Baseball: the most virtuous, and Catholic of games

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As George Harrison said, "it's been a long, cold, lonely winter." And it feels like years since baseball has been here.But what joy to flip on the television in my office and find Yankees in blue pinstripes, standing in the bright April sun! As I type this, they're losing 5-0 but it doesn't matter. There is the whiff of ball against leather glove; there is the crack of bat-on-ball. There are the crowd noises as A-Rod gets his first hit of the season. There are new names and old names and … [Read more...]

With Jeter or Without Him, HURRY BASEBALL!

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Looking out my window at the endless mounds of snow, I find I am where I was a few years ago:So, in the midst of all of this peacefulness, all this wonder, it seems strange that my heart is filled with a longing for something else: I am desperate to watch baseball.Even as I extol and enjoy this silence, I am already ants-in-the-pants to hear the crack of a bat, the whiff of a ball into a glove. In counterpoint to this clean, cold air, I want to smell salty hotdogs and warm beer. I want … [Read more...]

Obama’s Creed: Are we being prepped for 2016′s fake narrative?

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On Scott Walker and the absolutely absurd media histrionics concerning his refusal to both take responsibility for Rudy Giuliani's comments, and also confirm President Obama's Christianity for the world, I can't help wondering, why does the press seem to want and need Obama to be a Christian? I don't remember them much caring for it that Dubya was one.The answer to whether or not someone believes President Obama (or anyone) is a Christian is really simple. If I were a pol, it would go like … [Read more...]

Baseball Invites Reverie and Prose like No Other Sport

Very much enjoyed Mike Barnicle's piece on "The Timeless Beauty of Baseball":But nobody really grows out of baseball. Go ahead. Do it. Put the glove on your hand. Flip the ball in the air and it’s 1958 and Teddy Ballgame is in the batter’s box, or it’s 1967 and ‘Yaz’ is dragging the Red Sox across September into the impossible dream of a world series. Catch it and you can still hit and still run and still stand in the infield or outfield, hands on your knees, waiting for the pitcher to throw … [Read more...]

No, I did not watch Obama's speech

Derek Jeter started the game needing three hits to tie Lou Gehrig's record of hits-as-a-Yankee.He got the three hits during the game (and he was a class act as he did it), plus he got his 300th stolen base, and then Jorge Posada hit a splendid three-run homer to top it all off.I have my priorities. It mattered much more to see all that than to hear Obama say what I've heard him say before.Tepid political theater is no match for a good ballgame. And if I have a choice between looking at … [Read more...]

My Yankees are in first place…

It's only by half a game, and we could fall apart tomorrow.But it feels like we have momentum, even with a deplorable batch of pitchers.I still don't much like A-Rod - I still blame him for all of our woes last year. Slappy McBluelips will never be my favorite Yankee. He tried to cheat and then pretend about it. Yuck. I'm certain he is the punk who reversed the curse.But he has proven valuable...heh.And all of my Bosox readers...I do hate to gloat, but you people have … [Read more...]

Baseball: Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

I know, I know, I'm playing with a Ben Franklin quote about beer, but times, change! Had baseball been around when Ben Franklin was air bathing and enjoying a brew, he'd agree with me.I'm thinking about baseball because the gents over at Stones Cry Out are giddy in anticipation and they've made me a little giddy, too, hence this link to Thomas Boswell's brilliant article re Why baseball is better than football.It inspires me to recite my early-springtime Pledge to Baseball, quoting A. Bart … [Read more...]