Rudy, Novak, etc, (cont.)

Continuing the Q&A started here, although these questions become less about Giuliani as they go on...Q: But Giuliani is an abortion supporter! There is no doubt about the state of his soul!A: There's always doubt about the state of someone's soul, but let's look at that for the moment. Rudy is a politician and he is "pro-choice", but he does not currently hold office and - since he has never been either a legislator or a judge - his political stance has not in any way involved him in … [Read more...]

Rudy, Novak & taking Communion

I wasn't going to write about this because - while I know it gets a lot of Catholic blood running - I can't get that excited about it.SOME CLARIFICATION FOR THOSE WILLFULLY MISREADING ME: That does not mean I do not CARE about the issue. It simply means that I think we've all managed at times to insult and offend the Lord in various ways, and sometimes Eucharistically, and so I prefer to leave the scolding to the ones who seem most comfortable with it. While I've often been called a … [Read more...]

Questions in the Blogosphere III

Q: Anchoress, if someone tells you that you cannot be credibly pro-life until you adopt a sick baby, and then you go out and adopt a sick baby (and then a second) and that person - who promised to become "pro-life" if you did it - never kept his end of the bargain, what does that mean?A: It means you can't form a conscience in fits and starts. You cannot become "pro-life" because of what someone else does, unless you are really willing to let their actions open up within you what you have … [Read more...]

The Last Secret of Fatima

I just finished (and loved) The Last Secret of Fatima by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, which will be coming out in early May but may be pre-ordered.If you followed coverage of Pope Benedict's XVI's recent visit to America, you saw a lot of Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican's SecState; you'll recall he told informed the pope, in St. Patrick's Cathedral, of the moment of the anniversary of his election, at which the pope spoke so eloquently and extemporaneously.The Last Secret of Fatima is actually a … [Read more...]

"Making Lunch for the Pope"

You know, reading this sweet article in the Washington Post, written by Franco Nuschese - owner of Georgetown's Cafe Milano - and I was thinking, this would make a splendid movie, something on the order of "Big Night."I began to think about the menu, the table setup, the plates, the china, etc. First on the agenda was to create the perfect charger plate for the event. The charger is the first and most prominent thing you see on a table. It is the show-plate, a base under all the other plates … [Read more...]

Healing must begin somewhere…

Wondering what happened in the little chapel where six survivors of sexual abuse met Pope Benedict?Rocco at Whispers in the Loggia links to a beautiful and difficult read from the St. Louis Platform, by Patricia Rice:Olan Horne, 48, a survivor of clerical sex abuse, believes that Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States marks a turning point in the way victims of sexual abuse are treated in the Catholic Church."I saw it in his face, heard his voice. He understands," said Horne, one … [Read more...]

Benedict as Peter; dressed and led

I have a feature up at Pajamas Media - a last thought, as it were - something that occurred to me as I watched Benedict leave the pope-mobile to walk the remainder of the way down the ramp and into the pit that used to be the WTC. It came to me with a "scriptural bang" - one of those moments where the Holy Spirit seemed to drag me out of bed and say "write that."Whether I've written in well or not is debatable, but I hope you'll take a minute to read it. … [Read more...]

Questions in the blogosphere

I'm kinda pooped from all the Benedict blogging of late. Meanwhile, a quick lookaround:From the Dept. of Silly Quesitons:Q: Did Laura Bush wear white to host the pope at the White House because she believes she is a monarch's wife or because she is signaling an assent to the rampant rumors that President Bush will become a Catholic when he leaves office?A: Cueing the Twilight Zone music, I'm going to hazard a guess: Mrs. Bush and Jenna Bush both wore black skirts to meet Benedict … [Read more...]

Benedict-ine Reactions

Blogging reactions to the papal visit:The National Catholic Register has a great slideshow and lots of thoughts, you'll like it. (Via)Deacon Greg Kandra quotes USA today's wholly positive take on the pope's visit. Keep scrolling; Greg was at Yankees Stadium and has posted some terrific pictures and gives his take on the day.The NYTimes Benedict Blog which had good writers but a rather clunky feel, has final thoughts. Liked this closer especially on the face of the pastor.Brian … [Read more...]

Benedict: The Last 20th Century Man: UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::It seems almost silly to say I am bringing coverage of Benedict XVI's extraordinary sojourn in America to a close (actually, my final final thoughts are here) because the truth is I will likely be reading all of his addresses more closely and bringing them up in coming weeks, but the wall-to-wall writing will end here. I do want, though, to end with a thought that blipped through my head when Benedict was in DC, and again as he addressed the United … [Read more...]