Harry Potter and the Pope

I've had two emails from people asking me my thoughts on the Pope Hates Harry story. One email was very nice and simply wanted to know my thoughts, as a Harry Potter fan. The other was rather spiteful, sneering that since the Pope didn't like Harry I would now have to distance myself from the books or risk being a "hypocrite" and a "bad Catholic." Because we Catholics are "mindless sheep."What nonsense.Pope Benedict XVI is a good an holy man whom I respect and revere, but I needn't take … [Read more...]

Angry protests: The Pope is just TOO Catholic

Before you read this little tantrum, let me translate it for you: Please, please PLEASE say that everything the church has said for 2000 years is WRONG??? Please??? Awww...We'll be your friend! Please? Aw, why won't you? It's just gonna dimantle your church, a little, well, maybe more than a little but...but at least you'll be, you know... Cool. Don't you want to be cool? Aw, you suck.PLANNED PARENTHOOD LAUNCHES CAMPAIGN AGAINST POPE BENEDICT XVIPlanned Parenthood has launched a … [Read more...]

Two Popes, One leader

From the National Catholic Register. Very well-worth reading.The new name fit John Paul’s larger-than-life presence. He was, in one iconic description, the "spark that flew forth from Poland to set fire to the whole world." He rallied huge crowds of people as a bishop in Poland, and as Pope. In the images we remember, he is often driving through a sea of people in his popemobile, or standing in front of an ocean of faces with his arms raised.Pope Benedict XVI’s name also fits his very dif … [Read more...]

Darkness and Light and Who wins in the end

I like this post from Wittingshire, on darkness...and this little article about what Benedict XVI has to say about it. … [Read more...]

The Papal Catch-22 and Women’s Ordination

I hardly ever post someone else's blogpost in its entirety, but this is too good not to. From Ignatius Insight. For those who don't quite understand why the pope can't just "change" things, read it all and get a load of that last graph.The Associated Press is running a story on Pope Benedict XVI's homily at St. John Lateran, where he was "installed as Bishop of Rome."The story reports that Benedict XVI "will stick to Pope John Paul II's unwavering stands against abortion and … [Read more...]

Spinning the Jesuits and Benedict XVI

I like Jesuits - my husband was educated by them. I like America Magazine, even though it sometimes irks me when it seems to me to be dancing upon a thin wire of near-dissent.But this story is trying very hard to suggest that the editor of America Magazine, Rev. Reese, is being forced out of his job by the new pope. They can't quite pull it off, as they are bound to report that the impetus for his resignation has less to do with Rome and more to do with the fact that Bishops right here in … [Read more...]

What if the liberal Catholics got what they wanted?

More on this subject which seems to be everywhere today. This is from Fr. James V. Schall, SJ:The first consequence would be that anyone with a half a mind will realize that the Church has contradicted its own solemnly sworn and defined principles. In other words, on its own grounds, it is not worth believing. It has rejected its one claim to credibility, that is, its adherence to the stated deposit of faith and the teachings that flowed from this. In fact, it now agrees that what was wrong … [Read more...]

Tina Brown: Our Lady of the Air Kiss

I don't know when I have read a snottier, snobbier, more relentlessly superficial, arrogant and bigoted piece of dreck than Tina Brown's latest column in the Washington Post, Reverence Gone Up In Smoke.Sigh...what a disappointment for Tina and her pals - amid all of that glorious color and pomp of a papal funeral and a conclave, the solemn beauty of the chant, the whole mystical and mysterious sense of Other - they'd become attracted, mildly so, but attracted, nevertheless, to the whole … [Read more...]

Benedict and the Death Penalty

Surprise!New Pope Benedict XVI was instrumental in revising Catholic Church teachings on death penaltyThe 1992 Catechism said that governments had the right to inflict penalties in keeping with crimes, including the death penalty, “in cases of extreme gravity.” But it added that if non-lethal methods of punishment “suffice to defend human lives against aggressors and protect public order and the security of people, authorities should use these means, because they better conform to the concr … [Read more...]

To defeat the church, foment hatred of Benedict

Jonah Goldberg makes an excellent point:But my guess is that won't be happening any time soon, and not just because Ratzinger's the new pope. Some believe there is a radical left wing in the Catholic Church that seeks to unravel the teachings of John Paul II, but this is an exaggeration of the Western - particularly, the American - press. The notion that you could find any cardinal eager to change church policy on abortion, for example, is simply a fantasy concocted by liberal journalists. … [Read more...]