Benedict and the Death Penalty

Surprise!New Pope Benedict XVI was instrumental in revising Catholic Church teachings on death penaltyThe 1992 Catechism said that governments had the right to inflict penalties in keeping with crimes, including the death penalty, “in cases of extreme gravity.” But it added that if non-lethal methods of punishment “suffice to defend human lives against aggressors and protect public order and the security of people, authorities should use these means, because they better conform to the concr … [Read more...]

To defeat the church, foment hatred of Benedict

Jonah Goldberg makes an excellent point:But my guess is that won't be happening any time soon, and not just because Ratzinger's the new pope. Some believe there is a radical left wing in the Catholic Church that seeks to unravel the teachings of John Paul II, but this is an exaggeration of the Western - particularly, the American - press. The notion that you could find any cardinal eager to change church policy on abortion, for example, is simply a fantasy concocted by liberal journalists. … [Read more...]

Heartening homily of those willing to hear it

Benedict XVI's first homily as pope is a good opportunity for those who are certain the world is ending to take heart.He specified some of the top priorities of his papacy: the promotion of the unity of Christians and a commitment to ecumenism, the continued dialogue with other religions and the fulfillment of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.Speaking in Latin, as is customary, in the brightly frescoed Sistine Chapel, where he was elected only a day before, the former Cardinal … [Read more...]

No Honeymoon for Benedict XVI

It seems a shame, really. The man hadn't been pope for two hours when the lefty blogs went (literally) profane and disgraceful (and - of course - adolescent) and the press was hardlining their memes and caricatures of him.Benedict XVI, it seems, is a relentless and remorseless hard-ass who takes-no-prisoners and wields a clumsy and undiplomatic sword, cutting a path of hard-hearted destruction no matter where he goes, and he will be a disaster for the church, and oppressor of women, gays, … [Read more...]

B-XVI Roundups from Left and Right

Very impressive round up on all things Benedict and breaking. Yeeeeehah!Meanwhile, Dirty Harry is CONVINCED Ratzinger was the right choice, mostly on the basis of how fast and hard the left are howling.Professor Bainbridge is watching Andrew Sullivan's head explode, as well.I must say, they really, really HATE him, and they're not even trying to hide it. No honeymoon for Benedict XVI. I just heard someone on CNN call him a "Catholic NEOCON."You KNOW how much they hate neocons! … [Read more...]

Joseph, Yesterday and Benedict, Today

Yesterday, Cardinal Ratzinger closed his very Christ-centered homily thusly:We live out our ministry in this way, as a gift of Christ to humanity! But at this time, above all, we pray with insistence to the Lord, so that after the great gift of Pope John Paul II, he again gives us a pastor according to his own heart, a pastor who guides us to knowledge in Christ, to his love and to true joy. Amen.Today, Pope Benedict XVI opened his papacy thusly:"I am consoled by the fact that the Lord … [Read more...]

I like this very much

From John Allen's 1999 profile.Ratzinger is also, by most accounts, genuinely pious. Those who have traveled with him tell stories of watching him steal away to pray the breviary. The liturgy is an abiding concern for him. Ratzinger raised eyebrows when he said in 1997 that the way Paul VI imposed the new Mass after Vatican II created a “tragic breach” in the tradition.“I am convinced that the crisis in the church that we are experiencing today is to a large extent due to the disintegration o … [Read more...]

Thoughts about the choice of name

All caged from NRO:BENEDICT [Peter Robinson] "Benedict," of course, comes from the Latin words for (loosely) "speaking well" and "speaking good to others." The new Holy Father, announcing that he cherishes words.ALASDAIR MCINTYRE [K. J. Lopez] said we needed a new St. Benedict. Maybe the new pope read After Virtue.I'll have to look into the Benedict line, and read more about it.An NRO reader sends this along, helpfully: Per your reader who asked about the significance of Benedict XV … [Read more...]

Benedict XVI – “To Work in the Fields of the Lord”

On the feastday of St. Leo IX, a German pope, another German pope.I like the name.The press is unhappy - Benedict indicates a more conservative bent, and folks in the press are speaking through their teeth as they bemoan the fact that the progressive agenda will not be moved on.John Allen is suggesting that Ratzinger took the name Benedict to indicate that his reign would not be a long one.I respect Allen enormously, but I think he's being a bit silly with that. There were too many … [Read more...]


After 1000 years, another German pope. And the next World Youth Day will be held in 116 days.In GERMANY.That Holy Spirit! What a prankster! :-) … [Read more...]