Morning Prayer; Our Lady of Sorrows

In today's podcast, I read two psalms and chant one (you are warned!) from the Office of the day. I begin a little differently, though, reading excepts from a 2006 post meditating on the feast day, and the role of Mary as Mother to all of us Christians. The full text can be found here.Also, Pope Benedict XVI just wrapped up a successful visit to France that - with all of our storm and election news - we didn't hear much about in the US. He gets around pretty well for a fellow in his 80's, … [Read more...]

Read Deacon Greg's Homily

He's hit another one out of the park. His parish is much blessed to have him:You really have to feel for St. Peter.A couple weeks ago, we encountered him climbing out of a boat during a storm, trying to walk on water. He floundered, and Jesus had to rescue him.Then, last week, he ended up with a job he never sought. Jesus gave him the keys to the kingdom and called him his rock. Peter has just gotten used to that idea when, those words still ringing in his ears, he hears the guy who just … [Read more...]

Insomniac quick hits II

George W. Obama: Jim Geraghty identifies what would be an Obama Bushism, if such things were being observed and tallied:"You know, it's always a bad practice to say 'always' or 'never.'" — Obama, speaking in AmmanI know another:"Only a Sith speaks in absolutes."But I never could stay awake through that movie. Hot Air finds another.The verbal gaffes must be because Obama is tired. I can accept that; traveling knocks the crap out of me, and Obama really is "only human". But I can't h … [Read more...]

Obama, Jews & Newsweek: the MSNBC of mags

In the National Review today, Mark Hemingway looks at what he calls Newsweek's "absolutely Herculean feat of water-carrying" for Barack Obama:...before tackling the factual problems, the article’s biggest problem needs to be addressed — Newsweek aids and abets the Obama campaign’s decision to slander Joe Lieberman:In a brief but animated Senate floor confrontation last week, according to a campaign aide who asked for anonymity when talking about private discussions, Obama told Lieberman h … [Read more...]

After-lunch chat w/ Fr. Jim continues…

Our early-morning chat with Fr. James Martin is here. Now that we've all munched a bit, let us continue - there are questions here about 9/11, relativism and more. Don't forget, you can get a 35% discount on My Life With the Saints if you order via Loyola Press between today and June 8! Mention marketing code 2683 when ordering it either online at Loyola Books or calling 800-621-1008. Keep scrolling down for new questions and answers.Question/Comments from Jason, Martha and Snupnhomer: in … [Read more...]

Weekend of Irony

Tom Harken says, fear the military; McCain is too militaristic; which goes directly against the 2004 narrative wherein John Kerry was to be esteemed for his military service. Apparently, all military service is suspect, but draftees are more honorable than volunteers. Got that? It's going to be a hell of an election.Okay, then, moving on: I've invented a new word: Obnoxism. It describes taking an obnoxious, infantile and ultimately extremely illiberal behavior and then encouraging others … [Read more...]

Progressively lonely and longing

Fausta is feeling depressed about the inability of our young adults to develop relationships of mature intimacy.A young woman in college, having sexual encounters with dozens of men who are little more than strangers to her, yearns for a guy to at least say he is going to stay.I find that extremely depressing: She wants not love, not intimacy (and forget about a spiritual component to a union - that hasn't even crossed anyone's mind). Just permanence. How sad.She's talking about this young … [Read more...]

God loved you first…

"God loved you first..."You should take this sentence as literally as can be, and I try to do that. For it is truly the great power in our lives and the consolation that we need. And it's not seldom that we need it.He loved me first, before I myself could love at all. It was only because he knew me and loved me that I was made. So I was not thrown into the world by some operation of chance, as Heigegger says, and now have to do my best to swim around in this ocean of life, but I am … [Read more...]

Memories of God…

Excerpt from God and the World; A Conversation between Peter Seewald and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.Seewald: Is faith, in principle, always present in man?Ratzinger: So far as we can learn about the history of mankind, through excavations right back into prehistory, we can see that there has always been an idea of God. The Marxists had professed the end of religion. With the end of oppression we would no longer need the medicine of God, we were told. But even they have had to recognize … [Read more...]

Things that make you go "awwww…"

From Deacon Greg, from whom I shamelessly crib the photo."St. Bernard and German Shepherd" (from PackerBronco)And Buster in a Fez, about a million years ago. Why? Because he calls me from school at 2AM (he knows I'm reacquainting with my old friend, insomnia) and announces, among other things, that he is walking the campus enjoying a cigar, and wearing an anti-Che tee shirt and a fez."Where'd you get the fez?" I asked."A friend was wearing it and I took it off him."It sometimes … [Read more...]