Ratzinger’s homily is impressive

I still don't think he's the next to wear the Shoes of the Fisherman, but it's an impressive homily. Hugh Hewitt has the whole thing here, you just have to scroll down abit.UPDATE: Mr. Hewitt starts off with a bang, today, discussing this sermon in more detail and linking to some related columns and articles. You'll want to stop off there. He is so particularly insightful while ruminating on the columns of EJ Dionne and Richard Cohen, that you really don't need to read anyone else. I don't … [Read more...]

Jaw-droppingly stupid and offensive

Dana over at North Shore Politics writes "although I am not even a practicing Catholic, I was offended by it."By what? This statement made this morning on ABC news:What our viewers will notice is that, among these 115 cardinals, who are wearing what looks like women's garb, that there are no women. That is something the next pope is going to have to address.Says Dana: I was disgusted by that. How disrespectful for one (thing) and pompous for another.I thought it was a stupid, … [Read more...]