Advent of the Super Genius!

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Patheos is going to be launching a whole-site redesign, very soon. Long in the works, we expect to flip the switch sometime this weekend.What does it mean to you? Well . . .hopefully, not much. All redesigns have to shake out some bugs, but hopefully this process will be fairly painless.On my end, though, it's keeping me pretty busy and feeling a little changed to the desk. After calling it a night at about 2:00 AM, I realized I needed to avail myself of one of these. And one of these, … [Read more...]

Successful Satire Always Bites a Little


Today Father James Martin and our own Max Lindenman have created some biting satire (I might call Fr. Martin's piece more of a parody) and I think both of them will tickle your funnybone while also biting the ankle -- all with the result of getting you thinking, as they certainly did me.First up, Fr. Martin does a brilliant (and brilliantly balanced) job of recreating the sort of exchanges all-too common to the combox, the FB page, the Direct Messages and so forth -- we Catholics are a … [Read more...]

Vogt and Barnes: Young Faces of Catholicism -UPDATES


I do believe Brandon Vogt may be one of the busiest, most focused young men-with-a-mission I've ever seen.Brandon is the author of the very well-received and widely read The Church and New Media, and a journalist who, like our Pat Gohn and Tony Rossi, has a knack for conducting great interviews (I do believe he knows every Catholic currently online!). He blogs at The Thin Veil and -- along with partners Matthew Warner and Josh Simmons -- he has founded the Digital Diocese Conference, a … [Read more...]

K-Lo at Large, Now at Patheos!


She is the editor-at-large at National Review Online, and taking just a quick glance at her curriculum vitae, you might be forgiven for thinking of Kathryn Jean Lopez as one of the busiest women in media:An award-winning opinion journalist who has been praised for her “editorial daring,” Lopez is also a nationally syndicated columnist with Andrews McMeel Universal’s Newspaper Enterprise Association.Besides commissioning, editing, and writing pieces as editor and editor-at-large of NRO fo … [Read more...]

The Cheese Stands Alone With a Question

Well, my week of guest bloggers has passed, and I offer all of them my heartfelt thanks for their enormous output, their engagement in the comboxes, and their generosity in sharing their gifts with us. I hope you really enjoyed them. I know I did. They disproved Ben Franklin's adage that "fish and company stink after three days." I kind of liked having them around!But they've all gone home. Father Dwight Longenecker has gone back to Standing on His Head, so he can see the world from a … [Read more...]

Happy Catholic has Installed a Bookshelf!

happy catholic bookshelf

Julie Davis -- the Happy Catholic whose blog is such a great mix of books, art, devotionals and more -- has decided that she needs more room!She's already packed her primary blog, and knocked down a wall to add Forgotten Classics and then built a dormer for A Good Story is Hard to Find, and then of course, redid the kitchen for the foodies; she's brought out her secret Sci-Fi Stash (such a geek, she is!) and now she needs a place to display things, and keep them handy. You know how it … [Read more...]

Internet Addiction, Spam and Comboxes

someone is wrong

My spam filter currently has 900 spams, and counting, and the situation can't be rectified until Monday.Meanwhile, this weekend is work-packed for me and I'm way too busy this weekend to keep fishing through new spam to find legitimate comments, so I am closing comments through Sunday, and perhaps Monday, depending on whether I get everything done.Besides, the comboxes are routinely unpleasant these days and I'm kind of sick of that.There is a whole combox merry-go-round of sneers … [Read more...]

Patheos lands a Gyrene!

From the halls of Montezuma and so forth, Patheos has happily taken aboard a Mary-lovin' Marine. Welcome Frank Weathers and Why I am Catholic to Patheos' growing gang of Catholic bloggers!He's rambunctious. He's energetic. We just brought him over and he's already written his second post!A few years ago, the Dalai Lama (seen above visiting Thomas Merton’s grave) was asked the question “what do you find most surprising about humanity?” His reply,Man. Because he sacrifices his health in orde … [Read more...]

Confederacy of Dunces: The Future in our Midst

I am ashamed to admit I have never read it (as I warned below, I am no intellectual), but I certainly will read it now, as it appears John Kennedy Toole's Pulitzer Prize winning A Confederacy of Dunces may have been prophetic, in a way. Note Max Lindenman's exposition of the book's anti-hero, Ignatius Reilly:[Ignatius] is a figure few readers would care to identify with. Obese, a sloppy eater, and a fashion nightmare—the earring, though exceptional for him, does little harm to the effect of h … [Read more...]

That Atheist Girl with her Catholic Boyfriend UPDATED

Patheos has picked up another new blog, and in keeping with this age of hybridism I think we could call it a kind of hybrid, too.Leah Libresco is a smart young cookie and a lifelong atheist, who has managed to find herself a devout Catholic boyfriend, and she runs the whole topic of religion through her wringer at Unequally Yoked, where she writes:I grew up with atheist patents in a pretty secular neighborhood (when we learned about the Reformation in AP Euro, one student asked if … [Read more...]