It’s Norbertine Nun Wreaths, Gift Ideas Time!


My project today -- and I am sadly later to it than usual -- is to remind you that once again, the Norbertine Nuns of Tehachapi, California are taking orders for their incredibly fresh and long-lasting Christmas Wreaths (pdf)I can only tell you that I have bought these wreaths for the last couple of years and they outlast any wreath I've ever purchased from a retail outlet, or mail-order house. For the last two years we've left the wreaths up throughout January, until my husband … [Read more...]

Benedict & the UK; The First Fruits

Benedict Speaking on Hildegard of Bingen, 09/08/10English and Welsh bishops are urging Catholic parents to dress their children as saints this Halloween.At first consideration, that might not seem too remarkable. But when one takes into account how timid Catholics have been in the UK in recent years, perhaps it is remarkable indeed. Perhaps the Halloween suggestion reflects some of the first fruits of Pope Benedict XVI's recent visit to England and Scotland. British journalist Paul … [Read more...]

Reasoned Loyalty; the Tuesday Column

My Tuesday Column is up, wherein I wonder about whether an adult and fully-formed faith should rest upon reason or loyalty, and decide that, requires both:Reasonable Catholicism is reasoned loyalty, or sometimes even loyalty with gritted teeth; it is loyalty that insists upon the application of reason lest its value be questioned. By the same token, intellectualism that is not tempered with loyalty ends up pickling itself in its own ego. Either one, by itself, is incomplete. Both … [Read more...]

Anglican Ordinariate Proceeds Apace

Heraldry of Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Pope Benedict XVI, respectivelyOn the heels of Pope Benedict's well-received visit to the United Kingdom came the announcement last week of the CDF's appointment of Archbishop Donald Wuerl, of Washington, as its delegate, "to guide the incorporation of Anglican groups into the Catholic Church in the United States."Yeah. It's a big deal. And today, NETNY, Brooklyn Diocese-run channel that broadcasts, among other things, the … [Read more...]

Benedict's UK Triumph Ignored in US

Shamelessly cribbed from Lucianne.comDeacon Greg, who rarely has time to really sit down and write like this, hits one out of the ballpark, today, as he takes a look at the complete non-coverage of Pope Benedict's triumphant visit to the United Kingdom. Really, it's so good that it's difficult to excerpt, but here is a little:One of the biggest surprises of Pope Benedict's historic trip to the United Kingdom may be how few people realize that it was, in fact, historic. Sunday night, I was … [Read more...]

The Ultimate in Nanny-Statism! UPDATED

Productive citizenry, diligently earning its allowancesThe Ultimate in Nanny-Stating: UK wants to take paychecks and give citizens an allowance!That's basically what it comes down to. "While we're 'modernizing' our systems, why don't we just take all that messy tax-calculation off everyone's hands?"The UK's tax collection agency is putting forth a proposal that all employers send employee paychecks to the government, after which the government would deduct what it deems as the appropriate … [Read more...]

Bl Dominic & Bl Newman What a Drama!

While in Rome I made the delightful acquaintance of the BBC Online's Paul Burnell, who is as jolly a chap as you may find in the pleasant pastures, and a smartie to boot. During a break, Paul and I conversed a bit about Newman, and he betrayed how passionately inspired he was by the dramatic story of Newman's reception into the church, "here is Dominic; he is only just arrived, weary from traveling, soaking wet to the bone, shivering at the fireplace, and before he can even get comfortable … [Read more...]

Bl. John Henry Newman Roundup – UPDATED!

The Pope's excellent address on Newman, in the vigil before the beatification.And a round up of excellent reads on both the pope's triumphant visit to the UK, and Newman's beatification:America Magazine's Austen Ivereigh on one of the finest paragraphs of Benedict's many addresses:He then quoted Newman's mediation that "God has called me to some definite service. He has committed some work to me which he has not committed to another". Only Jesus knows what that "definite service" is, he … [Read more...]


Pope Benedict & Archbishop of Canterbury pray at Shrine of St. Edward the ConfessorFirst thoughts from John AllenAnother great screen shot from exsimon at Stubborn Facts, with more hereHello, London!the question of Existence … [Read more...]

Papal Visit UK, Day II – UPDATED

The pope has more vigor than I. His very full day has included a multi-cultural, multi-religious meeting with 4,000 schoolchildren, whom he exhorted to sainthood by making Christ the center of their lives, then a meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, at Lambeth Palace, where he said, among other things:The context in which dialogue takes place between the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church has evolved in dramatic ways since the private meeting between Pope John XXIII and … [Read more...]