Pretty is as Pretty Does!

Now that we see it's working and firing on all cylinders, check out Summablog's new look!The banner, is gorgeous! I wish I were there!Love the new thumbnail, too:Isn't it pretty? You can grab the RSS feed off of it, too, to catch all the updates, if you like! Or, you know, bookmark it! … [Read more...]

We Wish We Were, Anyway!

Instapundit, that is!Over at Summa This, Summa That, which I have nicknamed The Summablog -- and which will soon have its own twitter account -- I use my neat new format to prove Rick Rice's point:Check out the landing page (scroll down!) for Summablog updates -- they go on, all day!Related: Summa This, Summa That Launch! … [Read more...]

Kind, Contentious & Fretful Reading – UPDATED

It is difficult for any read to be at once Kind, Contentious and Fretful, so you realize I am not talking about a single piece, but about several pieces now live at Patheos and elsewhere -- what these pieces all have in common is that they are well-worth your time to read and think about.First up: Kindness -- if you missed it this weekend, do read Timothy Dalrymple's open letter to those who expected to be raptured this past weekend. It's a very good demonstration of a Christ-like response, … [Read more...]

Vatican-Blogger Round-Up – UPDATES!

Bless Max Lindenman, who is still steering the ship while I'm kind of below decks throwing up. Hope to be back on my feet soon, as I must tape a couple of In the Arena's tomorrow, and then, finally, come up from the poop deck on Friday!I have so much to write about, but am not competent to the task, just yet, but I wanted to do a quick recon of the internet and find stuff for you about the Blogger Meet Up (and unload my camera, if I can find it). Here is a video from Rome Reports -- … [Read more...]

Rome-bound, against all odds…

Lots of excited talk this weekend about the Blogger-meetup scheduled in Rome scheduled for May 2 -- the day after the beatification of Pope John Paul II -- and instigated by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. We might call this gathering of international bloggers a "baby step" toward helping disparate voices to get to know each other less as "contingents" and more as hale-fellows-well-met. It will also, hopefully, help to coalesce blogdom's diverse, multi-focused alternative … [Read more...]

Types of Catholic Commenters

Writer Max Lindenman, who usually adds a dose of cleverness to the food for thought offered in his column, "An Israelite Without Guile," today gives us a spoonful of medicine that goes down pretty easy, if you have a sense of humor. Perusing various Catholic blogs and magazine sites, he has identified Nine types of Catholic Commenters:For the curious, I've prepared a brief field guide to some recognizable types:1) The Chief Mourner: For this nostalgic soul, spiritual perfection was realized … [Read more...]

What's New in the Catholic Portal? – UPDATED

If you haven't checked in lately at the main landing page for the Catholic Portal here at Patheos, you may have missed a few new faces and developments!First up, please welcome new columnist Julie Davis, better known to all as the Happy Catholic who also manages to run a foodie blog, read classic books to us and then read some more. Did I mention that she has a book coming out soon (I've read it; it's great!).Julie's column is called A Free Mind; she'll be here twice a month, or so, to … [Read more...]

A Golden Voice with a Word in Season

Every time I talk to Pat Gohn speak, I find myself marveling at the resonance of her lovely alto. She has one of those voices that belongs behind a microphone or a podium, and that -- coupled with her ability to reason smoothly and articulately -- makes her podcasts at Among Women such soothing, thoughtful programs.She's got a voice like rich honey.This week's podcast is not quite so soothing, however. Pat is mellifluous as ever but her guest is a bit on the hyper side and she can't shut … [Read more...]