Benedict XVI, Allam & Osama bin Laden – UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::So, a few days before Easter, Osama bin Laden - who may or may not be dead - claimed a conspiracy against Islam being headed up by an 81 year old feller who likes cats and plays Mozart.At the Vigil for Easter, the old feller, who also wields a crozier, writes tirelessly and uses the soft answer to turn away wrath, made his gentle response. He baptized with his own hands, and publicly, one Magdi Allam, who chose the baptismal name "Christian".Magdi Christian … [Read more...]

Pope Invites Muslims to Dialogue

The headline:Pope enjoys private time after slamming Islam H/T Amy."Slamming?" What a provocative word.The WaPo, more accurately: Pope Invites Muslims to Dialogue.In a major lecture at Regensburg University, where he taught theology between 1969 to 1977, Benedict said Christianity was tightly linked to reason and contrasted this view with those who believe in spreading their faith by the sword. The 79-year-old Pontiff avoided making a direct criticism of Islam, packaging his comments in … [Read more...]

Faith and Reason and Forced Conversions

"Was not Nagasaki the chosen victim, the lamb without blemish, slain as a whole burnt offering on an altar of sacrifice, atoning for the sins of all nations during World War II?" - Dr. Takashi Nagai 1908-1951, on Martyrdom, from All Saints by Robert EllsbergIt is the rarest of days when I disagree with my favorite blogfather Ed Morrissey, but after mulling over this post of his as well as others, and after thinking quite a lot about the forced conversion of Fox News' Steve Centanni and Olaf … [Read more...]

Abdul Rahman thanks Pope Benedict XVI

I know I couldn't be the only one who wondered, when Italy intervened, if Uncle Benedict had anything to do with it.Abdul Rahman seems to be saying as much, hereROME - An Afghan man who had faced the death penalty in his homeland for converting from Islam to Christianity said Thursday he was certain he would have been killed if he had remained in Kabul and thanked Pope Benedict XVI for intervening on his behalf."In Kabul they would have killed me, I'm sure of it." ... He said he was … [Read more...]

The Eucharist and its meaning for the Jews

Very interesting post from Eagle and Elephant - a look at some writings by then-Cardinal Ratzinger, part of a some retreat preaching he did before John Paul II, in 1983. The Eagle and the Elephant has excerpts and thoughts on what he is reading. Very interesting and yes, provocative.He made of his death an act of prayer, an act of adoration. ... [H]e cried "with a loud voice" the opening words of Psalm 21, the great Psalm of the just man suffering and set free: "My God, my God, why hast thou … [Read more...]

Joseph D’Hippolito’s excellent piece on Benedict

I've been thinking quite a lot about our new Pope, and wondering at his diplomatic skills, which seem non-existant to some, but which are impressing me as being very subtle, but honed.It is true of popes, presidents and parents: each find themselves needing to respond to every age as their gifts best allow. John Paul the Great was a gatherer, the shepherd pulling in the flock, getting them all rounded up, in all of their various stages of growth, health and hardiness. Perhaps Benedict will … [Read more...]

Tina Brown: Our Lady of the Air Kiss

I don't know when I have read a snottier, snobbier, more relentlessly superficial, arrogant and bigoted piece of dreck than Tina Brown's latest column in the Washington Post, Reverence Gone Up In Smoke.Sigh...what a disappointment for Tina and her pals - amid all of that glorious color and pomp of a papal funeral and a conclave, the solemn beauty of the chant, the whole mystical and mysterious sense of Other - they'd become attracted, mildly so, but attracted, nevertheless, to the whole … [Read more...]

Jerusalem Posts debunks cries of NAZI re Benedict

You have to register for it, but it's worth reading.A few excerpts:London's Sunday Times would have us believe that one of the leading contenders for the papacy is a closet Nazi. In if-only-they-knew tones, the newspaper informs readers that German-born Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler Youth during World War II and suggests that, because of this, the "panzer cardinal" would be quite a contrast to his predecessor, John Paul II.The article also classifies Ratzinger as a … [Read more...]

Benedict XVI – “To Work in the Fields of the Lord”

On the feastday of St. Leo IX, a German pope, another German pope.I like the name.The press is unhappy - Benedict indicates a more conservative bent, and folks in the press are speaking through their teeth as they bemoan the fact that the progressive agenda will not be moved on.John Allen is suggesting that Ratzinger took the name Benedict to indicate that his reign would not be a long one.I respect Allen enormously, but I think he's being a bit silly with that. There were too many … [Read more...]