was good with judges, too.The many wars of Sarah Palin.Okie has a great mag cover.The funniest comment I've read yet on the Palin/Gibson interview came in an email from Kim Priestap at Wizbang, who wrote: "Am I the only one who thought ABC hired Ed Wood to edit the interview?"Oh, SNAP!I'm rather impressed but not terribly surprised, to see … [Read more...]

Gov. Palin on ABC w/ Gibson

Was out and only saw part of one segment, and my initial thought was "who the hell shot this thing with the weird angles?" Second thought was "who edited this thing, the high school AV club?"Near as I can tell, Gibson did not have to correct her on her own religion, and she did not spatter the place with "uh, uh, uh's". But the segment I saw, an early one, Palin did not look too relaxed.Now that I have watched: Yuval Levin: says Palin did not shine on the Bush Doctrine, and that seems to … [Read more...]

The only thing real was the mutual disdain

So Sen. Obama went to Harlem today to meet former president Bill Clinton.It doesn't sound like they got on like a house afire.Clinton kept his answers short when he was asked about his involvement with Obama's campaign this fall. The former president noted an already-announced trip Sept. 29 to Florida.Obama said, "We're putting him to work."Asked if he would be doing more, Clinton said, "I've agreed to do a substantial number of things, whatever I'm asked to do."Before reporters were … [Read more...]