Incarnation: "The Mystery IS the Gift…"

Have you ever read something and then said, "damn, I wish I'd written that?I do it frequently, but especially today with this piece, especially, by the renowned skeptic, Vanderleun:Theirs was the Age of Myth; a world where night was not dimmed by the web of lights that now obscures the stars. Their nights were lit by flaring torches, dim oil lamps, guttering candles; by the phases of the moon and the broad shimmering river of the Milky Way. As the sun declined and night ascended, life … [Read more...]

Benedict on Monasticism

“When you have become God's in the measure He wants, He, Himself will know how to best bestow you on others. Unless He prefer, for thy greater advantage, to keep thee all to Himself.” --St. BasilI like this:"In virtue of the absolute primacy reserved to Christ, monasteries are called to be places in which space is made for the celebration of the glory of God, where one adores and chants the mysterious but real presence of the divine in the world and where one tries to live the new com … [Read more...]

Holding on to what?

I like this short lesson from Abbess Maria-Michael Newe, OSB, of St. Walburga's Abbey of Benedictines, in Colorado. She doesn't harangue, but she gives food for thought to the roustabout internets, so lively with opinion:Sometimes the things you hang on to the tightest are the very things you should get rid of first; because they’re the very things that tie your heart down. They keep you from seeking God because you spend so much time protecting those things or identifying with them instead o … [Read more...]

Guns, Bailouts, Gitmo and Soap

Retreat was excellent, but I need to process it a little before I write about it.Meanwhile, a quick look around tells me I didn't miss much, newswise.Guns: Instapundit links to two pieces on increased gun sales - or the perception of it. I don't know if I buy the cause and effect. I've been contemplating buying a gun for at least two years, and it has nothing to do with politics or social issues, or the election. It's because after reading female-authored articles on training with … [Read more...]

Oct 22 Morning Prayer

Let your daughter have first of all the book of Psalms for holiness of heart, and be instructed in the Proverbs of Solomon for her godly life. ~ St. JeromeThe Podcast for today's Morning Prayer may be found here.As ever, I'm using the breviary and guide featured below … [Read more...]

Mornings are for Prayer & Study

That's actually a Dominican in the picture, but "ora et labora" is the motto of the Benedictine: Pray and Work.And study. Books are the Benedictine lifeblood.I promised myself a while back that I would take mornings to study, specifically to read books on anything but what is going on around us, although very often what I'm reading has its resonances in the day, as well, and no, I don't strictly mean scripture, but there's that, too.It is good to be quiet. In fact, it is necessary. I … [Read more...]

The DC Nuke & the Saving Monks

Random Thoughts is writing about what is happening to her finances.No one has defended President Bush more than I have during his time in office. No one.But his signing the "bailout bill" that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of them were giddy over this afternoon - it has stunned me. I know he had to do it. I know there were no choices, here. But I am still stunned.When I heard Joe Biden talk about giving courts the power to reset mortgage principles I thought he'd simply … [Read more...]

Vespers for Sept 30

Wow, this was kind of a fun Office, tonight, on this feast of the curmudgeonly St. Jerome - the psalms really spoke to the day, even down to the prayer for our legislators in the final intercessions.The podcast is here, and it contains all the page directives for the Breviary. As usual I'm using the breviary shown below; I love the translations, and this is the most commonly used of the breviaries for the Liturgy of the Hours.Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, another Doctor … [Read more...]

Financial Crisis: Spiritual & Secular Perspectives -UPDATED

According to this Reuters report, church attendance is up in the financial districts. I'm not surprised, are you?Something I was thinking about yesterday, at Adoration, is how God is never outdone in generosity, whether material or social or spiritual. Because of the economic unease we're all facing, I was frankly thinking of the material - hanging on to jobs, my son finding a job, how we'll pay for home heating oil this winter, affording college for Buster - and I remembered that my husband … [Read more...]

Compline; Wednesday Night Prayer

It has been such a stressful, ugly day today, I took a few minutes to record the podcast earlier.By the way - a very nice way to pray along with any of these podcasts, is with the recording going on in the background and this page opened.I'm feeling a bit punk, so it's unlikely I'll be doing morning prayer. … [Read more...]