A little slowdown, but…

I've often said that like a cheap wine, I don't travel well; shortly after a flight, bronchitis often follows, and that's what's going on now. Will be linking to more re Benedict's trip to UK in a bit; things are just a little slower, today.But if you're peaking in around 10:30 this morning, go here to hear First Things editor Joseph Bottum talk to Fox News about the pope's visit. … [Read more...]

A Running thread on Benedict in UK

Aerial shot of Benedict's crowd at Bellahouston Pk, Scotland(Via)Last night, after listening to me coo about the papal audience a friend of mine said, "that's so great; it's just too bad it couldn't be John Paul!"She could hear the shock in my voice when I responded, "but why? I love Benedict!""I don't like him much," she said."Have you read him?" I asked."Well, no. But I never read John Paul, either, but I loved him. He was bigger than life."I realized my pal, like most, was not … [Read more...]

A Creche, B-16 & Your Opinion, Please

I tease you with a splendid picture (they get a little fuzzy with cropping/shrinking) from Rome in order to entice you into answering a question for me.What you see there is perhaps the most exquisite little chapel in Rome, in the great, mostly-5th century Santa Maria Maggiore (St. Mary Major). The whole church is breathtaking (I am going to someday pattern my floors on the swirly designs therein), but this particular picture is of the Nativity chapel, designed by Arnolfo di Cambio. The … [Read more...]