We Wish We Were, Anyway!

Instapundit, that is! Over at Summa This, Summa That, which I have nicknamed The Summablog -- and which will soon have its own twitter account -- I use my neat new format to prove Rick Rice's point: Check out the landing page (scroll down!) for Summablog updates -- they go on, all day! Related: Summa This, Summa That Launch! … [Read more...]

Kind, Contentious & Fretful Reading – UPDATED

It is difficult for any read to be at once Kind, Contentious and Fretful, so you realize I am not talking about a single piece, but about several pieces now live at Patheos and elsewhere -- what these pieces all have in common is that they are well-worth your time to read and think about. First up: Kindness -- if you missed it this weekend, do read Timothy Dalrymple's open letter to those who expected to be raptured this past weekend. It's a very good demonstration of a Christ-like response, … [Read more...]

Vatican-Blogger Round-Up – UPDATES!

Bless Max Lindenman, who is still steering the ship while I'm kind of below decks throwing up. Hope to be back on my feet soon, as I must tape a couple of In the Arena's tomorrow, and then, finally, come up from the poop deck on Friday! I have so much to write about, but am not competent to the task, just yet, but I wanted to do a quick recon of the internet and find stuff for you about the Blogger Meet Up (and unload my camera, if I can find it). Here is a video from Rome Reports -- … [Read more...]

Rome-bound, against all odds…

Lots of excited talk this weekend about the Blogger-meetup scheduled in Rome scheduled for May 2 -- the day after the beatification of Pope John Paul II -- and instigated by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. We might call this gathering of international bloggers a "baby step" toward helping disparate voices to get to know each other less as "contingents" and more as hale-fellows-well-met. It will also, hopefully, help to coalesce blogdom's diverse, multi-focused alternative … [Read more...]

Types of Catholic Commenters

Writer Max Lindenman, who usually adds a dose of cleverness to the food for thought offered in his column, "An Israelite Without Guile," today gives us a spoonful of medicine that goes down pretty easy, if you have a sense of humor. Perusing various Catholic blogs and magazine sites, he has identified Nine types of Catholic Commenters: For the curious, I've prepared a brief field guide to some recognizable types: 1) The Chief Mourner: For this nostalgic soul, spiritual perfection was realized … [Read more...]

What's New in the Catholic Portal? – UPDATED

If you haven't checked in lately at the main landing page for the Catholic Portal here at Patheos, you may have missed a few new faces and developments! First up, please welcome new columnist Julie Davis, better known to all as the Happy Catholic who also manages to run a foodie blog, read classic books to us and then read some more. Did I mention that she has a book coming out soon (I've read it; it's great!). Julie's column is called A Free Mind; she'll be here twice a month, or so, to … [Read more...]

A Golden Voice with a Word in Season

Every time I talk to Pat Gohn speak, I find myself marveling at the resonance of her lovely alto. She has one of those voices that belongs behind a microphone or a podium, and that -- coupled with her ability to reason smoothly and articulately -- makes her podcasts at Among Women such soothing, thoughtful programs. She's got a voice like rich honey. This week's podcast is not quite so soothing, however. Pat is mellifluous as ever but her guest is a bit on the hyper side and she can't shut … [Read more...]